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Psych You Out in the End by Masked_Writer_Here
Psych You Out in the Endby MaskedWriter
(Y/n) Spencer and her best friend, Burton Guster, move to New York after the SBPD cut all ties with Psych. While in New York, (Y/n) catches on to Loki's plan and decides...
Why Don't You Go Drink A Bottle Of Yourself? by HydraKitty
Why Don't You Go Drink A Bottle HydraKitty
Juliet's friend from middle school moves to Santa Barbra. Where she not only reconnects with her best friend but worms her way into one Carlton Lassiter's heart.
memories, psych [ 1 ] by maybankwalker
memories, psych [ 1 ]by maybankwalker
[ psych - seasons 1--8 ] I DO NOT own Psych, any of the show's characters, or storylines. I ONLY own my OC(s) and their storylines. I got inspiration for the title from...
Unbearable  by VincentsVan
Unbearable by anxiety_queen
▪︎Carlton Lassiter Love Story▪︎ Shawn Spencer's younger sister, (Y/N) just finished her fourth year at SBU, earning her degree in Criminal Psychology. Having an older br...
Two is Better than One by mementovivere20
Two is Better than Oneby mementovivere20
Samantha and Shawn Spencer. One normal detective and one "psychic" detective. Both raised by their dad to be hyper-observant. When her brother brings his chaos...
Shassie | A Slight Confusion by ShassieObsessed
Shassie | A Slight Confusionby Nathan Semrow
Sooo, I'm a bit (completely) obsessed with the ship, Shassie from Psych. (ShawnxLassiter) And decided to write a fanfiction about it! I'm not sure how long it'll end up...
Shawn's Sister [ON HOLD] by Ace_likethecard
Shawn's Sister [ON HOLD]by Grace
Shawn's sister decides to visit her brother and dad after graduating from college, but she may get more than she bargained for by coming home!
Psych Fanfic (Shassie) by _PH03N1X_GR1FF1NS_
Psych Fanfic (Shassie)by PH03N1X
Don't make me make a description! A'ight... Shawn's depressed and this book with be bloody as always. There you go. Described. Takes a bit to get to the Shassie, so, sor...
Nightmares by jennat2301
Nightmaresby jennat2301
A short Shules fanfic. Completed! Enjoy!
Shassie Oneshots by Not_A_Wonk
Shassie Oneshotsby G'night, everyone.
Whew okay, here we go. Shawn Spencer + Carlton Lassiter oneshots. It's exactly what it says on the tin. (Imagine that.) Requests are open, but we can't promise anythin...
Hello, My Name Is Shawn Spencer. This Is My Partner-Hold On, Who's Shawn Spencer? by i_married_a_dalek
Hello, My Name Is Shawn Spencer. Veronica Paige
When Shawn loses his memory, it's up to Gus, Juliet, and Lassiter to help him remember who he is. And solve the murder. And get the girl. You know, Jules.
Vagos by TheFandomsThatWaited
Vagosby TheFandomsThatWaited
A new undercover detective enters the world of the SBPD, after stumbling upon an operation that she was, probably, not ready for. She's going to take down the Vagos, an...
Shassie Again.. Sorry by JUSTxAxREJECT
Shassie Again.. Sorryby JUSTxAxREJECT
The head detective of Santa Barbara police department isn't as grumpy as everybody thinks. He is in love with the psychic and they have to face obstacles just like any o...
Shassie One Shots  by lookafandom
Shassie One Shots by lookafandom
my faves just some cute lil one shots and stuff of Shawn and Lassie
Catch Me If You Can by _OneLastWeb_
Catch Me If You Canby Iron Spider-Girl
Y/N L/N is part of the SBPD, short for Santa Barbara Police Department. She is here from Boston where she fought crime there. Now, she serves alongside Shawn Spencer, Bu...
Two Psychs Are Better Than One by Lilith_Deckerstar
Two Psychs Are Better Than Oneby Lilith Deckerstar
Jackie Spencer is a Detective at the Santa Barbara Police Department, she is one of their best Detectives due to her father's training to enhance her observation. When h...
Dark Side by _OneLastWeb_
Dark Sideby Iron Spider-Girl
psy·chic /ˈsīkik/ adjective 1. relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvo...
psych one shots  by Dokara2112
psych one shots by Dokara2112
one shots from the amazing show psych, sometimes two shots. mostly random ones that I think up, there will be lots of worried shawn and jealous shawn, mostly shules stuff
Psych Imagines by Mad_Hatter_0
Psych Imaginesby Mad
Juliet x Shawn and whatever other pairings you want. (Mostly one-shots) :) ~ Mad