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Bodyguard | Jeong Yunho by linowoo
Bodyguard | Jeong Yunhoby temporarily closed
"I don't need a bodyguard, please give me a chance," you yelled at him. "I'm worried about you Y/N so please don't argue with me." You sighed as the...
Ice Hearts || ATEEZ ✔️ by thedouble_a
Ice Hearts || ATEEZ ✔️by ϲɑեϲհíղցƒíɾҽ
Y/n was just an ordinary teenage girl, with loving parents and no worries but her life took a turn and she lost everything she treasured. Ateez, one of the strongest gan...
Bartender || Ateez P.SH ✓ by simply_a_fan
Bartender || Ateez P.SH ✓by someone
park seonghwa is an ordinary student, working at a bar for extra cash. one day, he sees jihae walking in, really, really depressed. jeon jihae is famous around the campu...
NOONA || ATEEZ ✔️ by thedouble_a
NOONA || ATEEZ ✔️by ϲɑեϲհíղցƒíɾҽ
Draмa, Тearѕ, Love & a вυncн oғ Dorĸѕ "I have a WHAT?!" - Choi Jongho. "Don't worry! We'll overcome the rough wave together." - Jung Y...
Attraction  |  Ateez by yunjoon
Attraction | Ateezby yunjoon
When mental institution nurse Young Hyejin suddenly disappears and convicted serial killer Choi San, a patient on the ward Hyejin works in goes missing, it is up to Hyej...
Falling in love with your maid {Yungi} by princessminkyisreal
Falling in love with your maid { Gemini
"Yunho got me pregnant" "Omg" "I can't stay here the bump is getting too visible" "I understand Mingi we'll support you and our grandc...
little woo young | Oneshots  by wooyoungspjs
little woo young | Oneshots by GAYTEEZ
This is an ateez story of just woo young being a little and rest of the members being caregivers since I never see any of these so I'm a make one Made - 8th May 2021 End...
Revolution - Ateez AU ✔ by skzenie
Revolution - Ateez AU ✔by Chloe🌻
In the year 2040 America has claimed the world and proudly flies it flag on every continent. It claims to be a perfect and safe diverse society with no limit to its succ...
Ateez imagines! by jeeties_atiny
Ateez imagines!by .。*.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。*
~ no smut (only suggestive scenes) ~ usually gender neutral reader :) ~ requests closed until July ~ hope you enjoy 💓
Pirates of the Sky by Ateezs_Angel
Pirates of the Skyby Angel
His hair was red like burning flames, bright and vibrant with a fuego vermillion hue. His face was manly yet delicate in a way which his prominent features were so defin...
DESTINED. wsn ✓by nat.
"perhaps if we see each other again then i'll be convinced we're destined" highest rankings: #10 in woosan (210418) 1k on 210418! 10k on 210811! 20k on 220121...
You Need To Calm Down| Ateez Group Chat Crackfic by wonyunhak
You Need To Calm Down| Ateez hehetsimp
▪️Gc for serious stuff we need to discuss for work▪️ A chatroom where everything but work is the main topic. _________________________________________ An Ateez group ch...
Yungi Oneshots by princessminkyisreal
Yungi Oneshotsby Gemini
Just Yungi oneshots I randomly thought of😂 Yungi= Yunho X Mingi
pragma || k.h.j. || soulmate AU [DISCONTINUED] by lemonsarelemony
pragma || k.h.j. || soulmate AU [ lemon
meeting your soulmate before turning 25 is necessary or the person dies. y/n knows the name of her soulmate: kim hongjoong, and she is 24. [lowercase intended]
"It's Weird But Cute Too"    {Woosan} by sumi_ka_
"It's Weird But Cute Too" { 🌊 𝚜𝚞𝚖𝚒 🌊
Wooyoung was a high school student and he had some friends. One day a new student came at school and everyone was interested in him but Wooyoung didn't care so much. A l...
My Brothers Bestfriend// J.WY  ✔ by woossimp
My Brothers Bestfriend// J.WY ✔by meda.
A story in which Y/n falls for her older brother's bestfriend. What will happen between them? Started: 3/16/19 Completed: 3/14/20 Rankings: #1 In AteezYeosang 9/30/19 #1...
illusion ; ateez by Pistxchios
illusion ; ateezby chi
are these all illusions? or are they real? - a collection of one shots of ateez members
when it blooms | yunsan by bangyoume
when it blooms | yunsanby Haru 🌸
Jeong Yunho doesn't believe in love at first sight...that is, until he meets Choi San. (yeah, wbk) Or; Yunho learns that thunders are excuses to cuddle with San. Flowerf...
My Bestfriend, My Soulmate (Seongjoong) by Thejaydenrose
My Bestfriend, My Soulmate ( Jayden
Seonghwa, Wooyoung and Hongjoong have been best friends for years. They all three are going to the same university where they'll inevitably make new friends, find new lo...
Lost Soul ☯︎︎ (ATEEZ AU) Yunho x Reader by kpoplilpotato
Lost Soul ☯︎︎ (ATEEZ AU) Yunho x kpoplilpotato
GENRE: fantasy+pirate au; romance; mystery; adventure; action; angst; gore; mythology - - This series will be really long. To specify, there will be 60+ chapters. If you...