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Falling Down (Levi and Mikasa) by cmmacomber
Falling Down (Levi and Mikasa)by cmmacomber
after a bet between mikasa and her friends in the survey corps it starts as revenge but she unwillingly develops feelings for Captain Levi.
Don't Be An Idiot Ackerman(LevixMikasa) by Gnome96
Don't Be An Idiot Ackerman(LevixMi...by Naomi
Authors note: Yes, yes, I realize that technically in the series Levi is in his thirties and Mikasa is not, but for this stories sake he is in his late twenties and she...
The One by 1_HaveHope_1
The Oneby _NotTheOnlyOne_
Levi was a thug in the Underground. The Strongest ever to live in the Underground. He was known for his service as a hitman. He made illegals deals and gladly murdere...
That's What Makes You, You by Ernqi12leong
That's What Makes You, Youby Aery
Mikasa has always been the one beside Eren, devoting her life to protect him. What if one day, he switched Mikasa, for the lovely Krista Lenz instead? Mikasa tries to im...
Hate at First Sight, Love at First Fight by AngelixArtiz
Hate at First Sight, Love at First...by ☔︎𝕬n͜͡ᵍꫀ꒒𖨆✍︎
*After knowing Levi more, would Mikasa still build up that rage on him or will that rage slowly fade away and make his way through her heart?* After Lance Corporal Levi...
Living Together by Zerolr
Living Togetherby Zerolr
[FANFICTION] Modern AU. A fire left Mikasa homeless, through a chance meeting, she ended up living in the Levi's house. Up to this point she's felt out of place and purp...
Rivamika Fanfic Contains Some Lemon /smut by bee2029
Rivamika Fanfic Contains Some Lemo...by bee2029
My favorite new anime is aot en the two peo I ship the most is captain levi and mikasa I know there related or something but I just can't help it btw this is my first ti...
The Corporal's Crush by Jeon_Tzuyuu
The Corporal's Crushby Tzuyu
Levi Ackerman, humanity's strongest soldier maybe cold and emotionless. But he also has a crush. A black haired raven girl who's always wearing a red scarf and always by...
I've Had Enough (Attack on Titan - Mikasa) by kimochinut
I've Had Enough (Attack on Titan...by nana
"I will never trust you ever again." What happens when the man you trust and love the most betrays you? And the last thing you see before dying is his stoic an...
An Unexpected Relationship  by Dani_Aot
An Unexpected Relationship by Dani
The story begins with a mission beyond the walls. Mikasa was stuck in the same group as Levi, which wasn't ideal for her. Mikasa ends up getting badly injured during the...
[✓] A Little More Than Allies ➣ rivamika by lunardaisies
[✓] A Little More Than Allies ➣ ri...by 𝓂𝑒𝑔𝒶𝓃 🌛
After meeting to train at night, will humanity's strongest soldiers learn to become a little more than allies? ▸ *Mikasa is going to be older (around 18 or 19) in this s...
Forbidden Love (Attack on Titan Yandere Novel) by ackermanstsundere
Forbidden Love (Attack on Titan Ya...by Ackerman's Tsundere
This is a novel when Mikasa found Levi and wanted to make sure no one would fall in love with him, but her. Warning! This story is not suitable for anyone who would feel...
Shatter Me (Rivamika) by LoverofMusic921
Shatter Me (Rivamika)by LoverofMusic921
"And remember Mikasa happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don't even remember opening ."
Humanity's Strongest(Rivamika) by AsianObsession
Humanity's Strongest(Rivamika)by AsianObsession
Humanity's strongest soldiers are lead down a path no one ever saw coming when they make a shocking new discovery. canonverse. headcanon.
Worth Dying For (a Modern LeviMika/RivaMika Fanfic) by Kitty_Oneesan
Worth Dying For (a Modern LeviMika...by Kitty_Oneesan
This story revolves around Cadet Ackerman and Squad Leader Levi.
Silence (Rivamika) by Rivamika136
Silence (Rivamika)by Rivamika136
A mission goes wrong and Mikasa's world goes silent. "but I'm going to keep saying your name until you can reply to me, okay?....until you can hear me again." ...
Smut Warning, Mikasa Is Aged Up, I Didnt Know They Are Related READ THE CAPTION  by invisibleshinigami
Smut Warning, Mikasa Is Aged Up, I...by changchangmanboongboong
If you came here for the comments then read at least the following texts. (Note from 28/01/2021) GUYYYSSSS, this story was born about 4 years ago. And I dont wanna repro...
The Raven by Darksummoner98
The Ravenby Darksummoner98
This isn't the story where the guy finds his dream girl at the ball and they live happily ever after. No, this is the story where I, Mikasa Ackerman, fall hopelessly in...