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My Lunar Chronicles Book - 30 Day Challenge and Coloring Book! by another_random_human
My Lunar Chronicles Book - 30 Day...by another_random_human
In this book, I will be doing the Lunar Chronicles 30-Day Challenge and show you my colored pages of the Lunar Chronicles Coloring book. I am open to more ideas to add t...
The Lunar Chronicles 30 day challenge by non-binary_dad
The Lunar Chronicles 30 day challe...by Alex
I have wanted to this forever now and I didn't know if it was still a thing, But frig it. I am doing it. The Lunar Chronicles is the best book series next to The Hunger...
Izarra (A The Lunar Chronicles Fanfiction) by _Charleh_
Izarra (A The Lunar Chronicles Fan...by Charlie
"You're kidding, right? Me, the lost Lunar princess? That's a good one." Princess. Sister. Lunar. All of these words could describe Princess Izarra of the East...
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Luna High by keelafairie
Luna Highby keela
You all know and love the characters of The Lunar Chronicles. But what would happen if they where part of the second era... and went to high school? Cinder has never bee...
Selene by paraweirdo
Seleneby 💥
(A Lunar Chronicles Fanfiction) What if Queen Channary HADN'T died from regolith poisoning? What if Princess Selene HADN'T been caught in the fire and sent to Earth? Wha...
Lunar Chronicles Fanfics by eviehealiss
Lunar Chronicles Fanficsby eviehealiss
KAIDER, CRESSWELL, WOLFET, WINCIN, KIKO... all the ships: headcanons, fanfics... ect
The Lunar Chronicles Comms by hvrcrux
The Lunar Chronicles Commsby n ☁️
☾COMPLETED☽ ❝I'm never going to let my guilt from everything go away. Why do I torture myself with these dreams?❞ -Levana ❝Well...I'm an escort-droid and you're a Lunar...
Selene by tlcforever1234
Seleneby tlcforever1234
What if Levanna never tried to kill little Selene. Find out what happens while Selene struggles to live the lunar life. See all of this through Selene's (Cinder) point o...
The Sisters (The Lunar Chronicles) by awkwardlunar
The Sisters (The Lunar Chronicles)by awkwardlunar
What if Peony never died? What if the fact she didn't die became Cinder's reasoning for stopping Levana? Cinder must hide the fact that not only is Peony alive, but also...
Twisted Love by CanadianBaconUnicorn
Twisted Loveby CanadianBaconUnicorn
HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in Kaider, Cress, Jacinter, Levana, lunarchronicles, Peony, Thorne, Ze'ev, and Adri A lonely girl joins the Selection to spite her guardian. A prince...
A simple favor by awkwardlunar
A simple favorby awkwardlunar
So this is based off a one shot I made. This is a "to all the boys I loved before" Lunar Chronicles au. So to anybody who thought this was something else. Sorr...
Long Distance by inmelaniewetrust
Long Distanceby Hai
Kai hasn't seen Cinder in awhile, so he plans a surprise visit for her birthday. Unfortunately, when both of them are sovereigns of a country, surprise parties are a lit...
Luna Academy - Lunar Chronicles by ivyg1s
Luna Academy - Lunar Chroniclesby Ivy Guo
Another story twist on the Lunar Chronicles! Inspired by @PrincessSelene04 All the characters from the Lunar Chronicles aren't up in a spaceship saving the world anymore...
Cress by marissameyer22
Cressby Marissa Meyer
In this third book in Marissa Meyer's bestselling Lunar Chronicles series, Cinder and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the run, now with Scarlet and Wolf in tow. Together...
Lunar (ON HOLD) by omgitshappenning
Lunar (ON HOLD)by Six Fingered Man
The Lunar Chronicles in high school. Disclaimer: Confession time, I'm sorry guys, I've lied to all of you, I'm not Marissa Meyer. I own nothing. Nothing. Sad face. If y...
Lunar Chronicles by bookluver137
Lunar Chroniclesby Book Luver
What would happen if the rampion crew went to high school? What if they lead normal lives, not ones of Lunars. Also this story belongs to Fawnfeather and LilactheDryad...
Imperial Coffee by famouswriter101
Imperial Coffeeby Portia
Kai has just started working as a normal employee at Imperial Coffee, except he's not normal at all: his parents own the company. The problem? He has no practical skills...
The Lunar Chronicles Related Stuff 'cause I'm Bored As Much As You Are by greenmarrow83
The Lunar Chronicles Related Stuff...by Two Wrongs Make A Write
Well, the title tells it all, right? Bunch of TLC scenarios and fun facts to pass our quarantine days. Enjoy! Disclaimer: The characters of The Lunar Chronicles do not...
Blood Of My Blood by BananaKisses3
Blood Of My Bloodby BananaKisses3
"Her parents were married, but that had seemed to create no great affection between them, and what was a wife in a world in which mistresses were as common as serva...
Queen Selene Blackburn of Luna by tiredkiwi
Queen Selene Blackburn of Lunaby m i m i
Channary Blackburn murdered her sister Levana Blackburn with fire. So now there is a world were Selene never became a cyborg, never was named Cinder, when Luna would so...