The Lycan's Child by Bluehairgypsy
The Lycan's Childby Shantel
" You're pregnant." It wasn't a question but rather a statement. Hector's warm breath brushed against her right ear as she tried to get a handle on her beating...
  • alaska
  • avery
  • werewolf
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Coco: Remeber Me (Miguel x Reader) by Slinky-Dogg-1998
Coco: Remeber Me (Miguel x Reader)by Shelby
Miguel's friend is (Name) (Last Name). Who move to Santa Cecilia. Ernesto de la Cruz's home town. Her papa sells guitars for a living. After her mama die and her papa pa...
  • miguel
  • pixar
  • xreader
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Coco oneshots by snoopycutey1
Coco oneshotsby snoopycutey1
Coco oneshotsss Slow posting
  • music
  • ernesto
  • spanish
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Trojan Royalty (Troy 2004 fanfic) by queen-hallie
Trojan Royalty (Troy 2004 fanfic)by hallie norton
Alexandra is a Princess of Troy, daughter to King Priam and Hecuba. Twin to Paris of Troy, she is kidnapped in the Temple of Apollo along with her cousin, Briseis. Achil...
  • paris
  • troy
  • illiad
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Coco fanfic by the_cool_people
Coco fanficby the_cool_people
Miguel is having weird dreams and wants to know what they mean! What do they mean though? Read to know more!
  • miguel
  • coco
  • hector
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Not of this Time by AngelNatari
Not of this Timeby AngelNatari
Diana and Meg are two normal girls visiting Greece on Vacation. What they didn't expect is to be pulled deep into the ocean and come out the other side in a whole differ...
  • death
  • paris
  • fighting
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Singed (BoyxBoy) by Pink_Crayon
Singed (BoyxBoy)by Crayon
After Sebastian Rotter's failed attempt at suicide, he soon discovers he can see ghosts but that isn't all too strange than discovering vampires exists, wraiths are on a...
  • grayson
  • reaper
  • eros
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lolita | bellerín by celestials-
lolita | bellerínby jay
Lo·li·ta lōˈlētə/ (noun) a sexually precocious young girl. -------- salome, a (seemingly) bashful teenager, finds herself entangled in a sultry, ultimately tragic relat...
  • relationship
  • thefootballproject
  • secret
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Love Stronger Than Nations - Achilles by Fangirlinggirl10
Love Stronger Than Nations - Achil...by Iron Maiden
Achilles from Troy FanFiction. A Trojan princess. A Greek warrior. She believes in Gods. Him not so much. She wants peace. He wants to be remembered. She follow the ru...
  • historical
  • zeus
  • love
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War Inside My Head // Achilles by Asdfghjkl_1012
War Inside My Head // Achillesby A
When a Princess Warrior meets Greek's mightiest warrior. What if they fall inlove with each other? What would happen to Troy? *Highest rank: number 1 in search for Achil...
  • history
  • apollo
  • princess
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Holes by skyewilson333
Holesby Skye
Holes fanfiction. Y/N goes to camp green lake for a crime she didn't commit. She falls for a guy but is he the right guy?
  • magnet
  • zig-zag
  • hector
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Coco fanfic-To Be Forgotten by JustAnotherSuperfan
Coco fanfic-To Be Forgottenby JustAnotherSuperfan
All Miguel wants is to be understood by his family, and for them to understand what he's going through. But with his parents spending all their time with his baby sister...
  • hector
  • imelda
  • miguel
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Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Hoist the Colours by CaptainBlueIris
Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Hoist...by CaptainBlueIris
Infamous pirate Captain Blue Iris thought she'd left behind her past life of pain and near-death. Stumbling upon Jack Sparrow once again, the very pirate which caused he...
  • potc5
  • potc2
  • jack
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De la Rivera by UchihaAinoko
De la Riveraby UchihaAinoko
Memory, Belief. The way that the Land of the Dead works pretty simply all things considered. It's run by memories and belief. Belief, unfortunately, beliefs can be vague...
  • dante
  • trauma
  • ernesto
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Hector X Reader by EmilyWrites7612
Hector X Readerby EmilyWrites7612
You meet a man in a blind date from your friend Imelda hooking you up and you actually like him but playing hard to get may be good idea but what secrets do you two hold...
  • hector
  • idk
  • cocolove
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Un viaje en el tiempo by mariasuperstarcool
Un viaje en el tiempoby Maria Jose Fuentes Lozano
Luna nunca imagino que algo asÍ fuera posible. Viajar en el tiempo...¡Que locura! Pero en el mundo en el que vive todo es posible. Ahora se encuentra atrapada en una era...
  • rose
  • luna
  • dioses
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Nobody's Boy (1878) by lanternhill268
Nobody's Boy (1878)by lanternhill268
Seperated from his foster mother, Remi starts a journey of the roads of France with Signor Vitalis, who travels with three dogs and a monkey. *This story belongs to Hect...
  • malot
  • boy
  • family
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coco scenarios by snoodlepie
coco scenariosby an airhead
with a few oneshots. [for all genders | cover by: eszart/tumblr]
  • imagines
  • hector
  • cocopixar
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Two Sides of the Same Coin - Coco Fanfic by Zorua-Sensei
Two Sides of the Same Coin - Coco...by Zorua-Sensei
After Hector survives the poisoning attempt by Ernesto, he grows a second, evil side that likes to abuse Imelda and kills people. When Imelda sees the evil Hector on acc...
  • coco
  • fanfiction
  • pixar
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Miguel's first kiss by FuckyABO
Miguel's first kissby FuckyABO
Miguel struggles to accept the idea that he'll die without ever having his first kiss
  • higuel
  • hector
  • coco
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