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The Oceans King  (A jeverus story) by A_Human_I_Think
The Oceans King (A jeverus story)by A_human
Sventh year comes around, and Severus has had enough. He had enough of chasing after lily, enough of his dad, and just about everything else. He was done. So in came a c...
A special mother for Harry Potter  [Editing] by Azeneth2523
A special mother for Harry Azeneth2523
Sakura had lost everything that day, she knew it would be the last, she sensed it but she never thought it would be at the hands of the boy to whom she professed eternal...
A Change of Scenery by TheMuffinMan69
A Change of Sceneryby Cain
Harry and Cali Potter, first two children of James and Lily Potter, disappeared as young children. On a family trip to America, the abused kids decided enough was enough...
somehow by potterdead2307
somehowby potter lian
what if Lily was the traitor and Regulus would live? when he went to Sirius and explained everything? what when Regulus and sirius went to james and its true what happen...
ON HOLD ~Squib~ (a Harry Potter Fanfiction) by BlackHeart_1339
ON HOLD ~Squib~ (a Harry Potter BlackHeart
Albus Dumbledore made a huge mistake. He thought that Harry potter was a Squib and Alex Potter is the boy who lived when in reality it is the other way around. Lily pott...
ON HOLD ~Orphan~ (A Harry Potter Fanfiction) by BlackHeart_1339
ON HOLD ~Orphan~ (A Harry Potter BlackHeart
what if...... Harry had a twin who was wrongly proclaimed as the boy who lived?? Harry was dumped in a muggle orphanage by his parents?? read along to find more about ou...
Matilda Charlotte Zimmer by SadisticTruth
Matilda Charlotte Zimmerby Truth
Your eyes are like the sun, always sparkling. Your hair is like a waterfall, always flowing. Your lips are like a pillow, always wanting to be touched. Your body is like...
Child of the Founders by HarpreetKaur267812
Child of the Foundersby Queen_of_the_Shadows
What if Alina Potter is mistaken as the girl who lived? What if Hadrian Potter, the real boy who lived is forgotten? Neglected by his own parents? What if one day after...
Harry's Little sister( a Snily Fanfic) by Lovegood_3
Harry's Little sister( a Snily My_3ndl3ssP4in
Lily and Severus has gotten married before The incident and Voldemort had Killed off that James Potter. Lizzy and Hadrian Evans. Severus had Gotten rid of his Spouse na...
The Shades of Grey by aquaticfire
The Shades of Greyby Simply Weird
Hadrian, heir to the Potter and Black names, is sent to Azkaban at two years old by a maniac called Albus Dumbledore. At eleven, he receives two admission letters for wi...
Petunia's Secret Life by minions101567
Petunia's Secret Lifeby minions101567
Petunia is constantly being ignored by her parent, and it's her sister's fault. It's always "Lily this" and "Look at the letter Lily sent us!". Petu...
The Courting by lilibelle222
The Courtingby Isabella
Harry Potter is courted by none other than Rodolphus LeStrange after meeting at Harry's traditional courting party. (James and Lily are alive)
꧁☬ Princess ☬꧂ by MultiFandomizedHuman
꧁☬ Princess ☬꧂by 𝕊𝕥𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕒𝕖
People Would expect her life to be filled with fame, joy and whatever one would desire , but that was far from the truth . Celestia Potter- Riddle . . . yes Potter-Ridd...