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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Stories by May5696
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Storiesby Fantasy Queen
Just a compilation of romantic little stories for my favorite characters from Scarlet and Violet! Seriously, this game has quite a few great characters, plus it's so muc...
Estelle by alisha_1208
Estelleby alisha_1208
Jane Estelle is running from the life she didn't want. Her father exposed her and her mother to the dangers of the mafia. Now, a terrifying man named Accelius Vallorani...
Second Chance  by bibliophiletea
Second Chance by aninomous
Jackson and April are best friends since they started their medical internship. Soon, they fell in love and got married. Because of their differences they decided to get...
Yu-Gi-Oh! G(alaxy)X by RideAWhiteHorse
Yu-Gi-Oh! G(alaxy)Xby Ride A White Horse
Hikari Yuta has always been able to see the spirits of the cards. From time to time, he would be playing in the backyard of his house with the "imaginary friends&qu...
Not just the future (Jim Crocodile Cook x reader) by celestebindley
Not just the future (Jim Clearsight_Griffin
Y/n is a Slifer red student with a passion for dueling, being the toughest person in the academy and standing up for others. But when a certain person comes into the pic...
Greys Anatomy Imagines by tinfoilhat1786
Greys Anatomy Imaginesby Sophia <3
just some imagines for your favs!
Control • Benny Weir [1] (#wattys2016) by xpixidustx
Control • Benny Weir [1] ( Meg.
Grace Morgan never expected to become an orphan. She also never expected to be taken in by her aunt and uncle. Or that she'd fall for her best friend once strange things...
Sick Days w/ Atticus Finch by loserrr7
Sick Days w/ Atticus Finchby Loserrr
A fanfic about Atticus Finch because Gregory Peck is gorgeous and me and friends think Atticus is a DILF
Age Of Ambrose by wwemaddy
Age Of Ambroseby redwing
"He's so tall and handsome as hell." She said. "Yeah he's sure something." Well I can't deny it he was tall and pretty damn handsome. But I can't hav...
Fighting to be his by jessie-jane95
Fighting to be hisby jessie-jane95
Allie is a were-cat and has just come of mating age. Being a rare species every alpha wants her. She runs into the town of Whitechappel where she finds her mate but he i...
Holly by alisha_1208
Hollyby alisha_1208
This is the second book from Atticus! ••••••••••••••• If you lost the ability to do what you loved the most, what would you do? Give up? Keep trying? Every time Holly tr...
Atticus x reader (little lunch) by Thehornybicycle
Atticus x reader (little lunch)by ⋆✧avery✧⋆
'you know Atticus LIKES you, right?' Tamara said with a grin on her face
My Second Love (Atticus Finch x Reader) by Olivia200312
My Second Love (Atticus Finch x Olivia200312
Y/N L/N is Atticus' wife's best friend. She moves into Maycomb and there she meets Atticus for the first time and his children. She meets also others. Y/N is an author a...
Cherry Meets Peter Pan by PerkyGoth14
Cherry Meets Peter Panby PerkyGoth14
Cherry invites Atticus to come meet her cousins Wendy, John, and Michael as her aunt and uncle are away for the evening. During the night, Cherry and Atticus are struggl...
Cherry Meets the Teen Titans by PerkyGoth14
Cherry Meets the Teen Titansby PerkyGoth14
summary: Cherry and Atticus and more are rewarded from a contest to meet the legendary Teen Titans. However, on the way, they must report to Tokyo to stop a mythical fig...
Anything But Toxic (Atticus x Reader) by AdorableDragon07
Anything But Toxic (Atticus x ✨JustKrystal✨
FOR THE RECORD, THIS IS NOT A MEANT TO BE A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP. 'Tis just about poison types, and a wonderful ninja boy. This one will probably be written even more poor...
Cherry's Adventures of Rover Dangerfield by PerkyGoth14
Cherry's Adventures of Rover PerkyGoth14
Darla invites Cherry, Atticus, Patch, and Mo to meet her Aunt Connie in Las Vegas who invites them to come visit in time for her birthday and to meet her pet dog who is...
Cherry and Atticus are Finding Nemo by PerkyGoth14
Cherry and Atticus are Finding Nemoby PerkyGoth14
Cherry, Atticus, and the others are given an assignment to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to have an adventure under the sea just as Atticus turns his new cousin Pe...
To The Girl Who Dreamed | H. POTTER by -outlaws
To The Girl Who Dreamed | H. POTTERby dead poet
"IN HER KISS I TASTE THE REVOLUTION." (the deathly hallows) book two
Atticus Mitchell Imagines by DrewJames9
Atticus Mitchell Imaginesby Foxy Tatty
Why? Because his other characters don't get enough light. Do you even know Shinky or Carlos or Pip? Or do you only know Benny? This is going to be an imagines/one shot...