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𝙵𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙿𝚊𝚜𝚝 by therealwriter__
𝙵𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙿𝚊𝚜𝚝by therealwriter__
Before Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, went down in the ice he and Peggy Carter dated. Some may say they were in love. Anyway, something came away from that...
His Best Girl {Steggy} by marvelous-m
His Best Girl {Steggy}by ‎m
In which Peggy wakes up assuming Steve is dead, and Steve wakes up assuming he'll never see her again. They both are very, very wrong. -a fanfiction starring Peggy Cart...
KillSwitch ─ s. rogers ✓ by vantassels
KillSwitch ─ s. rogers ✓by shay
unbeknownst to steve rogers, when he went into the ice, he left behind a daughter with peggy carter. ten-year-old alexandra carter disappeared off the face of the earth...
"She's good at being good for other people." Season One : Completed STARTED : 5th May 2021 FINISHED : 24th August 2021
ULTRAVIOLET | marvel by 4mb3rrr
ULTRAVIOLET | marvelby rogerina’s bi wife
After being raised in the redroom and trained by the winter soldier, Cassidy is taken to sokovia to be enhanced here she meets some twins who change her life. follows M...
Avengers x Reader One Shots by shaded_echoes
Avengers x Reader One Shotsby Pegs Carter//Eliza
REQUESTS OPEN 💘 • •Check here to see if requests are open or closed; I don't do author's notes because I know they suck • •I do smut, angst, fluff, and combinations o...
Agent Seven by HarrietSwan98
Agent Sevenby Harriet_Swan
Agent Seven was an experiment. An experiment which changed everything within SHIELD. Project America was set up before Captain America AKA Steve Rogers was found frozen...
super super. peter parker by flowersforophelia
super super. peter parkerby ꧁𝗠꧂
peggy carter's brother trips and accidentally takes a fall through time... peter parker mcu
Soldier (A Bucky Barnes Fanfiction) by flamingbucky
Soldier (A Bucky Barnes Fanfiction)by Eleanor Andrews
[COMPLETED] 1917-1944. (Bucky x Female OC) *Book 2 is now up! Check out my profile!* ~ "Bucky, I want to go somewhere," Adeline said, staring out at the ocean...
Nearly Morning {A Captain America Story} by bridgetlouise13
Nearly Morning {A Captain bridgetlouise13
A story of how Captain America finds his daughter. Or rather, how she finds him.
Marvel Oneshots by CaptainSophieStark
Marvel Oneshotsby CaptainSophieStark
Requests are: Closed A book full of all the one-or-twoshots that I write for characters in the Marvel Universe, including the Avengers, Agents of SHIELD characters, and...
Rumors of War || The First Avenger by SaveTheBrooklynBoys
Rumors of War || The First Avengerby Madi
Book One of Five. Set during Captain America: The First Avenger. .•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•. Bucky spits blood from his mouth, turning to weakly smile at me. "You shouldn...
Agents and Avengers watch (Real Updating) by dousyquake
Agents and Avengers watch (Real -S.H.I.E.L.DFam-616
Hey, this is a fanfic about the avengers crew and surprise finally meeting and learning about the Agents of Shield team. Enjoy
Respectable | Jack Thompson X OC by love_is_adagger
Respectable | Jack Thompson X OCby Liad🤘
☆Agent Margret (Peggy) Carter gets sent to work at the SSR new york division with her old friend Dr Juliette Johnson. The two girls are often treated as less important b...
Agent Carter An AU Series by Peggysousfan
Agent Carter An AU Seriesby Peggysousfan
WWII is over and Peggy Carter is pregnant(By Rogers)(I am anti steggy so this is not about them) and she moves into a new apartment complex and her neighbor is Daniel So...
It's been a long, long time. by LauraSmith06
It's been a long, long LauraSmith06
AVENGERS ENDGAME SPOILERS. What should have happened in Peggy's office in 1970. In loving memory of Stan Lee 'Cause not all heroe...
Angels || Steve Rogers¹ ✓ by __meraxes__
Angels || Steve Rogers¹ ✓by 𝒶𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓈
ᵇᵒᵒᵏ ¹ In which a small boy with a big heart finds himself trapped in a war with the most ethreal creature he's ever seen. OR In which Kallie Johnson pushes Steve Roger...
Shall We Dance - A Steggy Fanfiction by BaguetteBarnes
Shall We Dance - A Steggy Emily
What would happen if Captain Steve Rogers was rescued from the ice 64 years early? In 1947, Agent Peggy Carter has built a new life for herself in New York City- without...
New Years Series by Peggysousfan
New Years Seriesby Peggysousfan
As the New Year starts, so does a new year without Agent Carter being renewed. We can all hope for Disney plus to pick it back up, but it is not likely. So, here is a ne...
agent rogers • j. thompson  by bubblegumtaee
agent rogers • j. thompson by bubblegumtaee
BOOK 1 COMPLETED; RECENTLY UNDERWENT MAJOR EDITING Peggy Carter met Charlotte Rogers at a military base, the same one Charlotte's brother, Steve, was recruited to. Both...