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Another Marauders Instagram Story by marauders1917
Another Marauders Instagram Storyby Estel Orion
because why not
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Bi Pride From A Lonely Bisexual by BucketOfCrumpet
Bi Pride From A Lonely Bisexualby BucketOfCrumpet
So I assume you read the title and are reading this since you are A) bi or B) Questioning your sexuality. This book will mostly be bi things from online. I'll take reque...
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♡ DAYDREAM | GxG ♡ by LibranSun
♡ DAYDREAM | GxG ♡by Gwynne
FEM CRUSH X FEM READER "If you will only ever be a daydream, real life is my nightmare." ____________________ _______________...
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Super Psycho Love || Adam's DeiLey Thoughts by -sxftdeidara
Super Psycho Love || Adam's Sxft Bxy 💜
If you know me in real life, you understand what I mean by DeiLey. Also, some of this is pretty deep, so if that's not your thing, then I suggest you high-tail it outta...
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Despair [updated] (GxG) (#JULIANTINA) by kool_you_read
Despair [updated] (GxG) ( belen
FanFiction of Juliantina Valentina has lost all of her memories of Juliana. Juliana tries to make her remember, but ends up failing. But with the help of Sergio, Juliana...
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LGBTQ+ Challenge 🏳️‍🌈❤️ by amshinestar7778939
LGBTQ+ Challenge 🏳️‍🌈❤️by Star ⭐
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Yo Im bi by meisadinosaur
Yo Im biby meisadinosaur
Didn't you read the title? This is basically about bisexuality, my experiences, and other bi things. I'm unsure where this will lead but whatever
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goodnight n go « a pipabeth au by polishedperidot
goodnight n go « a pipabeth auby •»Gryff«•
Piper had a good life. She had a group of friends that she loved. She had a sister who cared about her. She was in her junior year of high school and it was going pretty...
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when she loved me (editing) by elmstreets
when she loved me (editing)by chloë
She's a strange lipstick color. She's the shimmer in cheap shampoo. She's a shoplifted beauty product. She's eyeliner on the back of a hand. She's a blue finger from a c...
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Gay Warrior Cats by Purely_bi
Gay Warrior Catsby Purely_bi
Name says it all. I ship gay cats and write about their gayness. To you homophobes, fear the rainbows and gayness and turn back. I don't own warriors and I give all char...
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bi five by bifive
bi fiveby hi im bi
pretty much short stories about my sexuality and how it affects me and how i've reacted to it and yeah... EDIT: so this started as a story like above, but it's also turn...
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Breaking The Closet Door (Stand Alone) by Syaoranlover5000
Breaking The Closet Door (Stand Sya
I know this is already written in my "Collection of Short Stories" book but I felt this needed its own story tab because I felt I needs to reach those who need...
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Sisterly Love - Emma Blackery by aliciamixerlion
Sisterly Love - Emma Blackeryby Alicia
Don't judge a fanfic by its cover.... Basically Emma has a full sister in this....
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my dork diary! by Snowheart887
my dork diary!by Snowheart887
Hi I am a dork! I love to read dork diaries so I made one myself! Yes these are all real names in pretty dang sure my class mates won't find out about this diary of mine...
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Pac-Man Tattoo (Fem! Michael Mell X Reader) by deanwinchesterloml
Pac-Man Tattoo (Fem! Michael deanwinchesteristheloml
Be More Chill X Reader Insert Mick feels left out because Jaimie is ignoring her, so you come to her aid. But Mick may want more from you than comfort... And when the SQ...
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Confused\Abuse by litnightwolf44
Confused\Abuseby litnightwolf44
This story is about a girl that is confused about her sexuality just like me and then she fiannaly figures it out and can't find out if she wants come out to anyone
Burned by crkndd
Burnedby crkndd
"Looking back on it, I realize that maybe I won't get a happy ending. Not everyone does and maybe I'm one of the unlucky people who falls into that category. "...
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Flower Pride by APotatoThatSins
Flower Prideby Still Hiatus Lilly
"Sometimes flowers bloom in June" A Pride month 2018 special. Poems centered on being bisexual and discovering oneself.
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