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Why him? (Princibaldi Au: Mute/Deaf!Baldi x Strict!Principal)/Complete/  by StarlySansyCreation
Why him? (Princibaldi Au: Mute/ Bs_Draws
This is my original idea about my Au. So this Au take place in the same timeline except when they both reach in their 40' s (except, Baldi is 39 while Princi is 2 years...
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Principal x Reader by Silverwolfer01
Principal x Readerby Silverwolf
I don't even know anymore... Okay in here you guys are like in your 20's (cuz let's make it logically) Art cover belongs to me
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Baldi's Basic in Oneshots by BritishGal176
Baldi's Basic in Oneshotsby StruckedDead
Baldi's basic of education and learning and its characters do not belong to me, they belong to their rightful owner.
  • baldisbasic
Teaching You ✓ ( SMUT ) by BL_lover_4life
Teaching You ✓ ( SMUT )by Mystic_Mess
" You're Mine " he growled as he bit your neck " No one can have you but me "
  • fanfic
  • teacher
  • romance
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I need you (Princibaldi) by russkiyserdechko
I need you (Princibaldi)by Alina
!Nsfw content! Cover isn't mine!! It's my first... "shipping story", don't expect anything good :v And please, if you don't like it, then... just don't read it...
  • baldisbasic
  • yaoi
  • school
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baldi x principal by cuphead665
baldi x principalby cuphead665
noce que titulo poner wey
  • baldisbasic
  • yaoi
  • boyxboy
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Filesweep trash art :v by Idiotokat
Filesweep trash art :vby I'm an idiot
For yall Filesweep shipper- if you dont like this ship then leave -w-
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  • baldisbasic
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Baldis Basic (Baldi's Past) by lovely_death
Baldis Basic (Baldi's Past)by lovely_death
We all know the teacher that's smacks you with a ruler if you failed his test. He's nice at times and horrible another. He's, not all bad as it seems. we don't truly kn...
  • baldisbasic
  • baldi
  • playtime
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Ask The Player And Pal's! (BBIEAL Ask Blog!) (AU!) by Collective_Reasoning
Ask The Player And Pal's! ( Calcutie Pie
You can ask all your favorite characters from BBIEAL (Baldi's Basic's In Education And Learning) and AEWVS (Advanced Education with Viktor Strobonski)! It may take a bit...
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  • askmeanything
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eres mi niña preferida (principal x tu) nwn by danilila123crak1
eres mi niña preferida ( Jessy Alvarado
hola que ase :v okno,hoy dia te presento una historia en donde tu tienes 12 años y que vas a una nueva escuela con tu mejor amigo player pero alguien llamara tu atencion...
  • player
  • playtime
  • bully
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You are the one! (princibaldi) by YaoiGirl12640
You are the one! (princibaldi)by FanfictionIsMyReligion1240
ok I hope you enjoy this one more than the failed creek story! 😊
  • baldi
  • princibaldi
  • principal
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Unsolved question (Baldi X My Oc) by AdrianeApostol
Unsolved question (Baldi X My Oc)by Addy the Heartbreaker
Connected to the book "Bloody love" by @Funtimelove24. It is took place before, a 17 year old female student name Addy (my oc) enrolled to Baldi's schoolhouse...
  • violence
  • death
  • fanmade
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Ask or Dare Baldi's Basics in education and learning by RoxyFoxy328
Ask or Dare Baldi's Basics in ᏰᎩᏗᏦᏦᎧ
Oh boy another's fandom has arrived welp it's that time again ask or Dare the cast of BALDI'S BASICS IN EDUCATION AND LEARNING!!!
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Mythological!Baldi's Basics by -Iggy-Kirkland-
Mythological!Baldi's Basicsby Arthur Kirkland
This story revolves around not only Baldi's Basics but a plot other than the original theme. It has taken me a while to brainstorm this certain theme for this fan fictio...
  • baldisbasic
  • principalofthething
  • playtime
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crossover story: the basement[Book 0] (discontinued) by Gay_Elf_Boi_UwU
crossover story: the basement[ Toon Link
oh look a crossover story.
  • mario
  • baldisbasic
  • crossover
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Baldi's Basics In Education And Learning: Remastered by novarose122001
Baldi's Basics In Education And Nova The Literature Writer
Come and play with Baldi and his friends in a new game! Collect 7 notebooks to compete the game and you are free to g̶̠̭͙̻̲̜͓͖͎̬͙̊̍̇̍̊͛̓̊̅̊͋̃ȩ̵̢̖͖̺̻̗̲̠͉̗̂͐͑̿́̍͜͝t̸̒̇̉͠͝...
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(y/n) hanya murid biasa disekolahannya. namun, seseorang menyukainya.. dan bahkan melakukan apapun demi mendapatkan (y/n). selamanya.
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⚫💝- Solo quiero jugar contigo -💝 ⚫ (Playtime x tú) by Haru_Moche
⚫💝- Solo quiero jugar contigo -💝 Una Persona :3
- ¿podrias jugar conmigo? -... -al menos podrias hablarme ? mi primer fics :'''D este terminara muy mal :'D
  • baldisbasic
  • yuri
  • playtime
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