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Cresswell: The Lunar Chronicles by abigailspaggiari
Cresswell: The Lunar Chroniclesby abigail
I love Cress and Thorne and had a few "headcanon" ideas for what kinds of adventures they got up to right after Winter. So... enjoy!
Empress by sara2400north
Empressby Sara North
Ever wonder what happened to the Rampion Crew after Cinder and Kai got engaged? Well read this fanfiction to answer that question. HI, I love TLC (Disclaimer: its Mariss...
Pokemon Boiz, Gurlz, And Non-Binary Peoplez x Reader by Fandomz_Fanboy
Pokemon Boiz, Gurlz, And Remus Hisahoshi
Guess who learned how to write stories for EVERYONE regardless of gender or sexuality! (Because I stopped being in denial and came out as pansexual) This gurl right here...
Pokemon Boiz Oneshots by Fandomz_Fanboy
Pokemon Boiz Oneshotsby Remus Hisahoshi
Another one shot book about our favorite Pokémon boys from around the regions! Requests always welcome and I really am greatful for you just looking at this!
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The lunar chronicles by SamanthaGCrago
The lunar chroniclesby Samantha
{completed } It has been 2 years since they took over Luna. Wolf and Scarlet are married, Kai and Cinder are still dating, Cress and Throne and engaged, Winter and Jacin...
The Lunar Chronicles Ship Weeks  by chlosaurus
The Lunar Chronicles Ship Weeks by chloe:)
a little one shot book about all the Lunar Chronicles ships. Includes Winter & Jacin, Cress & Thorne, Liam (Kinney) & Iko, Kai & Cinder, and Wolf and Scarlet.
Luna (Empress continued) by sara2400north
Luna (Empress continued)by Sara North
So apparently there is a limit on the amount of chapters you can have in a story and I have reach that limit so this is just Empress continued. And if you haven't read E...
TLC the Musical by Sheriff_W_Angel
TLC the Musicalby Sheriff_W_Angel
Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter never really imagined themselves as actresses. But when the school musical comes around, and the theater director is desperate to save...
The Lunar Chronicles Oneshots & Headcannons (TLC Wattys) by superhockeygirl
The Lunar Chronicles Oneshots & Serena
Hope you enjoy these cute TLC oneshots/headcannons! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions for what to do next, as I would be happy to write it! None o...
Lunar Chronicles Fanfics by eviehealiss
Lunar Chronicles Fanficsby eviehealiss
KAIDER, CRESSWELL, WOLFET, WINCIN, KIKO... all the ships: headcanons, fanfics... ect
Loyal Soldier of the Pack by happywritersss
Loyal Soldier of the Packby happywritersss
The Lunar War is over, and things are finally beginning to calm down. Scarlet and Wolf have settled into the french countryside, and are ready to begin their lives toget...
CRESSWELL: The Lunar Chronicles  by hailey3016
CRESSWELL: The Lunar Chronicles by hailey
Cresswell fanfic: I love Cress and Thorne and wanted their story to continue, so here is my take on it. This takes place right after Winter. Which means **SPOILERS.** It...
Striation City's Killer by SlippingSanityDTW
Striation City's Killerby SlippingSanityDTW
(Warning: Contains somewhat disturbing content such as murder. Cafemochashipping also. Viewer discretion advised.) I'm Cilan. Upon first glance, you'd immediately recogn...
Moonstruck- A Kaider Fanfiction by Theresamm
Moonstruck- A Kaider Fanfictionby Theresamm
Over a year after "Something Old, Something New" from Stars Above, it's the big day. The entirety of the Eastern Common Wealth, and really the whole Earthen Un...
Luna High by kfaeee
Luna Highby k
You all know and love the characters of The Lunar Chronicles. But what would happen if they where part of the second era... and went to high school? Cinder has never bee...
Moonflower- A Lunar Chronicles Fanfiction by Theresamm
Moonflower- A Lunar Chronicles Theresamm
Sequel to my story Moonstruck! Read that first!! Part 1: Set five years after the big Kaider wedding in Moonstruck, Moonflower is the story of the future of the Rampion...
Cresswell Shots by Sheriff_W_Angel
Cresswell Shotsby Sheriff_W_Angel
Just a bunch of Cresswell shots, as the title implies. *The amazing art for the cover was made by Julie Crowell*
Cress and Thorne [Completed] by madythorne00
Cress and Thorne [Completed]by Mady Nelson
This is after Winter but doesn't include any information provided by the lovely Marissa Meyer in her novella titled "Something Old, Something New" inside the b...
Lunar Chronicles One-Shots by gingerale_2017
Lunar Chronicles One-Shotsby gingerale_2017
Just a bunch of one-shots of my favorite series. (will include ALL ships :P) Enjoy! DISCLAIMER: Most of these characters are not mine, they belong to the amazing Marissa...
Aces (discontinued) by littlelunars
Aces (discontinued)by Marie
just a dumb cresswell fic. i wrote this when i was like 14 and i hate it and it's not likely that i'll ever write more :) I don't own any of the characters! All rights g...