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attack on haikyuu!!! (Aot x Haikyuu mashup) by Keepcalm7003
attack on haikyuu!!! (Aot x Haikyu...by Keepcalm7003
it was another day in the haikyuu dimension. well it WAS normal, until there was a huge CRASH in the storage room of the volleyball gym... "where are the Titans?!&q...
Eren Jaeger x (Y/N) Arlert X Levi Ackerman by Hypnogirl23
Eren Jaeger x (Y/N) Arlert X Levi...by katelynn
you are armin's older sister and you are almost as good as Levi. You and Eren go way back, but when the titans attack,you are separated from your brother and friends. yo...
"Please stay."•Sick ErenxReader• by TheHero_TheAvenger
"Please stay."•Sick ErenxReader•by Hello
Eren gets sick after a rainy expedition and you are ask to take care of him. What will happen? Disclaimer: I do not own Attack on Titan!
A Pair of Dandelions by Zerolr
A Pair of Dandelionsby Zerolr
[FANFICTION] Dandy’s are weeds, but they’re flowers too… A Levi/Mikasa drabble.
Pain and Loss [Levi x Reader] by Tyeths
Pain and Loss [Levi x Reader]by Tyeths
This wasn't quite what you planned to do with your life, but after the fall of Wall Maria you couldn't help yourself. Joining the Survey Corps was already hard enough, b...
The Crying Titan  by GayHobbit
The Crying Titan by hayden
⚠ WARNING ⚠ Im publishing this now But I am currently writing the chapters and I will post them when I have finished writing the whole story because I find it easier to...
u mad mikasa? by Blue-Exorcist-lover
u mad mikasa?by ♦Sarcastically Happy♦
This is based on attack on titan. Mikasa x levi akerman Mikasa ackerman is a very skilled scout. But, she is trying to survive the horrors of risking her life for everyo...
Fix you by _Sailor_Marss
Fix youby Rei
"Levi yo-" "I know just tell me why you do this" "I don't know" "it's ok I will fix you" rei has lived her life in fear of this g...
Promises and Such by galaxyminded
Promises and Suchby Miu
Eren is valuable because of his shifting powers. But people tend to forget, he is still human. He has things he wants to protect. When that is taken away from him, he ca...
Historia Reactsts to Ships by Historia_Reiss_xox
Historia Reactsts to Shipsby Historia_Reiss_xox
I reacts to nemorous ships giving my full, honest opinion on them!
Locos - Eren/Levi by HIM4CHIN3
Locos - Eren/Leviby ☄ Sai ☄
dibujos con temática de humor con fines de entretener y no hacer mas grande este ship a canon :v NO soy fujoshi NO los shipeo Twitter / Créditos a si autor @kaori271001
Chlorine and kisses by sasha_wuvs_potatos
Chlorine and kissesby Broom_Senpai
You lived with your two friends Riener, and Bertoldt, along with your twin sister and your young cousins. Your parents had passed away along with your aunt and uncle, t...
A New Smile by animebae13
A New Smileby TatiOtaku
This is a regular levi x reader. You to were frienimes and start to grow a thing for each other. Sorry I'm bad with description. Lol
[ Fanfiction ] (Tạm ngưng) Ký túc xá  bẩn bựa TC - Mở đầu cho một huyền thoại by Ane_Natsuhiko
[ Fanfiction ] (Tạm ngưng) Ký túc...by Rei
- Mày ơi...tại sao ký túc của chúng ta lại tên là "Ký túc xá bẩn bựa TC" nhể? - Biết thế đếch nào được! - À à....mà có đứa nào thắc mắc TC là con lợn gặm t...
Mikasa X Annie by nomnom965
Mikasa X Annieby nomnom965
So basically me and a friend were bored and decided to make this fan fic It's a lesbian story featuring Annie and mikasa they have secrets (and BIG ones may I add) rea...
We'll Make It Work (Ereri) (On Hold) by Kenzie_Magoon
We'll Make It Work (Ereri) (On Hol...by Kenzie_Magoon
Eren Jaeger is youre regular teen. But what happens when he starts attending Rose High and realise he has a thing for the hot French teacher, Mr. Akerman? And once they...
Levi x Reader by anime_lover300
Levi x Readerby anime_lover300
I do not own any of the AOT/SNK characters This is also my first fan fiction so don't hate plz Reader-chan I hope you enjoy my story~❤️
Attack on titan lemons and fluff by I_Am_A_CerealKiller
Attack on titan lemons and fluffby America Sans Brick wall
LEMONS! dont say i didnt warn you! i might decide to continue some of the stories after i write the oneshots, and if i do, ittle be with another book. i take pairing r...