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Jude and Cardan Fanfiction by Prince_of_Asgard
Jude and Cardan Fanfictionby HaydenDJones
Jude and Cardan are becoming parents - fluff. It's just fluff. I'm back and writing again wooooo! New chapters soon!
Jude's nightmare  by eatyourpinapples
Jude's nightmare by eatyourpinapples
Fanfic of Jude and cardan
Jurdan in the Mortal World by plateys
Jurdan in the Mortal Worldby dinkdoink
*ALL CHARACTERS AND BASICALLY EVERYTHING ELSE GOOD ABOUT THIS STORY BELONGS TO HOLLY BLACK* After the ending scene in the QON (aka don't read this if you have...
Jurdan Oneshots by spiderswithjuice
Jurdan Oneshotsby spiderswithjuice
I'll be putting oneshots I made of Jude and Cardan from The Cruel Prince here ! If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know ! ! ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO HOLLY...
My sweet Nemesis (ch 21 Of the QON rewrite) by GraceMartinez4
My sweet Nemesis (ch 21 Of the Grace Martinez
This is a continuation of the Scene from the Queen of Nothing (the Folk Of The Air series) Chapter 21. It was a very intimate scene but we all wanted a little more than...
Jude/Cardan wedding night by warnetteobsessed
Jude/Cardan wedding nightby warnetteobsessed
Part one is a one shot I wrote at 2 am...enjoy!! This is my first time writing fan fiction so please be kind and offer suggestions if you have any. If you enjoy the stor...
The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air) Memes! by RainTheStrawberry
The Cruel Prince (The Folk of RainTheStrawberry
!!WARNING: There may be slight spoilers if you haven't finished the three books!! A large collection of memes about 'The Cruel Prince', 'The Wicked King', 'The Queen of...
The Mortal Queen | The Cruel Prince / Wicked King Fanfic by CruelJane
The Mortal Queen | The Cruel CruelJane
"What makes you think I'd want to go back after everything that happened? I've been here for months, and this place has actually grown on me. My life is here now.&q...
A Collection of Cruel Prince Onshots {Fanfic} by As-told-by-lily
A Collection of Cruel Prince 🌙Lily
Bunch of cruel prince Oneshots. Ill be updating them as I get requests or come up with ideas. If you wanna request a fic go to the request rules chapter. All characters...
Letters - a jurdan fanfiction by poopooograss0
Letters - a jurdan fanfictionby nothinggtt
What of Jude had actually received the letters Cardan sent? After being exiled into the mortal world, Jude finds herself reading letters sent by The High King himself...
♡Jude x Cardan Stories || The Folk of the Air ♡ by saoirse_noir
♡Jude x Cardan Stories || The noir
This fanfic is compiled stories about Jude Duarte and Cardan Greenbriar from Holly Black's book series: The Folk of the Air/The Cruel Prince. Most of these stories will...
Confused by the past of the future by Taken_by_fictional
Confused by the past of the futureby ...
~~~ ~~~ Taryn, vivi, madoc, prince Balekin, prince Dain and Locke. Together they end up in the future year...
All Things Mortal! (The Cruel Prince One shots/Fanfic) by Justtoreadnow
All Things Mortal! (The Cruel Nova
A show where the King of Elfhame reacts to mortal things that he has never seen, done or eaten before... As Jude and Cardan's relationship grows stronger, we get a sneak...
Cardan's Letters To Jude by Moo-Idol
Cardan's Letters To Judeby Moo - Idol
The letters from Cardan Greenbriar to Jude Duarte. Lady Asha (Cardan's mother) destroyed them in Queen of Nothing, however one special edition book does have them in the...
Greenbriar Kids by BookLover203040
Greenbriar Kidsby Megan
This is my first story so please don't judge. This is about Cardan and Jude's children with information and a oneshot focusing on each of them. The only characters I own...
The Cruel Prince fanfic (Jude and Cardan)  by daisyduke210
The Cruel Prince fanfic (Jude Daisy
Hello so I'm wanting to read some fanfic on 'The Cruel Prince' but there wasn't much. So I decided to make one about the best couple ever and if they don't end up togeth...
Cruel prince one-shots by TheasDamBooks
Cruel prince one-shotsby 𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚊<𝟹
I can't find enough fanfics and those I find are 1 part. Therefore I shall just try to make my own. Warning: I have no good experience with writing or relationships, ak...
Queen of Nothing by CorinnaFranssen
Queen of Nothingby Corinna Franssen
This a fanfiction of Holly Black's serie of the folk of air series. Like the 3th book in the series I took the title Queen of nothing. As this will be my prediction stor...
CARDAN'S LETTERS TO JUDE ,, tfota by j4nu4ry_v4lent1ne
The High King Gets Sick by kazbrekerrrrrr
The High King Gets Sickby kazbrekerrrrrr
basically Cardan gets sick and Jude takes care of him. this is basically all fluff bc I don't know how to write anything else lol :) none of these characters are mine, t...