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  • Disorder // Muke
    36.9K 1.7K 31

    Luke is overconfident. Michael has major social anxiety. But opposites attract, right? © after-hours 2016

  • Shut up! (Muke)
    68.9K 3.8K 43

    Luke and Michael have always been close, they're best friends, and they can tell each other anything. Michael starts to develop feelings for Luke. It all changes when there's a new person in Luke's life, Luke's new girlfriend Arzaylea. Michael's whole world seems to tip upside down, Arzaylea starts to bully Michael...

  • Separated: 5SOS BSM
    518K 15.9K 200

    These are brother sister moments featuring all of the members of 5 Seconds of Summer at their current age. The idea is that you have just been found to be their sibling. Most of the preferences will be centered around that idea and hopefully be a slight twist on the standard BSMs. I have personally written all of the...

  • Wait, but Muke!
    37.6K 2K 21

    "Guys! Come here, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend. Arzaylea!" "Wait, but Muke!" "Michael stop messing around!" -0-0-0-0-0-0- Um if I get hate for this too bad, this isn't meant to be rude to Arzaylea. This is meant to prove muke is better XD This will hopefully be funny and cool, and people will like it and stu...

  • fags and god | ot4
    47.7K 2.4K 19

    Michael was raised as a strong Christian, his parents banned the words that were against the bible, telling him that they were wrong. After he moves, he stumbles across a transgender and two gay boys. He was also the baby of the group. [hemmings+irwin+hood+clifford] [junior!ashton] [sophomore!calum&luke] [freshman!mi...

  • "Baby, Lukey..." °°°5SOS ot4 AU°°° || #Wattys2016
    78.6K 2.4K 25

    Calum: Dominant Ashton: Dominant Luke: Submissive Michael: Submissive 4 boys, one relationship, a lot of getting used to.

  • taciturn || au [calm ot4 ?] #LGBT
    30.1K 1.5K 14

    ♂ Michael Clifford is this boy who everyone thought was a girl and got so many people questioning their own sexuality. ♀ fem!Mikey versa!Luke versa!Ashton dom!Cal | is anything but heterosexual | [ transexuality \\ cisgenderism ] { pro queer youth } *** short updates // long book *** • weekly updates ; saturdays •

  • Balls [5sos ot4]
    68.2K 3.3K 19

    A fanfic where 5sos are all queer af - Hopefully this doesn't get rated mature because of the curses.

  • I Just Want To Call You Mine (A Cashton/Muke 5SOS Fanfic)
    269K 6.9K 29

    Ashton cannot stand the band 5 Seconds of Summer. In fact, he hates them. When Ashton unknowingly falls for Calum, he falls hard. What happens when twisted fate brings the two boys together in one band? Ashton and Calum need to work out their feelings for each other before it's too late. Will the boys fall in love or...

  • SPLOTCHES {muke}
    118K 10.6K 41

    IN A WORLD WHERE BLACK SYMBOLS DICTATE SOULMATES. - mpreg!muke au - soulmate!au - lowercase intended - teenage!michael adult!luke - started; september 2016 - ended; june 2017

  • txting the fanboy ; muke
    19.2K 1.1K 8

    "Daddylh: hey princess I miss you" "Babygirlmgc: Uhm who the fuck is this?" "Daddylh: oh sorry I thought I was texting my girlfriend" ; where Michael is a fanboy and doesn't know he's talking to his idol fem! Michael fanboy! Michael famous! Luke ; has slight larzylea *shiver hurl* ; ; kik, book one in social media se...

  • Behind the Fame (Muke)
    29.9K 2K 22

    When the band 5 Seconds of Summer release their second album, Sounds Good Feels Good, they become the center of attention in the music world. Everyone has gotten their copy of the CD and everyone is listening to their favorite songs from the record. New photo shoots are scheduled as well, and once those photos are rel...

  • Dark Room (afi+cth)
    758 66 8

    Abducted and put in a room with a boy he can't see, because its too dark.

  • Car Radio [mgc]
    17.9K 1.4K 18

    He's a professional killer who kills everyone who annoys him. He knows how to hide. He knows how not to get caught. But what if something goes wrong? © 2015 -anthology

  • It's Been a Long Time Hasn't it <Muke~Cashton> Hybrid au
    539 38 9

    -Michael and Calum were taken by scientists and tested on until they became hybrids, 5 years later they were left in the same park they were taken from. What happens when their old best friends find them? ( side lashton) {warnings: swearing, substance abuse, sexual situation} *Not edited*

  • Finding Michael / Kidnapped sequel
    5.4K 498 9

    In which Luke wakes up in his hotel to find out Michael is gone, leaving only a simple note behind. Idea inspired by: @ST0L3N Cover by me.

  • internet friends / muke
    19.3K 2K 46

    his tumblr was only in black and white, until he met luke. - or in which micheal get's an ask from a really clingy blonde boy on tumblr and can't seem to get enough.

  • Shades of Blue | Muke
    44K 5.2K 18

    Michael's world was empty of color until he meets a boy with eyes so bright and vibrant. The only thing he could see was blue. [soulmate!au]

    Completed   Mature
  • AGL // lashton
    19.1K 1.4K 7

    「 if i got rid of my demons i'd lose my angels 」 - tennessee williams years has gone by and ashton's past will never let him be as good of a man as luke deserves. •••••••••••• sequel to EGL. read before continuing this piece.

  • Wishes | Mashton
    3.6K 516 9

    One wish. Two people. Three days. Four Parks. or Where Michael plans an anniversary trip for Ashton to Disney World to fulfill the one simple wish he knows Ashton has been dreaming about since he was little.

  • Smile Again (Lashton AU)
    4.5M 181K 41

    ❝Why do you keep talking to me? I always ignore you.❞ ❝Because, I wanna make you smile again.❞ Where Luke moves and sees a boy named Ashton, alone and frowning, and all he wants to do is make him smile. [Warning: contains triggering events/actions.] © 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

  • EGL // lashton
    668K 45.5K 60

    「 chaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon 」 - christopher poindexter in which ashton is a cold blooded murderer and reckless criminal in a gang, and luke is an innocent and compassionate boy who can't help but fall in love

    Completed   Mature
  • Spoiled || Muke
    13.7K 719 7

    Luke is spoiled, used to getting what he wants. After all, he is the prince of England though Australian - adopted. Michael is a poor boy from Australia who cant even remember his real parents - orphan. As a marriage event to find someone for Luke, Luke's adoptive parents will take in someone from every continent a...

  • Virginity Games ♛ Malum/Muke/Mashton
    14K 1.3K 12

    ❝I broke my rules for you, I fell in love with you.❞ ❝You probably said that to the rest of them.❞ ❝Nah I told them I had aids.❞ ♛♡

  • Thirteen Reasons ☹ Muke
    10.2K 1K 11

    Luke Hemmings was known around as the awkward boy with a crush on Michael Clifford -- the boy who originally came to school as a new student with with a happy aura and a big smile on his face until his world was turned upside down. One afternoon Luke comes home to find a small box on his bed and in that box is a simp...

  • Locked Door / Lashton
    10.9K 1K 22

    "I worry about you, Luke, all you do is sit behind that locked door." cover done by me

  • Luke and the Boy Next Door | Muke
    214K 17.4K 34

    Luke Hemmings had been neighbors with Michael Clifford for as long as he could remember. Playing outside in the warm California air, having late night conversations through their windows that were right across from one another. It was everything a child could want at the age of 11. Michael had been traveling the coun...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty and the Idiot ☹ Muke
    69.8K 6.1K 28

    "Why do you always wear that mask?" Luke asked. The boy shook his head stubbornly. What Luke didn't realize was -- behind that mask. the boy was crying.

    Completed   Mature
  • Swapped ☹ Muke
    107K 8.4K 32

    Michael and Luke hate each other, and it was obvious to everybody. Until one day their bandmates got tired of it, and did something to show them what their rival lived like. Quite literally. Because they woke up in the opposites body. ☹☼

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing Clifford | Muke
    257K 26.3K 57

    "We have fanboys?" "I'm a boy and I'm a fan. What do you think that makes me?" "A fanboy." "No duh." - (title credit to @mukecorner)

    Completed   Mature