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Know-it-all | Bakugou x Aizawa's daughter by Sofone1
Know-it-all | Bakugou x Aizawa's Sofone1
Y/n is Shouta Aizawa's daughter. Her mother died in a car accident when she was 12. From that day, Y/n decides to follow her parents' steps and to become the hero who pr...
The Life of a Broken Family (MHA EraserMicCloud Family/Shinsou Angst) by SilentNightMoon2
The Life of a Broken Family (MHA SilentNightMoon2
Aizawa, Hizashi, and Oboro are married with 1 adopted kid Eri and 1 foster kid Shinsou. They faced many challenges and troubles becoming a family. Shinsou's mother aband...
The EraserMic Family//Aziwa Family//Bnha fanfic by ChaoticSpaceBean
The EraserMic Family//Aziwa Ash Carpenter
Basically day to day life and one shots idk. Cover art does not belong to me Ships(might add more later) ShinKami EraserMic(duh) (Wholesome)Eri x Kota sometimes ShinKam...
The aizawa family ❤🖤💜💛 by No_goodU3ers
The aizawa family ❤🖤💜💛by No_goodU3ers
At UA there is a family! The aizawa family They have some rules, But are these rules made ti be broken? (Hint: yes •-•)
A New Age of Hero's by 1AintFamous
A New Age of Hero'sby 1AintFamous
Izuku Aizawa, known publicly as Izuku Midoriya, is the son of the Pro Hero Eraserhead, Shota Aizawa and his caring mother, Inko. The three of them live together in a hou...
Eri one-shots by rayahclaypoole
Eri one-shotsby Vanny_Afton
Yo,you see the title,these are some one-shots about Eri,the Aizawa family and everything. Most of these will have an aged up AU
(ShinTodo) Met You Through Babysitting  by Heartyparty11
(ShinTodo) Met You Through Heartyparty11
(This is a Shoto x Hitoshi Wattpad story, if you are not a fan of this ship please click off ^^ I am a Multi-Shipper so please no hate) Through a babysitting job that hi...
Joy Aizawa [Next Generation of Heroes] by RedLightning_
Joy Aizawa [Next Generation of Red Lightning_
Joy Aizawa is my OC To understand this story you will need to read 2 of my other stories. One last Chapter My Hero Academia One-Shots Joy Aizawa is the Daughter of Emi...
Splitting up is hard.. by Em_da_Cosplayer
Splitting up is just a gay bitch 👋😊🏳️‍🌈
⚠️Trigger Warnings⚠️ , Mic and Aizawa split up, Hizashi can't handle being away from the person he loved the most in this world. He slowly starts to crack, One day he de...
Fem.deku AU by Twd_CoreXx
Fem.deku AUby JJ Marie
if izuku midoriya was a girl!
◇T R O U B L E M A K E R◇ 《aizawa dad story》 by TrexxTorrance
Scenarios of aizawa-sensei being ur dad. Will include: - a shit ton of feels (get the tissues) - shinsou and eri are your siblings *bc why not* - you annoying the shit o...
Son of the beauty and the eraser  by izumomolover25
Son of the beauty and the eraser by Izumomolover
After their 1 year of marriage they have a son which they have great pride for
We are here now (Erasermic x Shinso)  by dabishotoxbrosmha
We are here now (Erasermic x Dabi, Shoto - mha
Shinso Hitoshi didn't have great life... his mother was killed and his father abused him that was until his mentor and favorite prohero Eraserhead and his husband Presen...
Love behind the curtain by Ruby-Gnome
Love behind the curtainby Ruby
This is a Dabi x oc book. Go to the first "Chapter" called Info to find out more! November 7th 2021 - ???
When I See Your Face by rayahclaypoole
When I See Your Faceby Vanny_Afton
Yo,hey it's been a while scence I've done a fanfic. This is a bkdk fluff story,hope you enjoy
Yamasho Dadzawa Mode {present mic x trans! Aizawa} by ChoccyMolk
Yamasho Dadzawa Mode {present 𝐶 𝐻 𝑂 𝐶 𝐶 𝑌
I have never seen a trans Shouta fic so I wanted to write one ⚠️warning ⚠️ This story contains..... Yamasho {of corse} LGBTQIA+ Bad grammar and Swearing In this fanfic H...
Mistaken To Real  {An Aizawa Family Story} by WeEatEverythingBitch
Mistaken To Real {An Aizawa Mei, Vee, & Ace
Shinso and Aizawa are mistake to be father and son a lot, but one time it's not a mistake. Previously known as "Mistaken Family" I do not own cover art I do no...