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Don't You See? by PILONGSTOCK
Don't You See?by HidingUnderSheets
Marinette is tired. Tired of Paris. Tired of having to hold back her emotions. Tired of being Lila's number one target. However, Marinette has a solution. She is moving...
Far Away by Kent-n-Wayne
Far Awayby Timothy
Damian and Tim fought in the cave. The usual. Dick tried to stop them. The usual. Jason sat and enjoyed. The usual. Dick stumbles over with Damian and ticks off some str...
Brother's 'till the end by Otaku-hero
Brother's 'till the endby EJ
The bat-bros care a lot about one and other. That's until, Bruce gets fed up with Damian sends Damian away! Not to Talia but to the juvenile detention center! He gave u...
The Downfall Of Damian Wayne by Ash0245
The Downfall Of Damian Wayneby Ash0245
Bruce and Damian have been getting into a lot of arguments lately, and Bruce has finally had enough! He is about to lose it... He doesn't know what to do with his son an...
Ménage (Batman) by Mayatauric
Ménage (Batman)by Maya MS
8 months. 8 months of him suffering, and them finding him. But, what did he go through? Will he ever be himself again? And what else is he gonna go through? But, one thi...
Batbrother One-shots by lonelytrashfangirl
Batbrother One-shotsby Mikki
Short stories about some one shots I have about the Batbros (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne)(Mostly because I know more about them than all the ot...
Batman - Father, Teach Me.. (A Flashpoint Fanfic)  by 2DZahraZaki
Batman - Father, Teach Me.. (A 2DZahraZaki
(I suck at descriptions but.. Here goes..) EARTH 1: Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman. A vigilante who swore to protect the streets of Gotham after witnessing the murder of his...
He is MY SON. by Kent-n-Wayne
He is MY Timothy
The Justice League is shocked to find Batman being nice to a Gotham "criminal". Why, they are about to find out.
JonDami by Blfandom
JonDamiby Avery
The cover and characters does not belong to me. Jondami story with overprotective brothers ;) This is my AU so please don't correct me about it. If you don't like it the...
Damian Wayne One Shots by Fandomlover_09
Damian Wayne One Shotsby Fandomlover_09
Different short stories about Damian Wayne. Different ships (Except for Mar'i Grayson and any of the batfamily), different personalities, different genders. I love to wr...
Damian one shots by Magic631
Damian one shotsby Magic631
In the title #angst #fluff #batfam #damianwayne # damirea
Starfire Meets the Batfamily by Buckbeak93
Starfire Meets the Batfamilyby Buckbeak93
Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne are just in the bat cave, Damian flipping through channels just to see what's on TV. Meanwhile Starfire is in the hospital after...
The Guardian of the Miraculous (Slow Updates)  by daminettelovescookie
The Guardian of the Miraculous ( Cookie
Lila has kept her Promise. Marinette is all alone. Hawkmoth is defeated. Chat Noir is dead. Not feeling home in Paris, Marinette moves to Gotham to fulfill her guardian...
Damian Wayne x Reader by GothamGirlx
Damian Wayne x Readerby watty wankers.
It's the start of your junior year in Gotham Academy and you have grown close to a certain Wayne... I have given in and given Damian green eyes due to the controversy th...
A Little Overshadowing Never Hurt Anyone by Playedcrowd5610
A Little Overshadowing Never Playedcrowd5610
This day was just getting worse and worse for Danny. First, he gets dragged to Gotham City with his parents for some 'ghost hunting' convention, and then on his first fl...
Batboys x Reader Oneshots  by bat_b1tch
Batboys x Reader Oneshots by bat_b1tch
I regret this book with my entire existence because it makes me cringe and want to delete it. But, people seem to like it so I'll leave it up. Edit: I WANT THIS BOOK TO...
The Tomboy (Damian Wayne/Robin x Reader) by RaphieTaffie
The Tomboy (Damian Wayne/Robin x RaphieTaffie
You are Roy Harper's baby sister... well both of the Roys. Arsenal, the original, got custody of you when you were thirteen. Due to some close ties you go to Gotham Acad...
Little Red Robins  by SuperSpaceUnicorn
Little Red Robins by TheSnowflakeUnicorn
Hey guys, sorry I've been away for so long but here's more stories for everyone to enjoy! So Damian's having a little 'problem'. He turns to his crazy Bat family when he...
More Reverse Batfam Trash by Morally_Gray
More Reverse Batfam Trashby Creecher
--stock photo appreciation-- Sequel to 'Reverse Batfam Trash'. It's kinda what got me started on Wattpad, nd everyone's always requesting more of it, so.... I can and wi...