Coco: Remeber Me (Miguel x Reader) by Slinky-Dogg-1998
Coco: Remeber Me (Miguel x Reader)by Shelby
Miguel's friend is (Name) (Last Name). Who move to Santa Cecilia. Ernesto de la Cruz's home town. Her papa sells guitars for a living. After her mama die and her papa pa...
  • coco
  • pixar
  • miguel
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The Lycan's Child by Bluehairgypsy
The Lycan's Childby Shantel
" You're pregnant." It wasn't a question but rather a statement. Hector's warm breath brushed against her right ear as she tried to get a handle on her beating...
  • romance
  • bwwm
  • hybrid
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Not of this Time by AngelNatari
Not of this Timeby AngelNatari
Diana and Meg are two normal girls visiting Greece on Vacation. What they didn't expect is to be pulled deep into the ocean and come out the other side in a whole differ...
  • achilles
  • death
  • romance
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lolita | bellerín by celestials-
lolita | bellerínby jay
Lo·li·ta lōˈlētə/ (noun) a sexually precocious young girl. -------- salome, a (seemingly) bashful teenager, finds herself entangled in a sultry, ultimately tragic relat...
  • hectorbellerin
  • feels
  • relationship
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Coco: Short stories by the_cool_people
Coco: Short storiesby the_cool_people
This is going to be about what Hector did in the land of the dead and what happened after he died and before! Each chapter will be a short sceene! Also what happened aft...
  • coco
  • miguel
  • backstory
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War Inside My Head // Achilles by Asdfghjkl_1012
War Inside My Head // Achillesby A
When a Princess Warrior meets Greek's mightiest warrior. What if they fall inlove with each other? What would happen to Troy? *Highest rank: number 1 in search for Achil...
  • apollo
  • queens
  • troy
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Singed (BoyxBoy) by Pink_Crayon
Singed (BoyxBoy)by Crayon
After Sebastian Rotter's failed attempt at suicide, he soon discovers he can see ghosts but that isn't all too strange than discovering vampires exists, wraiths are on a...
  • grayson
  • sebastian
  • suicidal
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Coco fanfic-To Be Forgotten by JustAnotherSuperfan
Coco fanfic-To Be Forgottenby JustAnotherSuperfan
All Miguel wants is to be understood by his family, and for them to understand what he's going through. But with his parents spending all their time with his baby sister...
  • imelda
  • miguel
  • hector
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Coco: The guitar's secrets by the_cool_people
Coco: The guitar's secretsby the_cool_people
Here comes a toot-toot train for more family drama! *sights while rubbing my forehead* Elena just joyned the land of the dead and is happy to reunite with everyone espe...
  • imelda
  • hector
  • soccoro
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Back Once Again by storymodefangirl
Back Once Againby Goonies_Pixar_Girl
#1 in CocoPixar July, 6th 2018!! few years after Miguel's journey to the Land Of The Dead, his family is loving music once again. After he tells the story to his sister...
  • landofthedead
  • delacruz
  • adventure
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Pirates of the Caribbean: Barbossa and the King's Messenger (Book 1) by ShahbanouSheherazade
Pirates of the Caribbean: Barbossa...by ShahbanouSheherazade
A 2014 WATTPAD FEATURED STORY. First her uncle betrayed her, then Hector Barbossa tried to kill her. Now Nina Bitter wants revenge on them both. Will Jack Sparrow help h...
  • adventure
  • fanfic
  • jacksparrow
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Coco Miguel X Hector  by YoMain124
Coco Miguel X Hector by Asher Archibald Reid
I love the movie Coco! I know Héctor and Miguel isn't a common ship but I ship it badly. If you don't ship it ya don't ship it. I DON'T OWN THIS MOVIE! WARNING: THERE IS...
  • miguelxhectorlemon
  • miguelxhector
  • miguel
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Treacherous Love  by tamatoaalilyoffic
Treacherous Love by tamatoaa lilyoffic
I,miss Gabriella Wark am the rebellious new pupil at waterloo road. I struggle to fit in for a long time due to my manipulative personality and stuck up attitude which n...
  • hebriella
  • teacherstudentrelationship
  • hector
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A Madman With a Guitar || Héctor Rivera X Reader by TardisTraveling
A Madman With a Guitar || Héctor R...by Beetle Boy
i'm so tired. it is past three in the morning and i'm reviving this cursed, cursed account. please dear god help me i "Have I seen you before?" She turned to f...
  • fanfic
  • skeletons
  • hector
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Nigel  by Miguel_Rivera12
Nigel by Selena fan
If Miguel never went to the land of the dead Au Nigel is the son of Miguel Rivera and Marco de la cruz (If u hate this ship then bye bye) but he doesn't want to become a...
  • family
  • hector
  • love
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Holes by skyewilson333
Holesby Skye
Holes fanfiction. Y/N goes to camp green lake for a crime she didn't commit. She falls for a guy but is he the right guy?
  • armpit
  • zig-zag
  • hector
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My Brave Musician (Miguel x Singer!Reader) by Hypnogirl23
My Brave Musician (Miguel x Singer...by katelynn
You are a close friend of Miguel's. Even though his family doesn't like you. What happens when Miguel falls for your free spirit? Will a song that helps to save his grea...
  • delacruz
  • öf
  • miguelxreader
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Back to the Trojan War (fanfiction) by NaniM203
Back to the Trojan War (fanfiction)by
What will happen when two cousins from the present, goes back in time of the Trojan War. Will there be a connection with Achilles? How much history will change? Read to...
  • past
  • achilles
  • drama
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Wanting to Love by Salujaka
Wanting to Loveby Salujaka
After two years of the land of the dead incident, he felt dangerous to his family members. Visions and dreams kept growing worse and worse. Being vicious and tormenting...
  • coco
  • miguel
  • family
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Hector x Miguel (Coco) by SyrupSandwich526
Hector x Miguel (Coco)by RandomWattpadUser#1
One-shots and maybe even lemons
  • miguel
  • coco
  • rivera
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