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I Know You, I Found You {OsoChoro} by gnattine
I Know You, I Found You {OsoChoro}by Kaitra
Choromatsu finds his soulmate. A soulmate AU where you remember your past lives when you touch your soulmate.
Messed Up (KaraIchi Fanfiction) by ChainsawGirlRine
Messed Up (KaraIchi Fanfiction)by ChainsawGirlRine
Yey!! A KaraIchi fanfic! I've always wanted to make one so here it is! Hope you guys like it! ≧ω≦ (Completed *Finally*)
How Deep Is Your Hate {Iromatsu} by gnattine
How Deep Is Your Hate {Iromatsu}by Kaitra
Karamatsu had been so stupid, happily caught up in the moment, didn't even think of what might happen once the ring was removed.
Dear Karamatsu Nii-San by N0R5K1_B01
Dear Karamatsu Nii-Sanby Tol N0R5K1
Letters exchanged between Karamatsu and Ichimatsu. (Takes place after episode 24) Some Blmatsu (sorry)
Sexy Nurse {OsoChoro} by gnattine
Sexy Nurse {OsoChoro}by Kaitra
Osomatsu has a thing for nurses, and gets Choromatsu to indulge him. Kinda. (Also on AO3)
OSONION by pumkimpss
OSONIONby [orphaned]
{OSONION English Book} Just stories about how i was into the fandom and my thought about them :D [✔] Matsuno Brothers [✔️] Story telling :D [✔️] BL松 Area [✔] English [⚠️...
What I'll do for you by NeJano
What I'll do for youby NeJano
Have you ever lost someone dear to you that you would do anything to bring them back again? Even if it cost your life,your soul, your entirety and your free will? Or...
Hearts (OsoKara Fanfic) by ColaKolaCola
Hearts (OsoKara Fanfic)by "KARAMATSU GARRRLSS!!"
Hey! My hand fell asleep writing this ^w^;; This contains some Blmatsu! If you don't like it, I suggest you don't read! Hope yu enjoy!
|| Hoy el Lobo Será la Presa || OsoChoro by -_Kiwa_-
|| Hoy el Lobo Será la Presa || -_Kiwa_-
Hacía una vez, en un lejano bosque, vivía una niña que era llamada ca..." -Arruga el papel y lo tira a alguna parte de su habitación- ¡no, así no, quiero algo dist...
I love you more then lollipops  by Maxxxxx287
I love you more then lollipops by Maxxxxx287
its a normal life at the matsu's household but there is just one thing off Jyuishi has been acting different lately his smile gets bigger around ichimatsu and he also ge...
Your Toxic Love [Yandere! Geek! Karamatsu x Emo! Ichimatsu] by MiaChriztineDialogo
Your Toxic Love [Yandere! Geek! MikMik
In high school, the only thing Ichimatsu want is to be left alone, and be his emo self. He doesn't care about other people, and he doesn't give a fuck about what they th...
Ah, My Kittyboy~ | KaraIchi  by TordCrackers
Ah, My Kittyboy~ | KaraIchi by i hate camp camp
Ichimatsu knows this is wrong. Karamatsu knows this is wrong. How long can they hide this for...? (EVENTUAL SMUT!)
Blue Envy by N0R5K1_B01
Blue Envyby Tol N0R5K1
His tears finally fell from his chin. "JUST LET ME SPEAK!" His voice cracked, "Please..." He sounded pitiful.
Osomatsu-san Stuff by sou-ll-ess
Osomatsu-san Stuffby DEALTAWUNE
Above The Stares And In Your Hesrt  by toxxicsakura
Above The Stares And In Your Hesrt by House Of Mineta
Ichimatsu spends some time on the roof, and gets some unexpected - but not unwelcome - attention from his favorite brother [Jyushimatsu/Ichimatsu]
Yet Another Spring  by PetuniaFanfic
Yet Another Spring by Petunia Paisley
~ A simple, short story of Karamatsu recalling past events with his beloved brother, Ichimatsu ~ * I will continue to do a small series of short stories, such as these (...
In The Eye Of The Beholder {OsoJyushi} by gnattine
In The Eye Of The Beholder { Kaitra
Bakamatsu soulmates Soulmate AU where your eyes change colour when you make eye contact with your soulmate. Bonus chapter: Iromatsu soulmates, same AU.
More Than It Hurts You {Iromatsu} by gnattine
More Than It Hurts You {Iromatsu}by Kaitra
Iromatsu soulmates Soulmate AU where you can feel your soulmate's physical pain.
Parental guidance [OsoKara]  by anxietease
Parental guidance [OsoKara] by anxietease
Osomatsu and karamatsu are parents. [heavily based on an Rp on instagram]