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Rise of the Falcons by tudorstories
Rise of the Falconsby tudorstories
What if Anne Boleyn had given birth to not one, but two sons?
Ashes of the Past by Persephone_Levente
Ashes of the Pastby Persephone
The events of the past burn away the moment her blood hits the floor. The King's love burns for another. Her heart bleeds as she watches him slip away. Forged evidence a...
The Second Chance of Anne by CorneliaStreet5
The Second Chance of Anneby IStyles
Historical Series #1 ----- Anne Boleyn is the second wife of King Henry VIII of England. She was accused of treason, incest, witchcraft and adultery which leads to her...
Six react to Six the Musical! by unbestiewriter
Six react to Six the Musical!by joe mama
I love this musical, so here! Have this thing #1 in the SIX tag!
The Crossover of The Borgia's and The Tudors When Pope Alexander hears the news about King Henry beheading his wife and second Queen Anne Boleyn on charges of Adultery a...
My Lord Husband,The Enemy by ladyhistory1
My Lord Husband,The Enemyby Esme
People protest against the execution of Queen Anne Boleyn and King Henry has to find another way to get rid of her. He decides to marry her to the brother of his new lad...
The Rose, The Falcon, and The Pearl by LadyHannahMuir
The Rose, The Falcon, and The Pearlby LadyHannahMuir
Lady Mary Tudor has agreed to sign the Oath of Supremacy claiming herself to be illegitimate. King Henry welcomes Mary back to court where she is to pay her respects to...
Six: a smut story pt 2 by fuckboycamrennn
Six: a smut story pt 2by #janetops
you all know the deal, parrlyn this time! cover not my art.
Damon & Anne: A Love Story Never Told by HufflepuffBlonde
Damon & Anne: A Love Story Never HufflepuffBlonde
TVD/Tudors cross-over.this is the story of Damon Salvatore and Anne Boleyn (Natalie Dormer's portrayal) . how they met and fell in love.But how is Katherine involved in...
Six: a smut story by fuckboycamrennn
Six: a smut storyby #janetops
Title gives it all, cover is not my art!
Six Reborn by 5678DG2
Six Rebornby INDEFINITE HIATUS (sophia)
The queens of SiX are given a chance at a second life. The kids show up, and some other stuff happens.
The Third Boleyn Girl by E1iza365
The Third Boleyn Girlby Ellie Paige Harrison
What would become of the Boleyn sisters if there was another? Would Anne suffer the same fate? Would Mary have been cast aside? ...
The Protege: Anne Boleyn by LovaticNae
The Protege: Anne Boleynby KhaleesiNae
Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby and mother of Henry VII decides she does not want her grandson ,Arthur, Prince of Wales to follow after his father to t...
the king's favourite daughter by Mikaelsonlady-
the king's favourite daughterby 🍁sofiaboleyn
what if Janne seymour not die in childbirth? Then she has a secondchild who turns out to be a girl, but anne boleyn is born again in that girl.
Why? | 𝔖𝔦𝔵 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔪𝔲𝔰𝔦𝔠𝔞𝔩 | Completed by JaneSuddenlySeymour
Why? | 𝔖𝔦𝔵 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔪𝔲𝔰𝔦𝔠𝔞� 🦇| 𝖏𝖆𝖓𝖊
Six the musical AU Seymour x Aragon Parr x Boleyn ~Best Rankings~ 1st - #sixthemusical 1st - #six
Six the Musical One Shots by TheBiggestBoLoser
Six the Musical One Shotsby The Biggest BoLoser
Six The Cumsical by UnchartedRaider8
Six The Cumsicalby Uncharted Raider
They fuck. They just fuck. Like...There is some cumflation in here.
The Third Tudor Princess by TooWeakToSeekIt
The Third Tudor Princessby TooWeakToSeekIt
Anne Boleyn is saved from the sword by a last-minute discovery: She is with child. Her brother and the four others accused with her are not so lucky. King Henry grants...
Reunited  by emmafangirl
Reunited by Emma
That's right. I'm six trash. This is what I'm dedicating myself to now. So in this it's Mary aged 17, Elizabeth aged 15, Edward aged 13 and Parr's daughter Mary aka Mae...
The Forgotten Queen by TudorTies
The Forgotten Queenby TudorTies
Mourning his late wife, the heartbroken Henry VIII has secluded himself from the court. Maidens across the land are vying for his attention but none can distract him fr...