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Hers Is The Fury by AneesaBadu
Hers Is The Furyby Aneesa Badu鈾
Princess Morgana Baratheon is the eldest daughter of King Robert Baratheon and Queen Cersei Lannister. She is a beautiful combination of her parents; tall, long black cu...
Lady Lannister || Game of Thrones by maria_j_occhipinti
Lady Lannister || Game of Thronesby Maria-Jose Occhipinti
Lady Johanna Lannister was born to Lord Tywin Lannister and Princess Daella Targaryen his first wife. Lady Johanna held no Lannister looks thus Aerys II the Mad King de...
A Gentle Breeze | Jon Snow | Game of Thrones by gorgggie
A Gentle Breeze | Jon Snow | gorg
Zephyr Baratheon is the true Baratheon heir of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. When Zephyr was born, Cersei expected Blonde hair and Blue eyes, like her son Joffe...
The Hounds Flower {Sandor Clegane} by bohemianwood
The Hounds Flower {Sandor Clegane}by morgan
Zyta Baratheon is the only child of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. She is sweet and kind but fierce. She fell in love with a man that had no love in his heart. T...
The Other Targaryen Girl by crackersaregood
The Other Targaryen Girlby crackersaregood
"Conquering Westeros was my sisters dream... not mine." - - - GendryXoc - - - - - Hello everyone, this story is heavily based on the events from the HBO serie...
B L O O M by _TheFifthMarauder_
B L O O Mby _TheFifthMarauder_
'Rose pulled them close, forcing them to look at her. The life fading by the second as they met with their killer's chocolate brown eyes. "I want you to look at...
Joanna the defiant  by that_chick_1220
Joanna the defiant by That_chick
If fairytales are real then she is the kind of princess, no prince or king could ever handle. She was not made for ballgowns or parties, but battlefields and saddles...
Helena Baratheon - Game Of Thrones Fanfiction by mossycandy__123
Helena Baratheon - Game Of mossycandy__123
Helena and her brother Joffrey have always been inseparable. They have always been by each other's side for everything. Facing all the challenges life could throw at the...
Game of Thrones: Land of My Fathers by JaCobBcRaZy
Game of Thrones: Land of My Fathersby JaCobBcRaZy
An ordinary boy born in the cold North, just trying to survive... But what if the boy is born with a purpose, and how would he change the world of Westeros and the Game...
A Lion in the Midst by Dare2Dream9813
A Lion in the Midstby Morgan
Charlotte was born a royal, a princess. A Lannister. Through the acts of thievery, she ends up in Winterfell, being raised by Lord and Lady Stark. As Jon Arryn's death h...
Game Of Thrones - Twin Lions by DanaerysDragneel333
Game Of Thrones - Twin Lionsby Natalie Mathers
饾悆鈨モ儝谈饾悎鈨モ儝谈饾悩鈨モ儝谈 饾悁鈨モ儝谈饾惉鈨モ儝谈饾惌鈨モ儝谈饾悶鈨モ儝谈饾惈鈨モ儝谈饾悽鈨モ儝谈饾惉鈨モ儝谈饾悿鈨モ儝谈饾惉鈨モ儝谈饾悆鈨モ儝谈饾悎鈨モ儝谈饾悩鈨モ儝谈 饾悁鈨モ儝谈饾惉鈨モ儝谈饾惌鈨モ儝谈饾悶鈨モ儝谈饾惈鈨モ儝谈饾悽鈨モ儝谈饾惉鈨モ儝谈饾悿鈨モ儝谈饾惉鈨モ儝谈饾悆鈨モ儝谈饾悎鈨モ儝谈饾悩鈨モ儝谈 饾悁鈨モ儝谈饾惉鈨モ儝谈饾惌鈨モ儝谈饾悶鈨モ儝谈饾惈鈨モ儝谈饾悽鈨モ儝谈锟...
The Lannister King | Male Reader X Game of Thrones Harem by Hollunk21
The Lannister King | Male Reader Hollunk21
The son of Tyrion and Shae is sent back in time, and reborn as the son of Tyrion and Tysha
饾悾饾惍饾惀饾悽饾惂饾悮, 饾棆.饾棇饾棈饾柡饾棆饾梽 鉁 by eclipceis
饾悾饾惍饾惀饾悽饾惂饾悮, 饾棆.饾棇饾棈饾柡饾棆饾梽 鉁by 饾棌饾梻饾棇饾柧饾棁饾棐饾柡
饾槹饾槱, 饾槳 饾槾饾槮饾槮, - 饾枿 饾柡饾梿 饾棈饾棃 饾柣饾柧 饾棈饾梺饾柧 饾棇饾棄饾棃饾梻饾梾饾棇 饾棃饾柨 饾棎饾柡饾棆 漏饾槮饾槫饾槶饾槳饾槺饾槫饾槮饾槳饾槾
Devotion (GOT Fanfic) by mono-niji-kayu
Devotion (GOT Fanfic)by mono
Leila Lannister was the devoted child, the one who surrendered youth for a life she didn't wanted and joy for all the heartache in the world. How will she survive her de...
銆 LADY WITH THE VEIL 銆婽. 鈹 饾暩饾枎饾枆饾枔饾枎饾枌饾枍饾枡.
[ DISCONTINUED ] She is the daughter of Oberyn Martell and the first mistress he married, Teyne Sand. She is named Lady With The Veil, as she always walks around with a...
Meant to Burn Together - Helaena Targaryen by gorgggie
Meant to Burn Together - Helaena gorg
Helaena Targaryen was the last Targaryen alive, or at least Jaime Lannister thought when he held the babe in his arms, telling his beloved sister of his findings after s...
Oaths and Vows {Jaime Lannister} by itskindapoetic
Oaths and Vows {Jaime Lannister}by kindapoetic 鈾 鏈夌偣璇楁剰
"Oaths and Vows and Prayers, all things said before Gods and Kings and people called our betters. They're all Just words. They're all just promises. They're all jus...
Heir Apparent by lovelollie
Heir Apparentby l
Previously The Lion and The Wolf There was once a beautiful young girl that was the only true born daughter of King Robert I of House Baratheon, and Queen Cersei of Hous...
Athena____Game Of Thrones(ROBB STARK) by chrissyyyyy34
Athena____Game Of Thrones(ROBB chrissyyyyy34
Athena Baratheon knew one thing from the moment she could speak she would be married to Robb Stark the heir of Winterfell. The two had only meet once when she was eight...