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The Ultimate Guide to a Everything Fanfiction by IAmDawnDagger
The Ultimate Guide to a Dawn Dagger
#210 in Guide June/1/2018 Ever wondered what that fanfic term meant? Ever needed help understanding what an abbreviation was? Welcome to the most amazing guide you'll e...
Fanfiction Abbreviations Guide by Hidden_Horns
Fanfiction Abbreviations Guideby Scales & Antlers
just a bunch of abbreviations explained :P don't worry I take requests and will answer as best as I can!
Random Information Some People Want by FanFiction-Central18
Random Information Some People Wantby SimpNotFound
This book will have a bunch of random information that some people may want, like different languages, abbreviations, and tons more. Enjoy and don't forget to vote if yo...
meanings :) by T0UNG3TW1ST3D
meanings :)by T0UNG3TW1ST3D
If you don't know what some abbreviations mean, I put them here to show you :)‼️
A Guide to Wattpad Lingo by rabiasiddiqui90
A Guide to Wattpad Lingoby YourTypicalFreyKid
Hey, anyone that's new to WattPad! Welcome to the writing world! I'm still new to WattPad too! I've been here since March (2020) and sometimes, I have just a little trou...
A dictionary to use alongside my literature using universal abbreviations, acronyms and text lingo.
Texting Abbreviations for Dummies by Ignoring_PhD
Texting Abbreviations for Dummiesby Cole J. Bromfield
Learn the most common texting abbreviations of the 21st century
Abbreviations You Probably Don't Know by rainbomosopabubles
Abbreviations You Probably Don't (っ◕‿◕)っ HIEEE!!
Some wicked abbreviations you could use and know for life!
Internet Slang  by kiimmbberllyyy
Internet Slang by kimberly
this contains Internet slang & abbreviations.. kinda like urban dictionary.
How To Seak Jamaican Creole by Shecutiebooel
How To Seak Jamaican Creoleby Shenel Blygin
When you come to Jamaica, English is not the only language. Not only that but there are some words that could be shorten in spelling Have fun, learning
Abbreviations by AbbeyHB
Abbreviationsby Abbey HB
I was bored so I thought I would write a book of abbreviations for texting and stuff like that. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think in the comments.
lanosrep by nejcz02
lanosrepby nejcz02
stuff about wattpad and me by fa1rydu5t
stuff about wattpad and meby fa1rydu5t
i explain abbreviations that are used in wattpad and tell you a few facts about me :D
Help A Bitch out!  by nookdjdjd
Help A Bitch out! by nookdjdjd
A simple guide to readers terminologies/ abbreviations