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Fame or Shame by TheShyExtravert
Fame or Shameby TheShyExtravert
Alyssa Radke truly does love her brother, Ronnie. She hasn't been hiding away because she's ashamed, but because his fame has harmed her life before. Follow Aly's journe...
Beverly Hills Babe | kellic (boyxboy) by kellicandsuch
Beverly Hills Babe | kellic ( kellicandsuch
A sassy, cross-dressing boy by the name of Kellin Quinn is forced to move with his new step dad and his mum to a neighborhood in the ghetto from his beloved mansion in B...
Your Eyes Will Lead Me Home {L.S} by be-my-sunshine
Your Eyes Will Lead Me Home {L.S}by We've Discussed It
[LONGSHOT] Where Harry and Louis have always been best friends, and then they're not. Prompt: "friends" by ed sheeran.
Tyler Joseph x Reader by blurry-fics
Tyler Joseph x Readerby max
These are not related to one another in anyway, just a collection of random one shots!
Call It What You Want (Kellic) by bounpremASMR
Call It What You Want (Kellic)by ☪
Vic Fuentes has been living a pretty normal and subtle life as a writer in his peaceful home. However, he's been in a horrible case of writer's block for almost a year...
You're No Longer Alone (Adopted By Black Veil Brides)  by Devon0o0
You're No Longer Alone (Adopted Devon M
Shadow lived with his father for a while until one day his father got arrested, nobody likes him, he always feels alone. Until one day where everything changes. The day...
The End Of Eras by angeleyes-demonsoul
The End Of Erasby Ghosted
Over the past couple years, I've told you stories of demons and the slow burning plan to take the overworld as their own. This year, it all ends. Dallon may have escaped...
Favors by blurry-fics
Favorsby max
You and Josh have been close friends for a few years and are willing to do almost anything for each other. When Josh asks you to come to Ohio with him and pretend to be...
Anything Goes by TheMadRadRed
Anything Goesby BlackoutRose
A love triangle that quickly spirals out of control. New friends, old friends, all are drawn into the maelstrom. but who will come out whole?
Living Like A King Someday (Kellic) (boyxboy) by artofthekellic
Living Like A King Someday ( Danny // Dj
Kellin Bostwick lead a happy life with his brother but his boyfriend cheats on him with his brother and he doesn't know what to do. In a state of panic he leaves and wal...
Snuff.  by deadsince197666
Snuff. by deadsince197666
The aftermath of Paul Gray's death. The breakdown of the band. The heartbreak of Corey Taylor. The emotional heartbreak has completely turned Corey into a more vulne...
My Friends Are Idiots by TheMadRadRed
My Friends Are Idiotsby BlackoutRose
My bandmates were psychopaths. They got Axl. And now I'm their next victim.
My Everything  by Bonnyxz
My Everything by Maxx Bell
Ronnie Radke x Tyler Burgess
Snow Days by TheMadRadRed
Snow Daysby BlackoutRose
If you ask me, I think it should snow in Indiana more often.
When Worlds Collide by TheMadRadRed
When Worlds Collideby BlackoutRose
A band origin story using the "First Line Challenge".
Nightrain by TheMadRadRed
Nightrainby BlackoutRose
An Axl x Duff band origin story.
His Smile Will Keep You Safe - Ryan Seaman x Reader by NightSkysSprinkles
His Smile Will Keep You Safe - NightSkysSprinkles
Being a photographer for a touring band had always been your dream. So when you got the offer to get out of your home state for the first time in your life to tour with...
Cold by TheMadRadRed
Coldby BlackoutRose
"Axl, it's 65°F. It's not cold..."
Murderdolls Slash Fic Oneshots (because why the hell not) by deadsince197666
Murderdolls Slash Fic Oneshots ( deadsince197666
just 'a bunch' of oneshots , but honestly, this was just mostly intended for the one story I made that was supposed to be on ao3 but didn't plan to put it there since oo...
It's Not Your Fault by TheMadRadRed
It's Not Your Faultby BlackoutRose
I knew who it was: only one person ever tapped on my window like that.