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Operatives by defenestrating
Operativesby defenestrating
No one knows what we do. No one knows our identities. No one knows we exists. We're in the shadows, we're right in front of you, but you'll never know. They expect h...
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The Gentlemen's Alliance by TheLittleElpis
The Gentlemen's Allianceby TheLittleElpis
In Sylvie Yang's world, she was always under home surveillance because of her father directing his Special Forces Unit overseas. And as his job began taking over most o...
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Morgana *Kingsman: The Secret Service* - ON HOLD by rebecky_loves_you
Morgana *Kingsman: The Secret Rebecky
CHESTER KING WAS prideful. He took pride to say that his daughter and candidate was that incredible and skilled that the Kingsman created a new name for her, when she wa...
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Stygian by V-eird_one
Stygianby Vaibhav Shukla
A Murder Investigation of a university Professor and a cyber attack on National Data Vault Turns into A whole new level of Intelligence Warfare Who is Victim old prof...
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My Friend Willow {ON HOLD} by thechocolatebutton
My Friend Willow {ON HOLD}by :D
What do you do when you suddenly find yourself aged sixteen and Chief Spy? Well. Number One: remember not to get into helicopters with people who claim to be your grand...
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Kingsman Recruit by shayla_j_ross
Kingsman Recruitby shayla_j_ross
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Ember Kinley- 17 year old girl living in New York. At least that’s what it appears to others. Now she is actually what normal humans call a spy/agent. Before you go all...
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Kingsman : The Secret Service - Suits, Ties and Gentleman Spies by -forever-fangirling-
Kingsman : The Secret Service - I didn't choose the fangirl l...
Jessie Parker was common. There was nothing special about her, or so she thought. When told that a medallion was from her deceased father, she realized that her life ha...
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Being Recruited by GraceSClarke
Being Recruitedby Grace Clarke
~*~ When Emma Lamarque is kidnapped and recruited by the Secret Intelligence Service, her world turns upside down. Torn from a normal life, she is forcibly trained as a...
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Black Flames by Launa__Brown
Black Flamesby Launa Mark Brown
This is a story where you get hot boys,secret service, drama and a lot of excitement... Hope u enjoy -Launa-Brown
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