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Luna (Empress continued) by sara2400north
Luna (Empress continued)by Sara North
So apparently there is a limit on the amount of chapters you can have in a story and I have reach that limit so this is just Empress continued. And if you haven't read E...
The End was only The Beginning - A Cresswell Fanfiction by most-trashiest-trash
The End was only The Beginning - • jo •
• Slow Updates • After the revolution, Cress and Thorne are set with the task of delivering the letumosis antidote to people around the world. When letumosis is finally...
Cresswell One Shots (The Lunar Chronicles - Cress x Thorne) by BookdragonBeth
Cresswell One Shots (The Lunar Bookdragon Beth
Just some Oneshots of Cress and Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles, may be spoilers so you should read all Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter before reading this.
Look at the stars//The Lunar Chronicles Oneshots by CanadianBaconUnicorn
Look at the stars//The Lunar CanadianBaconUnicorn
Highest rankings: 2 in lunarchronicles, 3 in crescentmoon, 7 in Kaider This is a series of oneshots that will be Kaider-centric (feel free to suggest any other ships!)...
Lunar Chronicles One-Shots by _Paradise_Books_
Lunar Chronicles One-Shotsby Amber
Just a bunch of random Lunar Chronicles one-shots for the soul. *PROCEED WITH CAUTION* Contains spoilers for Winter!
Now that you're here by b00kbean
Now that you're hereby Ditban the curtle
This is just a bunch of Cress and Thorne one shots. Don't read if you haven't read Winter, cause there are spoilers! Cress's POV as she gets stabbed, Thorne has a nightm...
Long Distance by inmelaniewetrust
Long Distanceby Hai
Kai hasn't seen Cinder in awhile, so he plans a surprise visit for her birthday. Unfortunately, when both of them are sovereigns of a country, surprise parties are a lit...
Growing Up - DISCONTINUED  by CanadianBaconUnicorn
Growing Up - DISCONTINUED by CanadianBaconUnicorn
Highest ranking: 4 in Thorne Hello there, dear readers! Canadian Bacon Unicorn is now back with a new AU! This one is a Modern AU combined with Childhood AU. It will be...
Kaider Oneshots by Seasons828
Kaider Oneshotsby Seasons828
Just a few Kaider one shots, most will be AU's but some won't so lets just see.
Cress and Carswell Highschool Kidnapping by queenlinhcinder
Cress and Carswell Highschool bean/raven
This is a story I started out for a Language Arts essay and as it was only supposed to be 3 pages, it was 7 so I had to take out the Cresswell parts. It worked, but now...
Cresswell One Shots by Queenoflostthings
Cresswell One Shotsby Joslyn
well basically the titles describes the work I will update alot. characters are Merissa Meyers and she is a goddess.
Stars, Spades, and Spies! by bookslifesoup
Stars, Spades, and Spies!by bookslifesoup
Agent Cinder and Agent Thorne are on the most important mission of their career: Protect Prince Kai at all costs. If not, their lives, and the lives of every living citi...
The Lunar Chronicles: The In-Between Years by tlcbrainrot
The Lunar Chronicles: The lunarchroniclesbrainrot
What happened between Cinder's rise to the Lunar throne and her eventual engagement to the love of her life, Emperor Kaito? Quite a bit, actually. This story follows the...
Carswell's Guide to Being Lucky by vicky566
Carswell's Guide to Being Luckyby Victoria Cheung
Carswell's Guide to Being Lucky is a short story written by Marissa Meyer or marissameyer22. If you sign up for her newsletter , she will send you a free copy, and I hav...
Lunar Chronicles One Shots and Headcanons by that-one-book-nerd
Lunar Chronicles One Shots and Caroline
Little headcanons and one shots of the wonderful Lunar Chronicles DISCLAIMER: Marissa Meyer owns all of the characters and settings. Please do not sue me.
The Lunar Chronicles - 2015 (I think) Mini Ship Week by ReturnoftheWriter
The Lunar Chronicles - 2015 (I Jane Albright
So, I wrote these a while ago. Many are incomplete, and I'm going to add on before I post as to help make sense of my mind. Peace! Jane out!
Married Life by Kissonthepalaceroof
Married Lifeby Mrs. Thorne
This story doesn't have any mature content or swearing. Cress randomly gets a dog, and Carswell soon finds out why. Cresswell, Kaider, Wolflet, Wincin. I don't know how...
Wedding of the Century | Kaider by Apricate98
Wedding of the Century | Kaiderby Apricate98
Kai and Cinder have waited years for a ceremony that would not only unite them as husband and wife, but one that would unite their two planets seemingly forever at war w...
Lunar Chronicles Group Chat by Kalethewriter
Lunar Chronicles Group Chatby Kale
Just a group chat between, Kaider, Wolflet, Cresswell, Jacinter, and Kiko. Please Enjoy!
The accident  by Tlcinder
The accident by Ellie
Trying out this fan fiction thing...