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Kirby memes by TheMaster_OfPuppetry
Kirby memesby Taranza
  • ribbon
  • kine
  • taranza
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One Liners by MacaroniGarbage
One Linersby kill me
Lmao memes Probably kirby memes idk
  • waddledee
  • francisca
  • gryll
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Kirby Star Allies: Dream Team! [ ON HIATUS] by GraciewritesFanfics
Kirby Star Allies: Dream Team! [ GraciewritesFanfics
"Mario and Luigi: Dream team"? That sounds boring. Let's shake things up a bit. Anyway, Kirby and his team, the Star Allies, embark on the adventure of their...
  • waddledee
  • kirby
  • crossover
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Dream Friends! by SoupTimee
Dream Friends!by Soup
What happens when all the dream friends live together in one house?
  • taranza
  • ribbon
  • dreamfriends
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Easel In The Forest (Epic) by Achrion
Easel In The Forest (Epic)by Achrion
Our favorite pink puffball (Who has matured dramatically to where his camp taunt isn't his only vocabulary, dear lord) has gone into the forest of Dream Land. He was hop...
  • adeleine
  • dreamland
  • kirby
Magolor's Adventures  by RedFennecChi
Magolor's Adventures by RedFennecChi
(Humor) (Slightly Magolor-Centric) ************************** Summary: Join Magolor, the former villain, as he goes on adventures with his friends! These adventures ran...
  • tuff
  • adeleine
  • kingdedede
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Adeleine X Ribbon (en pause) by EleaWaifu
Adeleine X Ribbon (en pause)by Elea Waifu
Un petit yuri qui m'est venu à l'esprit , je ne sais pas si ça va vous plaire mais bon ... je tente , on sais jamais ! 😍😂 Le point de vue est celui d'Adeleine , l'hist...
  • kirby64
  • ennuie
  • yuri
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new girl by bookworm101__
new girlby bookworm101__
adeleine mathews is 17, popular, gorgeous, amazing-basically, I could go on she's starting a new school and new school, means new friends and adele didn't want to make...
  • adeleine
  • rejection
  • jason
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(ON BREAK) Adeleine, Kirby, and the Dungeon  by Trashy_Tacoooo
(ON BREAK) Adeleine, Kirby, and Taco Puffball
It has been a month since the Crystal Shards incident and Kirby decides to invite his friends that helped him for a good race. Adeleine trips on a frog and falls into a...
  • kingdedede
  • adeleine
  • kirby
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