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Love and Control - A Game of Thrones Fan Fiction by BarneysCrew
Love and Control - A Game of BarneysCrew
"You are my special lady, Arienne, and I will love from this day, until my last day." Fire has to power to heal, or to burn. And Arienne has just walked in...
  • baratheon
  • lannister
  • romance
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Discretely  by ash_ley102
Discretely by ash_ley102
Arya loves her family and would do anything for them, even Sansa. She notices Joffrey hurting her but Sansa would never admit to it. She loves her sister dearly but won'...
  • lannister
  • jaimelannister
  • baratheon
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THE SON OF LOVE AND HATRED | Game Of Thrones Male OC Story by Bout2Snow
This story adds my own character, Edward Baratheon, to Westeros. As the legitimized bastard and eldest son of Robert Baratheon, Edward will be the new king of the seven...
  • joffrey
  • thrones
  • ned
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Joffrey Baratheon's Angel by Earldagurl
Joffrey Baratheon's Angelby Earl Jonnor
This is a story where the bad guy meets a good girl.
  • lannister
  • game
  • thrones
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Game Of Thrones *Preferences and Imagines* by Stashba
Game Of Thrones *Preferences and Stashba
LEAVE REQUESTS IN COMMENTS Characters: Tyrion Lannister Ramsay Bolton Robb Stark Jon Snow Brienne Of Tarth Arya Stark Joffrey Lannister Margaery Tyrell Sansa Stark Viser...
  • ramsaybolton
  • lannister
  • stark
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Why Me? (Joffrey Baratheon L.S.) by Little_Vampire_4eva
Why Me? (Joffrey Baratheon L.S.)by MoonFlower
(Game of ThronesxDescendants) My name is Aveline. I traveled with Mother to Winterfell to visit the Baratheon's and Stark's for a while. I never thought a certain Prince...
  • gameofthrones
  • romance
  • luna
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Blind Beauty (Joffrey X OC) by SatanLikesTheBooty
Blind Beauty (Joffrey X OC)by SatanLikesTheBooty
Kathryn Ashford is an extraordinary girl, especially to her intended Joffrey Baratheon (I prefer to call him Joffrey Lannister because if you've read the books or have s...
  • fanfiction
  • asongoficeandfire
  • gameofthrones
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The Tides of Fire and Ice (A Game Of Thrones Story) by RoseOfWonderland
The Tides of Fire and Ice (A RoseOfWonderland
Abandoned in the woods a nameless child is given a home by King Robert and Queen Cersei as their child. Follow the Journey of Maliya as the Game of Thrones plays out, th...
  • asongoficeandfire
  • snow
  • joffrey
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The Bastard of the North by imaginaryvirtues
The Bastard of the Northby otis
OC X Ramsay I do not own Ramsay, but I own Kyrin. All credit considering characters goes to George R. R. Martin, D&D, and HBO.
  • thrones
  • littlefinger
  • got
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The Golden Lion (Game of Thrones) by firandfury
The Golden Lion (Game of Thrones)by NETFLIX4LIFE
CASSANA BARATHEON What if Cersei didn't have an affair with Jamie... What if she all her kids were Robert's... What if she had a daughter who was older than Joff...
  • barriston
  • margery
  • robert
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A Dragon's Roar by JingleJester
A Dragon's Roarby JingleJester
Game of Thrones Fanfiction ___ After Daenerys Stormborn was born, Queen Rhaella Targaryen didn't die. She was kidnapped from Dragonstone by Lannister men and taken befor...
  • lions
  • cersei
  • robert
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The Lion and The Snake (Joffrey Love Story) by evermore_palace
The Lion and The Snake (Joffrey Kat
There goes my day! Once again my father wants me to marry. I never catch a break. It hasn't worked out before but maybe things will be different. Things will definitely...
  • action
  • cheesy
  • thrones
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SALVATION | JAIME LANNISTER  by Siriusly_Slytherin
Just as their mothers had always wished an alliance was formed between house Lannister and house Martell through marriage.
  • wife
  • martell
  • gameofthrones
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The Iron Queen - Sequel to 'The Usurper Princess' by BarneysCrew
The Iron Queen - Sequel to 'The BarneysCrew
Aglaia Baratheon is alive. She has survived Daenerys Targaryen's attack on her husband King Roran Deloras' city, travelled the length of the Seven Kingdoms, befriended a...
  • princess
  • baratheon
  • joffrey
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Not The Same  (sequel to "Abby Ultimate Dance Competition: Season of Love") by Caroline617
Not The Same (sequel to "Abby Caroline
After becoming Abby's Ultimate Dancer, Madison was awarded the opportunity to study for four years at the Joffrey School of Ballet. Four years can change a lot, and when...
  • audc
  • madison
  • joffrey
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Winter is Coming; The Story of a Stark (Robb Stark fan-fiction) by GoTLyanna
Winter is Coming; The Story of a GoTLyanna
Lyanna Stark is the daughter of Benjen Stark and was raised by her loving Uncle and Aunt along with her cousins in Winterfell. She had the perfectly enjoyable childhood...
  • theon
  • robbstark
  • jon
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Wild Flower {Robb Stark} by RebelGirlsxx
Wild Flower {Robb Stark}by ¥YoungGods¥
Adalicia Baratheon is the apple of her fathers eye, what better to do then send her away to wed his chosen brothers son. Robb x Oc
  • thrones
  • gameofthrones
  • robb
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I'll Help by shipGod45
I'll Helpby shipGod45
Nicholas Baratheon Is The Son Of A Young Targaryen And A Secret Stark That Followed the Footsteps Of Her Older Sister Lyanna By Loving A Targaryen However He is Believed...
  • baratheon
  • doitforthethrone
  • got
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my lovely king | gra o tron by elorakowa
my lovely king | gra o tronby kaja
nie chce spojlerować :*
  • ff
  • games
  • fanfiction
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I'm not just a Girl by TheFemazeRunner
I'm not just a Girlby The Lightning Thief
// Game of Thrones Fanfiction // Sophia lived just outside KingsLanding. Born and raised on an ordinary farm, she never meets people other than her family and few neighb...
  • gameofthrones
  • direwolf
  • jamie
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