A Condemned Lust [Lionel Messi] by Yara-36
A Condemned Lust [Lionel Messi]by Yara
"In one thousand versions of reality, you were the only person i would run to, every single time." ------- Laura knew that loving him was a dangerous territory...
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  • barcelona
  • barca
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Broken Girl Meets Broken Boy by directionerac0
Broken Girl Meets Broken Boyby yolo
On dit qu'un cœur brisé qui un jour aime à nouveau est quelque chose de magnifique et de fort, mais personne a dit que c'était simple ou indolore. Luia (Lou i a) Pare...
  • neymarjr
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6 Months (Rafinha A.) by JaneBoueri
6 Months (Rafinha A.)by Jayn
Rafinha had had an amazing start of the season , but it all came crashing down when he got gravely injured in the first Champions League match of the season against AS R...
  • hurt
  • bartra
  • fcb
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livewire | thiago alcantara by sablinova
livewire | thiago alcantaraby probably sleeping
«You won an academy award or something? Enough with the act.»
  • thiago
  • soccer
  • spain
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Babygirl~ R. Alcantara by lioneImessi
Babygirl~ R. Alcantaraby ♕Culé♔
In which, Bruna Marquezines sister, Kara Beatriz Marquezine fan girls all day over Rafinha Alcantara.
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Amor Proibido (Morro) by AnaMartins996
Amor Proibido (Morro)by Ana Martins
Ela é Filha De Policia! Tem Apenas 17 Anos! Baladeira Nao Perde Uma Festa Por Nada! Sempre Quis Subir No Morro Do Alemao Para Saber Como é Os Bailes De La! Ele é Filho D...
  • thiago
  • jenifer
  • rodrigo
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BRASIL | T. SILVA.  by -marcelito
BRASIL | T. SILVA. by —jess
[slow-updates] ❝be careful, amor.❞
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  • brazilnt
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Poison \\ Rafinha Alcantara by Lollypop12434
Poison \\ Rafinha Alcantaraby Barça's Hoe ❤️
" We can't keep doing this. " " Baby girl, you know you can't stay away from me. "
  • thiago
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  • suarez
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Groupchat - Bayern Munich by emi_doodles78
Groupchat - Bayern Munichby emi_doodles78
What happens in the groupchat stays in the groupchat...
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  • thiago
  • rl9
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