Chicken Nuggets // The boyz  by svnwoo
Chicken Nuggets // The boyz by Xuxi 🥀
"For every piece of information you give me I'll buy you chicken nuggets." "Deal." In which a girl has to ask her ex boyfriend for information about...
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  • theb
  • juhaknyeon
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K-Pop Imagines by TayloreGalinn
K-Pop Imaginesby Taylore Galinn
Requests are available! ☺️ my first time writing, so bare with me.
  • nct127
  • imagines
  • taehyung
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Im Yours *A Nick Mara Love story* by brittanymarie_
Im Yours *A Nick Mara Love story*by brittanymarie_
Warning!!! This was written years ago when I was obsessed with the iconic boyz and always wished I would marry one of them. This was written at a point where I wished t...
  • nickmara
  • mikeyfusco
  • t-money
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Kpop Edits and Book Covers {Requests OPEN} by StrayJewelShadow
Kpop Edits and Book Covers { Mia
read the title^^ I do edits for any kpop idol/group, book covers, and icons. PM to request! Please don't steal, I'd be happy to let you use any of these if you just ask...
  • straykids
  • gidle
  • got7
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Cover KPOP by AlifaZahra789
Cover KPOPby Chiks
#The_Boyz | | ORI buatan aku | KPOP only
  • sunwoo
  • sangyeon
  • jacob
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New Year, New Boy [SasuNaru] |ModernAU| by Itachis-Wife
New Year, New Boy [SasuNaru] | Dabi's Bitch
Ever heard of the phrase "New Year, New Me"? Well, Sasuke goes by the same phrase, only slightly different. "New Year, New BOY". Yep, Sasuke is the s...
  • nsfw
  • boyxboy
  • school
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More Than Just A Girl by Soulz_United
More Than Just A Girlby xxAleeshaxx
She was his damsel in distress. He was her knight in shining armour. *** He stormed towards her, fury shaping his tense jaws. "Why did you do that?!" he deman...
  • wattys2017
  • romance
  • love
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S h y || Ji Changmin ff by FranchFire18
S h y || Ji Changmin ffby jimin's nostalgia
The two shyest people in the school meet. Of course, not on purpose. Schedule: Every Friday 1-3
  • changmin
  • school
  • changminxreader
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✨lesson one; [juyeon] by uljimaa
✨lesson one; [juyeon]by watermelon
don't you dare let your love blind your eyes .
  • tbzjuyeon
  • hyunjae
  • younghoon
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Masquerade Ball [BoyxBoy] by slaycake
Masquerade Ball [BoyxBoy]by d
A shy musician and a star football player text each other anonymously for a month and decide to finally meet at their schools Masquerade Ball. [Cinderalla Insipired]
  • cinderella
  • boyz
  • gay
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ICONic Boyz Preferences and Imagines! by IaMmE_Chick
ICONic Boyz Preferences and official hiatus
Imagines CLOSED until further notice. Just some random preferences and imagines. Ya know, nothing unusual. I'm just writing about things that might come true. Of course...
  • nickmara
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  • boyz
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Saved By A Hardy Boy [Jeff Hardy Love Story] *SLOWLY BEING EDITED* by IndieRokker96
Saved By A Hardy Boy [Jeff Hardy ^_^
Rose was kidnapped by drug lord Bill Wilson and is will be forced to marry his son Tyler. During a drug bust she is found but has been through massive trauma and won let...
  • jeff
  • hardy
  • boyz
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✨limerence; [tbz af] by uljimaa
✨limerence; [tbz af]by watermelon
" wiTh tHiS i lAuNcH tHe wAr !! " - 12 x 12 = world ending ❌ where 12 girls and 12 boys created their war through a chatting app; [applyfic] [open] 1/12
  • no
  • air
  • juhaknyeon
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Here By Your Side/ Younghoon  by squishy_pun
Here By Your Side/ Younghoon by starlight ๏_๏
"will you still recognize me?" he said A The Boyz inspired book! ?
  • hope
  • que
  • presence
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ICONic Boyz Imagines by DontGiveAFusco
ICONic Boyz Imaginesby Kєη∂υняαααн♡
The man who has no imagination has no wings. Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will get you anywhere.
  • imagine
  • sad
  • mara
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sunshine | the boyz 13th member by chheryn
sunshine | the boyz 13th memberby yaya
"we're rainbows and she's our sunshine that appear after the dark sky" "hwall, shut up" + female member au ; 2018
  • femaleau
  • memberau
  • boyz
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The Secret Weapon (Slow Update) by Tasyayouth
The Secret Weapon (Slow Update)by GreenLotus
(baca dulu mungkin suka) #25 dalam acak "No air to breathe if you're not here" Kupikir aku sedang bermimpi, tapi ternyata aku malah terbangun dalam keadaan yan...
  • boyz
  • acak
  • game
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the imaginez // the boyz imagines by LiNLiNFiLMS
the imaginez // the boyz imaginesby geneviève
hello and welcome to my imagines book :) the entirety of this story will be dedicated to the 12 handsome and charismatic members of 'the boyz', managed by cre.ker entert...
  • theboyz
  • boyz
  • hwall
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Trust Me *A Cole Labrant Love Story* by EllOhEll0731
Trust Me *A Cole Labrant Love Lizzie
A girl who has had to grow up too fast has found someone that can see past the pretense and the false reasons. She takes care of her eight year old sister AND her sick m...
  • boyz
  • dem
  • white
Unexpectedly falling inlove with you by AltheaRaineRapio
Unexpectedly falling inlove with 알테야❤
"hindi mo talaga malaman kung kelan at kung saan nag simula basta alam mo nalang MAHAL mo na sya" kumbaga lahat ng ngyayare ngayon at mangyayare palang ay naka...
  • boyz❤
  • love❤
  • gurlz❤
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