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The Mistress of King Henry VIII by RavenclawQueenx
The Mistress of King Henry VIIIby Kyana Lopez
Victoria Cambridge, the daughter of the Duke of Cambridge was brought to Hampton Court to distract the King from another miscarriage from his wife Catherine. What she di...
The Italian Rose  by isaleybelle
The Italian Rose by Isaley
You know how a story ends but you don't know how it starts, to get to the core of the story you have to go back to the beginning. After the death of Anne Boleyn, Lucre...
Can't Pretend // TSP by tudorskiss
Can't Pretend // TSPby tudorskiss
Isabella of Castile is the daughter of the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Her sister is Catherine of Aragon. She is told to help her sister to settle into England. B...
''We Rule Us'' | SiX: The Musical by sorrywho-
''We Rule Us'' | SiX: The Musicalby sorrywho-
•This is a story of the queens who once ruled England, reincarnated, and now in the 21st century clueless and might make chaos sooner, the tudor kids will also be here :...
Six the musical one shots by Turtleeeeeeeeeee
Six the musical one shotsby Turtle
This six the musical one shots... this is my first book. Also the amount of times I wrote shits instead of shots shouldn't be allowed.
Who I Want To Be (Parrlyn) by fastfighter321
Who I Want To Be (Parrlyn)by Six Trash
Anne Boleyn and Catherine Parr didn't really get along that well, but Catherine was worried. Anne was becoming more secluded, and she just wanted to see if she was alrig...
More Six One shots by Turtleeeeeeeeeee
More Six One shotsby Turtle
I reached the limit on the last one.... ENJOY!
PAWN | THE TUDORS by eterncl
In which It has been seven years since the coronation of Queen Catherine of France with much changing along with her and her daughter becoming pawns in a mans game SEQUE...
Six react to Six the Musical! by xXArtsyWriterXx
Six react to Six the Musical!by Alien
I love this musical, so here! Have this thing #1 in the SIX tag!
In which the death of Joan of Hungary sends Cathy on a ship back to England to become a ward of the Royal family and she is thrown into chaos. She tries her hardest not...
Six: a smut story by fuckboycamrennn
Six: a smut storyby #janetops
Title gives it all, cover is not my art!
Six The Musical Oneshots by Haus_Of_Howard
Six The Musical Oneshotsby Haus_Of_Howard
i had plans to make an actual Six fanfiction book, but I had lots of random ideas and couldn't think of an actual plot. So I decided to make a oneshot book where I can w...
The Original Six Wives React to Six: The Musical by MultiFandomMess1415
The Original Six Wives React to Multi Fandom Mess
Six long deaseased queens are brought to a magical theatre to see musical about their lives.
Seven & Six The Musical Oneshots by queermusicalgleek
Seven & Six The Musical Oneshotsby 👻QueerNerd🌈
Just some fun lil oneshots featuring Seven and the Six Queens. Not all will necessarily be romance. In regard to the Seven stories, they are made purely for entertainmen...
The Fifth Wife by LovingMusicalTheatre
The Fifth Wifeby LovingMusicalTheatre
Story about the SIX queens being reincarnated in the modern world. (Covid-19 doesn't exist) Trigger Warnings Include : Mentions of rape, mentions of sex, panic attacks...
Six The Musical Memes by TooManyErrors_19
Six The Musical Memesby _
literally just memes and incorrect quotes
We're One of a Kind || A 'SiX Watches SiX the Musical' Fanfiction by FIORITE
We're One of a Kind || A 'SiX Ellie
Catherine of Aragon was upset. No, she was furious. She had been divorced by her husband, the King of England himself. All because a young woman, her own lady in waiting...
Maybe? by JasperIsWatchYou
Maybe?by JasperIsWatchYou
A Mordern Six The Musical AU. Catherine Parr is your ordinary person,a few friends,in high school etc. but when a new student comes along, Parr needs to find herself.
Six The Musical One Shots by legacies_lover
Six The Musical One Shotsby
Queens and cast of Six The Musical One shots Requests are open