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The Concierge by mathieulecaca
The Conciergeby mathieulecaca
Dead bodies of student are found every week on the bathroom floor in the Merdic School. But even after a lot of effort no one can find who is this serial killer. Is it o...
It's a one shot on their love, all rights reserved bc I'm not talking about the environment of the wizarding world, just the love. I am not making money on this story. 1...
Language Study Group by Henvincible
Language Study Groupby Rose Esor
Anyone can join. We will host any language if we have someone who is proficient in it.
Sad little girl by May-bE-T
Sad little girlby May 🐝 T
Poems, quotes and thoughts. /!\ all of these are wrote by me /!\ English & French If you even read this, thank you <3 I'll try to update as often as I can but some...
A crime scene by BobbyLeKiwiMagique
A crime sceneby Bobby Le Kiwi Magique
There is a corpse on the floor. A man is dead !!! It was Bob Mustache. It's midnight.
Citations / Quotes (Fr / Eng) by MultiVerseEnForce
Citations / Quotes (Fr / Eng)by MVEF - Francia
Le titre! / The title! De moi / By me
Random by Spectrical
Randomby Spectrical
You read to know, too bored for this. You don't like then stop trying to read and go find a better story than this prototype. Vous lisez pour savoir, trop fatigué pour ç...
When We Die, Where Do You Go ?  by lebaldesfous
When We Die, Where Do You Go ? by lebaldesfous
french and english text on billie eilish.
Lemons by ITalkYouTalk
Lemonsby I Talk You Talk Press
A short story for learners of English (EFL). 英語学習者向けのショート・ストーリーです。 Rowan is excited about her date with her new boyfriend. But just before the date she realizes she has...
•My Artbook• by estherezan
•My Artbook•by 𝒌𝒖𝒓𝒐𝒎𝒊-♡︎
Salut ! Tous les dessins sont faits par moi bien sûr je m'inspire souvent de Pinterest désolé je n'ai pas le nom de tout les artistes :") ( je mettrai simplement...
Can you understand ? by Squarte
Can you understand ?by ~SingleLikeAPringle~
Ok I don't have perfect English and I'm sorry for the futur mistakes but you can help and corrects my texts ! This book is not a story. It's just to improve my English b...
Apprendre l'anglais  by deangdong
Apprendre l'anglais by Bobbyllionaire
J'écris des leçons pour aider mieux en anglais et des exercices pour confirmer que vous avez compris @PorckyPigs pour toi mon brocolis mdr
between my thoughts  by galeriesartistiques
between my thoughts by ★
between my thighs @galeriesartistiques - septembre 2022
The black sun knows, the white moon sees.  by KiritoK67
The black sun knows, the white ColdSun
Un petit poème en anglais ^^ bonne lecture à tous! Le premier d'une longue liste j'espère! Si vous voulez la traduction, dites le moi!
Short stories - histoires courtes by _RoxNe_
Short stories - histoires courtesby Roxane Michel-Lanes
Here, I'm going to write short stories, which you may call novels. Each story will be translated in French, so there will be two versions ! There will be multiple sorts...
The Originals : citations (Fr/Eng) by Mal-Mal-Mal
The Originals : citations (Fr/Eng)by ◌ Mal où ¿? ◌
/!\ Spoilers (I guess) Traduction française :) 1- Tu es fan des Originels 2- Tu as la flemme de te refaire toute la série pour retrouver les meilleurs moments. 3- T...
Maybe by Guacamole_Addict
Maybeby Une_Âme_Libre
Juste un petit poème (en anglais!) que j'ai écrit à un moment donné! Je le trouve joli, parce qu'il veut dire quelque chose pour moi, mais peut-être qu'il ne veut vraime...
P H O T O S -AND- S T U F F by William-Carthe
P H O T O S -AND- S T U F Fby William-Carthe
What's happiness when you have darkness in your life ? Too much for ignore a such sweetness. If your existence is a nightmare, just smile at the monsters and keep going...