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「 starving artist 」shota aizawa by vangoghpoets
「 starving artist 」shota aizawaby vangoghpoets
❝ i shouldn't fall in love with you. ❞ when ua high hires you to create artwork for the school, you get the opportunity to meet several pro-heroes, including the undergr...
Own Up (Rody Soul x Reader) [My Hero Academia/Buko No Hero Academia] by Vermillion-San
Own Up (Rody Soul x Reader) [My He...by Vermillion-San
"Why did you protect me?" "Eh? Why? Well...I don't exactly need a reason to help those in trouble, do I?" "...idiot." Thing goes downhill f...
Down to Business | KiriBaku by HidingFromLove
Down to Business | KiriBakuby Tal
The thing Bakugou hates about Midoriya most is that they have several things in common: They both like All Might They're both quirkless That is until Midoriya inherited...
I Can't Lose You by KeeleyJay
I Can't Lose Youby KeeleyJay
⚠️ Spoiler warning. Mentions of the events leading up to, including and following the internship arc ⚠️ Katsuki has always been bad at expressing his feelings but when h...
The Hero and the Angel: The Game of Chance || Izuku x OC || (Book Two)  by GriffinGirlElizabeth
The Hero and the Angel: The Game o...by GriffinGirlElizabeth
After facing the League of Villains at the USJ, Luna Hirose, her boyfriend Izuku Midoriya, and the rest of Class 1-A are preparing to compete in the UA Sports Festival...
HAKI • Chatfic/Textfic by MyAlienVie
HAKI • Chatfic/Textficby MyAlienVie
Y/N Has been added to the group chat. "Sorry I'm talkative in chat but awkward in person" •Scenarios•Chat convo•story telling• RE WRITTEN ••• 20/04/22
░{𝓤𝓡𝓓𝓤𝓙𝓐}░ ʜᴇʀᴏ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀɪᴇɴᴛ ꜱᴇᴀ (BNHA fanfiction) by YEE-EE-EET
░{𝓤𝓡𝓓𝓤𝓙𝓐}░ ʜᴇʀᴏ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀɪᴇɴ...by REA-can-YEET
"Royalty? Ruling? Beech I prefer to be a badass hero!" In the Philippines, there stands the most striving and respectable tribe in the country, still standing...
Not by Blood : (Fem!Deku x Kacchan BNHA x Harry Potter fanfic) by StarryNightGazer
Not by Blood : (Fem!Deku x Kacchan...by StarryNightGazer
Pure Bloods had always been considered superior. Muggled borns however are viewed as disgusting and filthy as their bloods are said to be stained by a blood of lowly no...
Why can't you be mine?  by Todorokixyaoyorzu22
Why can't you be mine? by ThatOtakuDude
When a blossoming love emerges from the two unexpected lovers, will they continue to deny their feelings or will they eventually give in, especially since a "partic...
A Promise from Peace to Hope (Old Verison) by JadeInkwell
A Promise from Peace to Hope (Old...by Fluff Master
Two years ago, Yagi Toshinori fell in love. But, his job kept him away. His love knew who he was and kept it a secret, even from the son she bore him. But when a Villain...
Plus Ultra by sodapopwrites
Plus Ultraby ✦ 𝖙𝖔𝖚 ✦
❝ go further and beyond ❞ ━ being a hero or a villain can be a bit hectic at times and sure, it sometimes gets into some things along the way but who says they can't hav...
Spirit (todoroki x midoriya x reader x bakugou) ~°Slow updates°~ by Yukina_2
Spirit (todoroki x midoriya x read...by Yukina~chan
"Spirit??" (Y/n) a 15 year old girl with a powerful quirk with a bit of control issues. She has a kind, brightfull, carefree and determinded personality. What...
My Hero Academia: From The Ground Up by HotMGrapes
My Hero Academia: From The Ground...by HotMGrapes
Alternate universe where Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka grew up together. Got to 4th in the childhoodfriends tag
Save Him by KeeleyJay
Save Himby KeeleyJay
~This story follows on from my first story 'I Cant Lose You' so go give that a read first.~ 5 years have past since we have last seen our heroes in training. Ochaco Urar...
Let Me Start Over (Various x GN!Reader) [My Hero Academia/Buko No Hero Academia] by Vermillion-San
Let Me Start Over (Various x GN!Re...by Vermillion-San
A new student shows up in Aldera Junior High, named (Y/n) (L/n), and amongst the class is Katsuki Bakugou, who is certain that (Y/n) is actually a criminal that is assoc...
In A Heartbeat: Uraraka x Female Reader by Purple_Power_17
In A Heartbeat: Uraraka x Female R...by Purple_Power_17
WARNING!!!!! THIS STORY CONTAINS: Same Sex Romance, Swearing, + More Your name is (y/n) Midoriya. Your the twin sister of Izuku Midoriya, but unlike your dear brot...
Hawks Daughter by Kettle-Pop
Hawks Daughterby Avis
Hawks daughter a Bright red head with ocean eyes. She can be seen as a hot head but when she gets caught in a heated mess, the hero trio takes a force of action! -I dont...
DBZ & BNHA by EdenMoatty
DBZ & BNHAby Eden Butbul
This is the story where Gohan and class 1A go through adventures together and they're coping during the school period. I do not own any of DBZ or Boku No Hero Academia.
The Villain [BnHa} by Beyond_Thots
The Villain [BnHa}by Beyond_Thots
This is a story about how You, the reader, join U.A. highschool and how it completely changes your life.
20 MINUTOS by Sayurayaoista
20 MINUTOSby Sayurayaoista
20 minutos seran mas que suficientes para que su profesor lo tome y lo haga gritar, 20 minutos son suficientes para ir al cielo. en 20 minutos se pueden hacer muchas co...