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One Summer in Iowa [BxB] by PSCassidy
One Summer in Iowa [BxB]by P.S.Cassidy
[Completed] Falling in love is the last thing sixteen-year-old Avery Collins wants right now. Not after everything that happened between him and his friend Owen. And esp...
You can call me Kenma ~Kuroo x Kenma~ by TrixHunt
You can call me Kenma ~Kuroo x 𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕩𝕙𝕦𝕟𝕥
Kenma likes to keep his head down and stay away from other people. But with a new boy arriving in school, he finds himself drawn to him. Kuroo on the other hand, a star...
Nice Kill ~Asahi x Nishinoya~ by TrixHunt
Nice Kill ~Asahi x Nishinoya~by 𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕩𝕙𝕦𝕟𝕥
Nishinoya's two favorite things in the world are his Rolling Thunder move and reading his opponents. When these two things go hand in hand in a match against Aoba Johsai...
Purgatory {Completed} (Sweetest Sin series #2) by tracegirl24
Purgatory {Completed} (Sweetest Tracy Raymond
Amy Stern found love with troubled Javier Ramirez, but as he falls back into his old ways, it will test their new relationship. Determined to free Javier from his previ...
Slipknot Stuff 🔪 by LxttleVampxre
Slipknot Stuff 🔪by Vamps 🔪
"Stop, drop, and scream like a bitch" - Mick Thomson *alien language* - Sid Wilson
Crash Landing - A Spirk Fic by AngelOfTheLord_101
Crash Landing - A Spirk Ficby AngelOfTheLord_101
Earth, mid 22nd century. Anything not human is not only shunned, but locked up and either executed in the most painful ways possible, tortured to death or simply left to...
Falls & Winters by mybeautyandrage
Falls & Wintersby mybeautyandrage
HIGHEST RANKINGS: #73 in '#suicideawareness' [07/10/20] #39 in '#suicideprevention' [10/10/20] *** Katelyn Winters had it all, until she didn't. Now, riddled with the gr...
Harvestland by MeldrickCarter
Harvestlandby Meldrick Carter
Riggsboro, Iowa. 1980. A young couple is viciously murdered in their sleep. Fifteen years later, a similar grisly killing brings two private detectives to town searc...
Daily dose of Minnesota x Iowa  by rockenwolf9
Daily dose of Minnesota x Iowa by Sad blob fish (yes)
I'm just gonna throw some Iowa x Minnesota stories and art here uwu I love this ship so much uwu Art Request are aloud on here! UwU But only Minnesota x Iowa
IMPLODE || HETALIA by ⚡️✨babyrootbeer✨⚡️
The Countries have a little visit to the Jones Home. They are interested in what they find. Their little tour guide, Alaska, seems a bit preferential towards certain cou...
The Fatal Move by WuzzamSupa
The Fatal Moveby Wuzzam Supa
Alex is a 16 year old anti social creature. Her parents occupation caused her to move from city to city. Finally she's comfortable in Columbus Georgia and is forced to m...
kancolle: the unknown aircraft carrier(ON HOLD) by a_wild_dragoon
kancolle: the unknown aircraft a neko dragoon
what if there was a 4th Yorktown-class aircraft carrier one that was forgotten by the world well he is coming back and going to show everyone what he is made of ok so...
Deeper by RuthieKnox
Deeperby Ruthie Knox / Robin York
When Caroline Piasecki’s ex-boyfriend posts their sex pictures on the Internet, it destroys her reputation as a nice college girl. Suddenly her once-promising future doe...
The Dangerous Doors of Shannon Anderson by EmilyJaynesWinograd
The Dangerous Doors of Shannon Emily Jaynes Winograd
[FEATURED WATTPAD PICK] Eighteen-year-old Shannon Anderson should be studying when she discovers a stash of books that physically open doors to the worlds within their...
A New Ship... Boy? (Kantai Collection story) by MatthewThank
A New Ship... Boy? (Kantai MatthewThank
Beginning my third story. Something not RT related finally. Hope it's not that bad. I have experience from all free KC related things, movie, anime and game. We'll see i...
Countryhuman and statehuman oneshots. by BROSKEEE
Countryhuman and statehuman BROSKEEEEEEEEE
Yes, I sorta regret this. It wont be updated most of the time, because this is just practice for me. I will take requests, I just may not do all of them. I DO NOT WRITE...
'I Have A Secret To Tell'| A Statehumans Fan Fiction by SickAndSingle
'I Have A Secret To Tell'| A L-I-T-E 🥴👌
So basically all 50 states pretty much go to high school with other countries. The states can talk to there cities in their heads.
Texting the states by StatehumansIndiana
Texting the statesby Indiana and Illiana
This is where Indiana texted the wrong number but meets a new friend
RWBY: A Battleship's Tale by Project_KRAKEN
RWBY: A Battleship's Taleby Excalibur Galantine [Project...
Battleship USS Iowa. The first thing you would think of when you hear that name is the crashing of waves against steel and the roar of 16 Inch guns, and you wouldn't be...