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The Initiate by sm1l3rz
The Initiateby sm1l3rz
Ari Pedrad, She's one of the most known family in Dauntless. She's brave sassy strong. She is no coward, that's for sure. I don't own divergent. Just my OC
The Other Eaton by FictionalFandomFreak
The Other Eatonby Becca Q Winchester
The day for the Choosing Ceremony has finally come, but what will it have in store for Tobias and his twin sister? Pre-Tris. All characters (apart from Catarina) belong...
Smile Like You Mean It by HazbinOwlHouse
Smile Like You Mean Itby Isabelle
Y/N, born and raised in Candor, now finds herself in a new faction where everything is not as it seems. Divergent isn't an easy thing to be, and it's even harder when yo...
Becoming Brave (a Divergent fanfic) by tjoftheshire
Becoming Brave (a Divergent fanfic)by tilly jordan
when tris transfers to a combat school called dauntless high she meets senior 4 and it changes everything!!!!
DIVERGENT: a fanfic by BreeEidet
DIVERGENT: a fanficby BreeEidet
Matthew had just moved to Chicago when her parents were offered a job. This was much different than what she was used to. She never even knew things such as faction exis...
*DISCONTINUED* Dauntless or Divergent? [Larry AU] by Emberdust12
*DISCONTINUED* Dauntless or Emberdust12
Amity. They're supposed to be peaceful. In the Aptitude test, Amity results are usually Abnegation or Erudite, and sometimes it even tells them to stay with their own fa...
divergent fan fic by im_my__own
divergent fan ficby adieee
[this is for an Instagram contest, please please please leave comments and let me know what you think!] i was roughed up in dauntless; always taught to fight for what i...
Brave (Divergent & L.T. FanFiction) by CookieSyd1D
Brave (Divergent & L.T. FanFiction)by Sydner
Abnegation. Erudite. Candor. Dauntless. Amity. Our faction names. Each has a different quality they look down on, and one they all posses. Abnegation: looks down on self...
Ineme by Meluna_Maverik
Inemeby Meluna_Maverik
(In-nem-aye) Set after the happenings of Allegiant. Spoilers. Tris is dead, But the broken world remains. Ineme. That's the only name she remembers. As she sees the...