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"My Perverted Boyfriend~" | Blice story | On Going | Icelaze Solthorn | ☑ by AngelCercan
"My Perverted Boyfriend~" | AngelCercan
Two childhood friends made a promise after being seperated then meet again after 16 years will they still remember each other? {Completed} Most impressive rank [7 Dece...
BoBoiBoy: The Fallen Hero by JE_TheLion
BoBoiBoy: The Fallen Heroby jazz the lion
My very own fanfiction takes place after BoBoiBoy movie 2 and BoBoiBoy galaxy season 2 (even though it has not completed yet, as this is not canon from the original. wh...
A story of y/n and her adventure with boboiboy and friends ! In the BOBOIBOY WORLD! Ofcs you'll date him tf- Anddd boboiboy is from MONSTA ! Not from me :v
U. T. A or we translate it from Japanese is Sing. One girl was named Uta or (Y/n) have been popular singers also an idol but who's know her voice and sing could make imp...
Seven Powered Princes by Pearlshadow
Seven Powered Princesby Nightlight/Pearl
Seven siblings in a royal family, all seven with elemental powers. Their mother passed shortly after giving birth to the youngest sibling, their father got ill and passe...
You Matter Too! | Elemental story | 💖 by AngelCercan
You Matter Too! | Elemental AngelCercan
after another success mission boboiboy watch was hit by a machine gun and his watch suddenly glowed and all the elementals where out and but then a mysterious person cam...
Mr. Popular and The Cute Yandere | Solthorn | 💖  by AngelCercan
Mr. Popular and The Cute Yandere | AngelCercan
I'm best friends with one of the most popular boy in my high school, how? our parents were very close since middle school and well we were close since birth! but ever si...
WHATEVER IT TAKES | boboiboy ! cyclone [ ✔ ] by kazscircus
WHATEVER IT TAKES | boboiboy ! -
❝whatever it takes, for them!❞ [ elemental!family fanfiction ] - boboiboy cyclone. the epitome of joy, happiness, carelessness. but as one member falls, their family sp...
Elemental Hero in Twisted Wonderland  by Luxraycharge
Elemental Hero in Twisted Marrion
[ Twisted Wonderland x Boboiboy Crossover ] In this book , the Ori MC(Yuu) will still be in this book. I just add Boboiboy that's all. And another thing , Boboiboy will...
Boboiboy Oneshots by Aquadextrous
Boboiboy Oneshotsby Bee/Aqua
Just Boboiboy oneshots I think of. BoYa and FaYi on the sidelines too for those romantics~~ #2 - angin (Nov. 25, 2021) #3 - tanah (Nov. 25, 2021) #1 - daun (Dec. 1, 2021)
Untold Truth (Boboiboy Fanfiction) [COMPLETED} by Ayas_AnimeLover
Untold Truth (Boboiboy Fanfiction) ❤️💞💗💝Ayas💝💗💞❤️
(A / N : This story takes place after 1 year after Retak'ka / Boboiboy Galaxy Movie 2 incident. ) What if Boboiboy had a painfull yet sad memory? What if he had a trauma...
Leaves Cure  by wyujikunn
Leaves Cure by chimniey
Boboiboy x Jujutsu Kaisen Set after Boboiboy Galaxy Movie and before Goodwill event (after Gojo got attacked by Jogo) Preview :- "Boboiboy-kun!!!" called someo...
Agent Elemental by flockofbirds_
Agent Elementalby ƒlock øƒ ßird
It was just another normal day when Boboiboy accidentally heard his Commander and Laksamana saying something shocking, that day his Grandfather died and the ones who did...
Frenemies || Fang X Readers  by writethv
Frenemies || Fang X Readers by Ray's Emo Haircut
"You are a tsundere Fang" .. "Damn your brother is so fine" .. "Do you Fang take Y/N as your lawfully wedded wife and promise to cherish her f...
The Elemental Hero in Teyvat - Boboiboy x Genshin impact Crossover by Martinthegamer20
The Elemental Hero in Teyvat - Martin
After fighting Retak'ka, Boboiboy managed to get all his elements or his siblings back from him. But he felt very exhausted for using too much power from Supra. Suddenly...
Boboiboy Reaction Book by Princess-Shadow
Boboiboy Reaction Bookby Ami_ShadowWattpad
Bbb with his friends and family + some people from their future, such as Tapops and Tempur-A members... are going to react to their future. This book takes after Bbb sea...
Twisted Summer (Being Rewritten) by zuyuchi
Twisted Summer (Being Rewritten)by Chino
"Let's have a nice summer holiday, my septuplets grandson~!" "WHAT?!" Who would expect to find out that their summer holiday had a magnificent twist...
Inside by Shinichi2504
Insideby Shinichi2504
After that one mission, it change Boboiboy's life to a whole new world. He was force to face the greatest enemy of his life, himself. Commission: @fuyuchino (Prologue s...
Nice To Meet You [ON HOLD] by SyazaEleena
Nice To Meet You [ON HOLD]by Leena75538
BTS are having a vacation and this is where Yoongi had the idea to visit Malaysia. He was then separated (more like he was left) from his band mates and bumped into the...