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Theirs | Catradora x Reader by someonehelpowo
Theirs | Catradora x Readerby yuh✨
You, Adora, and Catra hadn't had a perfect childhood, but your perfect friendship makes up for it. Adora leaves and your perfect balance is destroyed. You and Catra just...
Deny (Adora X Reader) by AshD307
Deny (Adora X Reader)by Ash
I'm not giving away my secrets... okay, maybe a few. Adora and (Y/n) grow close over almost 3 years...
Lovesick   ||   Fem!Reader X Adora by dumbstoriesbyme
Lovesick || Fem!Reader X Adoraby kara
This is my 2nd time writing a fanfic, so I hope this one turns out better than the other one. Y/N is a girl who Queen Angella had hired to make sure Glimmer didn't go to...
Yandere She-ra x reader oneshots. by Hoodie420
Yandere She-ra x reader I hate horny people
She-ra characters as yanderes Request yandere she ra characters x reader people because you all love it for some reason Started November 19th
Protect her. (Adora fic) by HAshC17
Protect her. (Adora fic)by Ash
She-ra and the princesses of power Adora x fem!reader --- "Adora, why are you acting so strange around her?" "I don't know. But I do know I need to protec...
Hope for the Hopeless by JustChillingHere82
Hope for the Hopelessby JustChillingHere82
(She-Ra and the Princesses of Power!Various x Male!Reader) Had he known that following Adora would lead to meeting a bunch of butt-kicking princesses, then maybe he wou...
There's A Glow About You.. (Adora x Reader)  by ImYangLetsFight
There's A Glow About You.. ( Taeko Maizono
(Adora x Fem Reader) The Horde Army was progressively getting worse and worse, not just at attacking villages and kingdoms, but their numbers were increasing. Every rai...
Say hi hi hi hi by yeojinzoid
Say hi hi hi hiby chaerubim
Take me high high high high👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
Two Destinies [ Catradora/You ] by UrbanerFC
Two Destinies [ Catradora/You ]by UrbanerFC
You had grown up in Brightmoon alongside Princess Glimmer since Queen Angella had found you abandoned in the whispering woods [!Slow updates! ]
Flower fields and Stargazing by ObsidianShadow01
Flower fields and Stargazingby ObsidianShadow01
You spent the day having out with friends, and later Catra and Adora invite you to hang out at your favorite flower field with them. This is a Catradora X reader onesho...
Adora/Shera x reader oneshots by AuroraKnows168
Adora/Shera x reader oneshotsby Aurora knows
Adora/She-ra x reader oneshots! Authors notes If you don't like lesbian stories then I suggest you get outta here now! If you do then I hope you enjoy the story x
Adora x Reader  ~ your someone ⓃⒺⓌ ~ [COMPLETE] by pengeo
Adora x Reader ~ your someone ⓃⒺⓌ 🌕pengeo🌑
You are the princess of the Universe, although no body knows that you exist, because to them it would be more or less impossible to have a princess of such power and res...
Until the Flame Goes Out by NyxDorian
Until the Flame Goes Outby
A mysterious person suddenly appears on Etheria, no recollection of how they made it there, or the events leading up to it. Covered in wounds and badly beaten, Glimmer a...
She-Ra: Adora x Reader by foolissh
She-Ra: Adora x Readerby foolissh
(season 5 spoilers) This is a She-Ra x Reader story that's up to date now that the show has ended. Some chapters may be different depending on gender so I made 2 of them...
She Ra Preferences by ImANervousWriter
She Ra Preferencesby Call me Monday
This book will have -Catra -Adora -Glimmer -Bow
Sweet marks// ADORA x reader♡︎ by vv_iooo
Sweet marks// ADORA x reader♡︎by Violet
Adora x reader;) Y/n is a very powerful princess which made you a target for the horde You had your own kingdom but the horde killed everyone there and claimed it as t...
She-Ra Imagines by multi-imagines
She-Ra Imaginesby brooke and alyssa
Netflix's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power imagines! We do not own the show. We take Requests.
The unwanted truth  by 0_omniacebitch_0
The unwanted truth by Ily<3
Fandom: She-ra Yandere Catra x rebel! Reader x Yandereish Adora Since I don't see enough She-ra with a rebel reader insert so I'll just make it myself! I hope that you...
Her Horde Soldier by PotterHead230
Her Horde Soldierby I Think I'm Funny
Adora is a part of the Horde. (Y/N) is a part of the Rebellion. When their two worlds collide in a way that they never expected, how will they react? Will they act on th...
Collide by alexasputa
Collideby 𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐞 <3
THIS IS A SEQUEL FOR BOTH REBEL AND ADORE YOU SO CATRA X READER AND ADORA X READER, I will explain in chapter one in the beginning so you won't be confused