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The Paul sister x KSI by Grace_xix
The Paul sister x KSIby Busy Vibing
The Paul sister. Addison Rae Paul. The smallest and most successful Paul too, with 13 million subscribers more than each of them. Funny, rich, successful, smart and pret...
Spar Me?  (Miniminter x reader) by moremommy
Spar Me? (Miniminter x reader)by Daddy
Your a semi famous boxer and a friend of jjs. What happens when you feature in one of his videos. (THE TITLE IS ON PURPOSE) #1 simonminter
beside you |  wroetoshaw  by w2swhore
beside you | wroetoshaw by w2swhore
"everything is different when i'm beside her, i couldn't handle it"
Bubbly - Ethan Payne by Caltripod
Bubbly - Ethan Payneby Little T
I feel bubbly around you.
The New Girl | Sidemen by Cyber_Glitch
The New Girl | Sidemenby Lindsey :)
Aria has had her own YouTube channel for a while now. Once she stacks up enough money to move out of her crappy apartment and into the Halo Tower in London. Little does...
To die with you *wroetoshaw* ✔ by ddracomalfoyswifey
To die with you *wroetoshaw* ✔by yesfredweasley
y/n is JJs bestfriend and she finds out she only has a certain time to live. in telling JJ she became closer to JJs friends could she possibly fall for one of them, but...
STELLA | harry lewis [ SLOW - ̗̀ 𝘑𝘈𝘋𝘌 ! ̖́-
"I hate Americans." "Well, Americans hate you too." • In which Callux's best friend moves to London (𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚞𝚊𝚕 𝚒𝚛𝚕 𝚍𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚜 𝚘𝚏 𝚂𝚊�...
Modern Love | TBJZL by writersaesthetic
Modern Love | TBJZLby char
A very modern love story, In which she is a struggling uni student whilst he earns thousands making videos online. Tobi - TBJZL - Sidemen
love me *behzinga* by notsayingmyname1
love me *behzinga*by lovebehz
y/n is one of the 8 sidemen. after a tough breakup with harry. ethan helps her heal but falls in love in the process
I'm Sorry // Wroetoshaw by xxmulti___fandomxx
I'm Sorry // Wroetoshawby fucking loser
Simon's little sister, Madison, has an astounding hatred for the word 'sorry' but she would come to say and hear it a lot. started: 12/30/19
falling for him; a wroetoshaw fanfiction by wroetocunt
falling for him; a wroetoshaw sorry haz
a story in which y/n unexpectedly falls for her bestfriend, harry lewis.
not in love! | THE SIDEMEN by gameofboners
not in love! | THE SIDEMENby gameofboners
Lennon Allen prided herself on being a person who wasn't phased in the face of any situation or celebrity, embodying the very definition of 'zen'. But even she finds her...
I guess this will work// Ksi fanfic by Multifannndom
I guess this will work// Ksi fanficby teehee
~ I guess this will work~ Grace finally sees her bestfriend Talia after a year, but will she fall in love with her boyfriend's roommate? highest ratings: #29 in ksi #10...
Rose Monroe by ErinEvelynJ
Rose Monroeby Erin
A sidemen and friends fanfic 🖤 ~ "I know. But this is important" "And I'm not?" ~ "but I swear, you come near her again I'll kill you" ~...
Harry Lewis (w2s) // a sidemen story by Multifannndom
Harry Lewis (w2s) // a sidemen teehee
I had been friends with Ethan for years, since I moved next door to him as kids. I finally meet his group of friends called the Sidemen? I start to catch feelings for on...
just best mates - wroetoshaw by anonymous38486
just best mates - wroetoshawby anonymous38486
"we're just friends!" lower case intended started: 19/06/2020 #2 in wroetoshaw #8 in zerka #19 in harrylewis
The One 💕 by youtubexo21
The One 💕by youtubexo21
when ella moves to london and her best friend Hailey sets her up on a blind date with ethan payne but little does she know his best friend is her ex I hit 1k reads - 19...
Sidemen imagines [one-shots] by Joshs-Babygirl
Sidemen imagines [one-shots]by Tobis-whore
As it says , sidemen imagines [one-shots] Requests are open. Love to everyone reading, voting, and commenting❤️ •1 in #joshuabradley• •1 in #vikrambarn• •1 in #ministar•
cuffed // willne by sidegee
cuffed // willneby gee
in which will asks his ex girlfriend to film a video with him and be handcuffed together for 1 week. will old flames ignite or will everything leave them both feeling em...
MORE THAN FRIENDS? by randomm_gurll
MORE THAN FRIENDS?by randomm_gurll
How does anyone know if we're more than "friends"? What are the countless things I'm hiding from him? When does anyone think that it's time for me to confess? ...