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From Yadav Kumari to Aryvarta Samragni by siriuslykrishna
From Yadav Kumari to Aryvarta Shraddha
Watch how Ardhanarishvara-ansha Chandraja Aadhira embark on her journey from being a young girl living in vrindavan, to ruler of an unknown place, then Hastinapur ki Mah...
SUBHADRA - THE EMBLEM OF LOVE by priyasantar1234
the story is all about the yadu princess. who is one of the tragic lady of the great epic mahabharat. this story her love, her affection and her weakness and her fight a...
Yadavkanya Subhadra ~ OS & Ficlets by Shreya_rd
Yadavkanya Subhadra ~ OS & Ficletsby Shreya
She emerged from the womb of the pious Rohini, set her heart upon the ambidextrous archer and birthed one of the bravest warriors to have graced the holy land of Bharat...
Journey to the Old Era (Drisana's Mahabharat #1) by Raffesia
Journey to the Old Era (Drisana' Raffesia
Drisana has always felt like she's in the wrong place, wrong time. Why? That has no answer. After her parents death, adventure lover Drisana has been travelling around t...
Journey through the Grand Canyon (Drisana's Mahabharat #2) by Raffesia
Journey through the Grand Canyon ( Raffesia
❎Do Not Read before reading the 1st book of the series.❎ Drisana has started her journey to Indraprasth. After finding her place finally in Dwapar yug, will she be able...
After 13 Years by Cavya_1426
After 13 Yearsby Cavya_1426
This story takes place after the exile of the Pandav. Well mostly from the last week of it.
ARJUN'S SUBHADRA -The Gandivdhari's Arrow by Kumarammu
ARJUN'S SUBHADRA -The Gandivdhari' Kumarammu
ARJUN AND HIS SUBHADRA. They were epitome of selfless love .Its that love 's sacrifice, that led to the continuity of the kuru clan through them .I'm glad that the coup...
Ojasvii - Karna's Answer to Himself by Anu_91
Ojasvii - Karna's Answer to Himselfby Anu_91
He A Suta- unknown Kshatriya, whom the world looks down except his friends Suyo and Ashu!! Parshuram Shishya..believes Women are equal to men..or maybe above them She B...
Balram's hurt by regina_mysterious565
Balram's hurtby Riva/Rowy
(A Balram-Krishna story) We all know that Krishna and Balram are very naughty from childhood itself. Many a times Krishna does some mischief and then tricks Balram into...
The Divine Change by samhg10
The Divine Changeby Samiksha Gadgil
What someone time traveled back in time to Dwapar yug. What if the destiny chose it for her? What if she had a secret lover whom she also didn't know of ? What if Duryod...
To make Father proud: The Tale of Abhimanyu by bleedblue2011
To make Father proud: The Tale Neha Srivastav
Abhimanyu grew up in the city of harmony, Dwaraka, with the coolest set of guardians. There's his mother, who in spite of being overprotective, is really bad at denying...
Subhadra - The Yadava Princess by gayu_kumar18
Subhadra - The Yadava Princessby gayu_kumar18
There are many stories written on Mahabharata but some of them fail to show the importance of Subhadra who is known as the Veera Sodari(sister),Veera patni(wife) and Vee...
MUKHAUTE - A Karna-Arjun story by wisteria_in_bloom
MUKHAUTE - A Karna-Arjun storyby ♚𝔅𝔬𝔬♕
Mahabharat Theater AU fic! The Pandavas and Kauravas are rival groups, held together by rapidly thinning bonds of family and a love for theater. At the crux of their art...
A fanfic based on mahabharat. This is the story about Dwaraka's beloved princess, the fifth daughter of vasudev. Arjunsangini the yuvrani of indraprasth and Hastinapur...
Sankarshana - The Mighty Bringer Of Joy by Ramayana_lover
Sankarshana - The Mighty Bringer Pragyaparamita
The last of Vishnu's three Rama-Avataras, Balarama is fascinating. He's the strongest support to his little brother, he's the teacher of two of India's greatest rivals...
found my angel............... by vidharbhi
found my vidharbhi
this is a story about vidarbhi rukmini and dwarkadheesh shri krishna , it's about their daughter who was kidnapped just like their first son (pradyumn), the story will...
Iha : The lost Princess of Dwaraka by AadyaRaam
Iha : The lost Princess of Dwarakaby Niranjanaa
PradyumnaSutaa Rajkumari Iha's story Join this journey with me Note : this is completely a fictional story not meant to hurt anyone's beliefs and thoughts Read and enjo...
King Of My Dreams.... by KarShri
King Of My Aisiri.R.Athrey
ᴵᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ᵈⁱᵉ, ᴵ ᵈⁱᵉ ...