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Brothers Best Friend  (H.S) by harry1d_af
Brothers Best Friend (H.S)by Amy
Book 1 in the Brother's Best Friend Series. Through drama, arguments, love and lust can you still fall for your brothers best friend? #1 in #Harrystyles (13/11/18) #1 i...
  • fratboy
  • bestfriend
  • love
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Redemption [h.s.] by _miiki
Redemption [h.s.]by miki
Maybe she shouldn't have opened her door in the middle of the night. 24/06/19 #3 in fanfiction 24/06/19 #3 in romance
  • liampayne
  • harrystylesfanfic
  • zaynmalik
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Secret Sister(One Direction Fanfic) by zainabssstories
Secret Sister(One Direction Fanfic)by zainabssstories
It's funny what popularity can do to people. It can change you. Make you unrecognisable to people who have known you for your whole life. I never knew my brother, my twi...
  • hatelove
  • humor
  • 1d
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gynecologist ;; hs by IfYoureReadinggThis
gynecologist ;; hsby brie
"i mean this in the most non sexual way possible, you're going to have to spread your legs." _______________________________________ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ ; a bit of an age...
  • harryedwardstyles
  • featured
  • teen
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Folie à Deux [H.S] by womanonthefloor
Folie à Deux [H.S]by ˗ˏˋanacaonaˊˎ˗
"Chaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon." -Christopher Poindexter. Welcome to my three-level game; where keeping your sanity is not an option and the...
  • psychological
  • thriller
  • 1d
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Adopted by Harry Styles by flannelboots135
Adopted by Harry Stylesby flannelboots135
Ellie is a fifteen year old girl who lived in the orphanage for about half of her life. Being the oldest, she had no expectations of ever getting adopted. No one wanted...
  • fanfiction
  • styles
  • harrystyles
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Promising Memoirs | h.s. (In Slow Editing) by kissable_brits
Promising Memoirs | h.s. (In Slow...by S.
Aubrey, at 19 years young, just finished her first year in University and finally got the chance to visit her childhood best friend in London - Eleanor. During what she...
  • romance
  • harrystyles
  • emotional
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Survivors // N.H.  by Yasminwriter
Survivors // N.H. by Yasmin
"She lost him, but found herself. And somehow that was everything." INSTAGRAM // REAL LIFE oc x Niall Horan
  • niallhoran
  • siall
  • fanfiction
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Anywhere With You // H.S. by stargirl_hs
Anywhere With You // H.S.by stargirl_hs
"If humans are beings, then why can't we just be? Be whoever we want to be? Wherever we want to be?" His eyes were full of life under the shining moon like the...
  • vote
  • read
  • harryedwardstyles
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To Hell To You • {larry} by anystorm
To Hell To You • {larry}by lydia
Desde quando era bem visto o filho do presidente namorar um garoto?
  • onedirection
  • fanfic
  • louistomlinson
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Wish You Were Here - Part 3 by RubySlippers_
Wish You Were Here - Part 3by Ruby Charlot
PART 3: Harry & Olivia's epic love story continues.. What happens when the honeymoon's over?
  • dirty
  • harryedwardstyles
  • wattys2018
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Styles Triplets - NEW by larryislouisxharry
Styles Triplets - NEWby Bottom Louis Writer
Louis, a tiny Omega, wanted to mate by twenty. He never expected to find three mates - Alphas Harry, Edward and Marcel. Original Story by: cocosfern
  • tomlinson
  • larrystylinson
  • 1d
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My Best Friend's Wedding [EDITING] by irresistible96
My Best Friend's Wedding [EDITING]by irresistible96
"I love you too Harry, I love you with everything I am and with everything I have" And as I spoke the words of how much I loved the curly haired, green eyed b...
  • love
  • romance
  • niallhoran
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𝐆𝐎𝐓𝐓𝐀 𝐁𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔 by xrvnclaw
𝐆𝐎𝐓𝐓𝐀 𝐁𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔by ♡ 𝒍𝒊𝒛𝒛𝒊𝒆 シ ♡
𝐒𝐀𝐃𝐈𝐄 𝐒𝐈𝐍𝐊 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 lulu and sadie argue on twitter over one direction's best song. ( sadie sink x fem!oc ) ( SLOW UPDATES )
  • stcast
  • joekeery
  • finnwolfhard
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Instagram // h.s by One_Direction_x
Instagram // h.sby ESMÈE
It all started with a like and a follow.
  • harrystyles
  • fame
  • 1d
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FIFTY/ FIFTY by thirteen13blue
HARRY STYLES AU Ana's problem was the fact that somehow over her twenty-three years of living, she had become the most unlucky person alive. Living in a world of perfec...
  • harrystyles
  • 1d
  • marriage
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No Control | Holding Me Ransom (Book 2) by scooby-snacks
No Control | Holding Me Ransom (Bo...by .
Book 2 in the No Control series - COMPLETE This is the sequel to No Control..... Ever Since New York: Lies are told, secrets are uncovered and One Direction continues th...
  • teen
  • tour
  • louis
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One Direction imagines (Y/N) by flawsome28
One Direction imagines (Y/N)by 𝖆𝖒𝖎
One Direction x Reader All written by yours truly (unless mentioned otherwise) Hope you enjoy :)
  • reader
  • harrystyles
  • fluff
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Heroin {harry styles} by hittingonhazza
Heroin {harry styles}by hittingonhazza
In which Layla Summers is accidentally injected with heroin while being kidnapped by one of the world's deadliest gang leaders. ------------ this story will contain DRUG...
  • fanfiction
  • fan
  • liam
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larry stylinson Instagram  by lourry_larry
larry stylinson Instagram by
1d are on their hiatus 8 years of 1d larry was real from the start and they are ready to tell the world
  • 1d
  • niall
  • 8yearsofonedirection
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