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Sad little girl by May-bE-T
Sad little girlby May 🐝 T
Poems, quotes and thoughts. /!\ all of these are wrote by me /!\ English & French If you even read this, thank you <3 I'll try to update as often as I can but some...
[ENG] Prelude | Noara: The Last Moon by LandsOfNoara
[ENG] Prelude | Noara: The Last Lands Of Noara
The Kragh's clan are in an excited state, as the new generation of talented youngsters prepare to take the dreaded tests of the Asters' ritual. While they excel in their...
My english thoughts by Mystery-Mistakes
My english thoughtsby Mystery-Mistakes
Sometimes i think in english and the wattpadian that i am write all the things which pass through my mind. I try something new througout some poems which belong to me 1...
•My Artbook• by estherezan
•My Artbook•by 𝒌𝒖𝒓𝒐𝒎𝒊-♡︎
Salut ! Tous les dessins sont faits par moi bien sûr je m'inspire souvent de Pinterest désolé je n'ai pas le nom de tout les artistes :") ( je mettrai simplement...
It's a one shot on their love, all rights reserved bc I'm not talking about the environment of the wizarding world, just the love. I am not making money on this story. 1...
LOVER IS A DAY ! park sunghoon by dollyaeon
LOVER IS A DAY ! park sunghoonby 로미 !
☆ childhood and ice skating
A crime scene by BobbyLeKiwiMagique
A crime sceneby Bobby Le Kiwi Magique
There is a corpse on the floor. A man is dead !!! It was Bob Mustache. It's midnight.
Language Study Group by Henvincible
Language Study Groupby Rose Esor
Anyone can join. We will host any language if we have someone who is proficient in it.
Random by Spectrical
Randomby Spectrical
You read to know, too bored for this. You don't like then stop trying to read and go find a better story than this prototype. Vous lisez pour savoir, trop fatigué pour ç...
When We Die, Where Do You Go ?  by lebaldesfous
When We Die, Where Do You Go ? by lebaldesfous
french and english text on billie eilish.
tears by un-deux-trois-soleil
tearsby pløuf
baby, don't cry for me. ~ english story ~ | juin deux mille dix neuf |
Get out of your comfort zone  by greetmar_b5
Get out of your comfort zone by Greetmar_b5
Marie is 17 and spending her summer break in France with her family. It was like that since she was little. She's spent two months out here where there's not much to do...
Chronique : Personne comme toi  by Tothemoonandbaack
Chronique : Personne comme toi by The Moonlight
To the moon and back ❤️ - Chronique réelle
A Surprise Birthday Party by ITalkYouTalk
A Surprise Birthday Partyby I Talk You Talk Press
A short story for learners of English (EFL). 英語学習者向けのショート・ストーリーです。 Ted plans a surprise birthday party for his new girlfriend. But is it a good idea?
The Possession Generation [TERMINE] by cha_bdt
The Possession Generation [TERMINE]by 𝐜𝐡𝐚_𝐛𝐝𝐭
Projet de spé LLCE = rédiger une nouvelle type Gothic en Anglais Ver. FR & EN ! il peut potentiellement il y avoir des fautes d'orthographe aussi bien en anglais qu'en f...
precious by christ0ine
preciousby lee.
we all go through some stuff... and sometimes, one person left, and we feel like a part of us left too. (en anglais) OS
A Frenchie girl tries to speak english by DohParcequeDoh
A Frenchie girl tries to speak DohParcequeDoh
This is what my life looks like. Well, not very interesting I know. There are lots of books with people talking about their life, and I was thinking : "you know wh...
Eugenie Stemson by elisachabot123
Eugenie Stemsonby elisachabot123
bonjour ! à travers ces lignes, vous entrerez dans l'univers du dix-neuvième siècle au sein du domaine de Pembearly dans le Yorkshire, en Angleterre et suivrez le perso...