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His villain  by sleepycale
His villain by sleepycale
He never expected to fall in love. Yet there he stood hopeless. Seeing the man smile. Thats all he wanted. Maybe.. just maybe love does melt a cold heart.
Femme Fetale by whatever025
Femme Fetaleby Calista
Beware of pretty faces that you find A pretty face can hide an evil mind Oh, be careful what you say Or you'll give yourself away Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow...
royally trashed (an og!Cale harem fic) by abralhugres
royally trashed (an og!Cale abralhugres
og cale gets hit on by just all the royals and its a whole thing. someone help him endgame ship is currently undecided takes place in a world without white star and hunt...
Cale Henituse's Younger Sister? by Lalalax5
Cale Henituse's Younger Sister?by lalalala
Cale Henituse become a regressor at the age of 40 years old to a 10 years old child. However, turned out that he has a younger sister which he does not have before in th...
0% Love by Drowninginwips
0% Loveby Drowninginworkbutstill
When Kim Rok Soo wakes up, he's in the world of The Birth of a Heroine, an otome game. He becomes Cale Henituse, a trashy character who dies in every single route. And w...
Tboah react by Mary11501
Tboah reactby Mary
Kaos tanrısı tboah insanlarına kurtula bilmelerini sağlayacak bilgiler vermek istedi. Dil:Türkçe Language:Turkish
The Birth Of A Hero x ORV x Black Butler by armanjenson
The Birth Of A Hero x ORV x arman jenson
It's a au I have watched lot of fanfic. Even tho i have not watch or read the manhwa or novel but . .I become a big fan of cale just by watching reaction videos and sto...
Streamers 🥜  / Oneshots by mimorNAZ
Streamers 🥜 / Oneshotsby mimorNAZ
One shot book about streamers. Ships will be in the chapter title!. Ships: Zidin ( Adin x zias ) Dukekai ( Kai x duke ) Agent x Davis ( IF YK THEIR SHIP NAMEE LMK.) ...
I became the evil prince consort [Alver crossman x M!reader] by MisakiSakuya
I became the evil prince consort [ Misaki
"Hah...i am fucked..." M/n who had just transmigrated into the body of one of Stan siblings from [Crown prince's assistant] cursed as he was the evil consort w...
Angel Kiss by Meowl_nya
Angel Kissby Meowl_nya
Deep within the Forest of Darkness, inside the Black Castle, rules the tyrant Demon Lord. Everyone knows the legends. Of how heroes sent to defeat him never return. Huma...
Yuanfen by sleepycale
Yuanfenby sleepycale
Yuanfen: The belief that destiny or fate plays a part in bringing two lovers together. Day 2: cursed day
My Strange Addiction (Adin×Vicross) by arie_gem
My Strange Addiction (Adin×Vicross)by Lala
Adin×Vicross They said that, Adin died by hanging out for people of the empire to see. They said that, Adin was strangled in front of people in the empire for people to...
CAROUSEL by LumiereEmpyrea
CAROUSELby Vollerei
In that dream, he died. He felt the pain of his death as he drifted off through the endless void. A pain on his chest- was it because of the blade that went through his...
His golden chain  by FaridaBegumChyPoni
His golden chain by Farida Begum Chy Poni
My au what if cale went throught regression Was cale really a trash? what about his special bloodline? what if he was not the only living thames? If cale had a younger...
The Crown Prince doesn't want a Harem! [TCF/LCF ff] by MisakiSakuya
The Crown Prince doesn't want a Misaki
[Alberu as the mc! Alberu centric fic] After an exhausting day full of paperwork Alberu decides to give his body a well deserved rest and goes to bed early. It would've...
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never mind by the_Adin
never mindby the_Adin
smuggling is increasing at a very fast rate in the city and police is finding very hard to control it. smugglers have their men who are tracking every single moment of...
stiles and danny are merman But Stiles Is The Prince an danny Is his protecter  by user83765410
stiles and danny are merman But daybreana wright
The adventure of prince stiles and Danny as merman cousins their on the run from the merman\mermaid hunter they been on the run for all their life they're apart of the h...
Emma by TeddyMurray4
Emmaby Emma Murray
Hi. I'm Emma. I am that girl who always does her homework to the best of her ability, always completes the projects at least a day early and is constantly working on som...
Auroradon High by nerdykolansky
Auroradon Highby nerdykolansky
Jillian, Kat, Dre and Lance are VKs who grew up on the Isle of Lost until one day when they're sixteen they receive a letter from King Adam himself.