Remember Me  by mmorafrozen827
Remember Me by ja'crispy
PREQUEL TO COCO (Fanfic (obviously)) the only thing I was dissatisfied about the Disney/ Pixar movie Coco was the lack of information between Imelda and Hector. Of cours...
  • disney
  • coco
  • pixar
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Time Heals All Wounds by TemporaryAccount121
Time Heals All Woundsby Coco makes me un Poco Loco
This is about Héctor and Imelda getting back together in The Land of The Dead and Coco arriving. Also, all the stories I'm making (besides the one shot obviously) are in...
  • rivera
  • coco
  • hector
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Together too Early by TemporaryAccount121
Together too Earlyby Coco makes me un Poco Loco
"What just happened?" Miguel thought, slumped against a stone wall in a small ally, bleeding out. "Why did he do this to me?". . .
  • riveras
  • hector
  • coco
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My Brave Musician (Miguel x Singer!Reader) by Hypnogirl23
My Brave Musician (Miguel x Singer...by katelynn
You are a close friend of Miguel's. Even though his family doesn't like you. What happens when Miguel falls for your free spirit? Will a song that helps to save his grea...
  • miguel
  • hector
  • dead
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glory and gore by district2gurl
glory and goreby raylee
"i cannot say that i know what's going to happen, but we will always be in love. and no man or god will ever take that away from us." in which the fighting pri...
  • greece
  • mythology
  • troythemovie
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Coco imagines/preferences by potato_face_loser
Coco imagines/preferencesby potato_face_loser
This will be weird since I've never written any fanfic-ish thing about a cartoon so sorry if it sucks. Mostly be about Hector, Miguel, and Ernesto De la Cruze
  • preferences
  • ernesto
  • pixar
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Dirty by SoulMakato
Dirtyby SoulCMp
Straight. ...was what everyone thought they were.
  • original
  • hector
  • bisexual
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COCO Miguel x reader [READ DESC] by Lovestories105
COCO Miguel x reader [READ DESC]by Selest
Just something I thought I'd surprise you with. Also, my computer doesn't have accents, and that's why I didn't want to make this story. Sorry thre cover is crappy, I ha...
  • coco
  • spanish
  • hector
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QUERIDO CRUSH by thaylisvelez5
QUERIDO CRUSHby thaylisvelez5
Dayra Lee y Hector Williams. No tenían muchas cosas en común, sus edades eran distintas, sus maneras de caminar no coincidían y mucho menos la estatura. Nunca pensaban...
  • crush
  • querido
  • hector
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|Coco|One-Shots and Boyfriend Scenarios!| by ZappyTheStar
|Coco|One-Shots and Boyfriend Scen...by Zappy ❤️
Requests will be closed at first. Unless I start running out of ideas. Then i'll ask for request's. Characters i'm using: Miguel Rivera Hectòr Rivera Ernesto De La Cruz ...
  • boyfriendscenarios
  • oneshot
  • hector
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A father's love never dies.  by Miguel_Rivera12
A father's love never dies. by Selena fan
One shots of Miguel and his Papa Enrique.. Since no one else will make it 😒
  • enrique
  • miguel
  • imelda
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Ask the Coco Cast!  by _Coco_Fangirl_
Ask the Coco Cast! by COCO & SU FANGIRL
Cast of Characters: • Hectór • Imelda • Miguel • Ernesto • Coco • Abuelita This might take a little while to get the questions rolling in, so this story might be i...
  • abuelita
  • ernesto
  • coco
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Love Stronger Than Nations - Achilles by Fangirlinggirl10
Love Stronger Than Nations - Achil...by Iron Maiden
Achilles from Troy FanFiction. A Trojan princess. A Greek warrior. She believes in Gods. Him not so much. She wants peace. He wants to be remembered. She follow the ru...
  • greek
  • troy
  • fiction
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Singed (BoyxBoy) by Pink_Crayon
Singed (BoyxBoy)by Crayon
After Sebastian Rotter's failed attempt at suicide, he soon discovers he can see ghosts but that isn't all too strange than discovering vampires exists, wraiths are on a...
  • sebastian
  • hector
  • suicidal
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Not of this Time by AngelNatari
Not of this Timeby AngelNatari
Diana and Meg are two normal girls visiting Greece on Vacation. What they didn't expect is to be pulled deep into the ocean and come out the other side in a whole differ...
  • hector
  • patroclus
  • war
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Coco x Reader One Shots by _Coco_Fangirl_
Coco x Reader One Shotsby COCO & SU FANGIRL
I watched the movie Coco a while ago and now I'm basically obsessed with it. I'll try my best with this and I hope you all enjoy!! If you'd like, I am open to requests f...
  • disneyfan
  • cocodisney
  • miguel
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Trojan Royalty (Troy 2004 fanfic) by queen-hallie
Trojan Royalty (Troy 2004 fanfic)by hallie norton
Alexandra is a Princess of Troy, daughter to King Priam and Hecuba. Twin to Paris of Troy, she is kidnapped in the Temple of Apollo along with her cousin, Briseis. Achil...
  • troymovie
  • hector
  • ancient
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Coco fanfic-To Be Forgotten by JustAnotherSuperfan
Coco fanfic-To Be Forgottenby JustAnotherSuperfan
All Miguel wants is to be understood by his family, and for them to understand what he's going through. But with his parents spending all their time with his baby sister...
  • coco
  • imelda
  • miguel
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Holes by skyewilson333
Holesby Skye
Holes fanfiction. Y/N goes to camp green lake for a crime she didn't commit. She falls for a guy but is he the right guy?
  • caveman
  • zero
  • stanleyyelnats
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War Inside My Head // Achilles by Asdfghjkl_1012
War Inside My Head // Achillesby Aji
When a Princess Warrior meets Greek's mightiest warrior. What if they fall inlove with each other? What would happen to Troy? *Highest rank: number 1 in search for Achil...
  • fanfiction
  • king
  • spartans
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