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Texts | ✓ by once-upon-a-star
Texts | ✓by katie baer
A list of Texts.
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Funny Autocorrects and Texts by Goddess3
Funny Autocorrects and Textsby Gena
Here are some funny autocorrects I got online. I do not own them. Hope you like it!!!
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Christmas Countdown! by OdalRune314
Christmas Countdown!by Autocorrect
All the Holiday Season goodies for 2019! Hosted by all members of the Odalverse, including a very salty Autocorrect.
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Random Artbook thingy by C0PYCAT68
Random Artbook thingyby Copy
Just crap art I make, there's some art in my Jaden has a Stroke book mainly in Characters and the latest chapter. If you would like to check that out. I made another art...
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Demigods....... Texting? by Pinkhairycat
Demigods....... Texting?by Cat
Hey everybody, before we start I just want to let you know that I know demigods cannot have phones. Also these are just random texts I found on the internet.... All i d...
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Funny Texts by carlosbeeating
Funny Textsby carlos
Ever had a moment, where you were texting and you or you're friend made an autocorrect mistake, or just said something really funny? Well Then You Must Like To Laugh...
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TEXTS by Sadhali
It rocking the nation! It's a worldwide sensation! Roll up, roll up to view the world's funniest texts. Get in quick we have autocorrect fails, breakups and much, much m...
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Stupid autocorrect by Conmangoldfish
Stupid autocorrectby Conmangoldfish
For all dose ppls who hate autocorrect
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Hilarious Text Messages! by ImaginAryJaguar
Hilarious Text Messages!by Fangs and Sharp Claws
Just some funny text message mishaps you guys should see! Please vote, follow, and comment!! Thanks guys :) We're at 21.7k reads guys! Thanks so much!** **We're at 1K...
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Jokes And Riddles by BlazyGirl786
Jokes And Riddlesby Naira
Wanna have a laugh? Just read this book! Full of hilarious, funny jokes, riddles, puns and lots more!! Well, what are you waiting for? Start reading! I do not own most o...
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✿ text fails ✿ by cutiebuffay
✿ text fails ✿by lolly 🦋
text messages gone wrong ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) © Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved. cutiebuffay (used to be @blurry-face)
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Don't Read This by thoughtsiimagine
Don't Read Thisby D.P.G
Welcome to the most random book you have possibly ever read. You're welcome here. I mean seriously read the title. And my crappy cover. The title is more of a warning ab...
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Funny Jokes, Autocorrects... by wild1199
Funny Jokes, Rebecca
A bunch of words that's corrected by auto correct.
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Guinea pig by Owo_arts_owo
Guinea pigby Owo_arts_owo
this is a story about a story. Addy and L
funny text messages | random ✓ by -eliptaecal
funny text messages | random ✓by ❨ s u r r e a l ❩
Random text messages with errors or jokes. This will also contain jokes and funny conversations. Maybe some roasts too. ☢Under construction☢ Highest Rank: #21
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Autocorrect got me like by kiribakubean
Autocorrect got me likeby ketchup
I create stories using predictive text Very weird Short stories
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when autocorrect decides to join the chat by foreverstar47
when autocorrect decides to join foreverstar47
types of chats and texts when funny or weird auto correct decides to join and mess it up. Which one was your favorite? have fun!
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101 Unholy Autocorrects by AngelRunner
101 Unholy Autocorrectsby ~>Your Average Potato<~
| SEQUEL TO 101 HILARIOUS MOVIE CLICHES | Have you ever had one of those moments where your technology bluffs and AI suddenly stands for Artificial Idiot? Don't even den...
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Autocorrected by 1358potatoes
Autocorrectedby 1358potatoes
This book is just words made from autocorrect. So if you are wondering why it doesn't make much sense that is why. Anyway comment if you enjoy ore have any improvements!
Do you hate autocorrect? Say no more.
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