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The Youngest Crock Sister by BrezieUnicornFluff
The Youngest Crock Sisterby BrezieUnicornFluff
What if Jade wasn't Artemis' only sister. Meet 13-year-old Eden Crock the youngest Crock sister, follow her journey in the world of hero and villains. Following season...
Can you feel my heart? by eedahhtea
Can you feel my heart?by Eedahtea💕
COMPLETED ✅ A girl who doesn't feel any emotion at all. She cannot cry, she cannot smile,she cannot laugh,she doesn't know what happiness is,she doesn't know what sadn...
SPONTAN - DANIELby The Imagination Crew
Ilham spontan tercetus. Hanya 1 chapter sahaja. Kalau ada kerajinan bolehlah sambung ber-chapter chapter. Inspektor Daniel terjaga dari mimpi yang bertandang dari celah...
My life story by mimigerrie
My life storyby mimigerrie
This story was written with true facts about a girl named makayla gerrie well as u know that girl is me
Bond by Teemah_nina
Bondby Fatima Abdulkarim
" A relationship is based on trust,but if the trust crumbles the relationship crumbles as well", Asma remembered the words of her late mother Mama Safiyya Me...