Baghdad Stories

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Livin' The Brotherhood by SunflowerThot
Livin' The Brotherhoodby SunflowerThot
A lone female recon Marine, Corporal Kyra Bisset, placed in a group of men that she never knew would become her life in such a short fragment of life. No one really knew...
The Sacrifice by Poetshri
The Sacrificeby poetshri
In 9th century CE, the Rashtrakutas begin to expand their empire outside of Bharat (India), resulting in a series of battles with the Abbasid Caliphate. Under the charis...
Rain by bexxrose
Rainby Peter Pan
"Rain" was written for a nonfiction paper for English I had to write based off a memory I had. This is my memory when my family became a Gold Star Family. Than...
It Wasn't Just Another Recon Mission by SJMcColley
It Wasn't Just Another Recon S.J. McColley
A young sergeant, during the Iraqi War, who dreams of leading his own squad finally gets his chance to show his dedication to the cause, but when the simple recon missio...
The Great Magic of Baghdad by Leo_IsMySpiritAnimal
The Great Magic of Baghdadby Zephyr Alexander Greenfeld
This is the story of a young boy's life in Baghdad while studying under the great Middle Ages magician Michael Scot. While in Baghdad, Fletcher Ashdown has many adventur...
From Soldier's Rifle, To Dragon's Wings: Revelations (Book 3) by taro619
From Soldier's Rifle, To Dragon' Tristan Hungate
Betrayel, Death, Pain, Sorrow. Our live's have been both broken and built by these things. We no longer abide by the rules the military had lain out for us. It has been...
Ziggurat - The Real Agenda In Iraq by chrisdegs
Ziggurat - The Real Agenda In Iraqby chrisdegs
Journalist Joab Rackham, in Iraq to carry out an assignment, becomes involved with a team of scientists looking for ancient, advanced ET technology, All they have to go...
Phobia-Iraq-Love Trilogy Tale by pdrichmond
Phobia-Iraq-Love Trilogy Taleby pdrichmond
Welcome to a tale revealing an inspirational journey from beginnings of a mundane, dead-end existence to the political global hotspot of a country preparing for war agai...