txting the fanboy ; muke

txting the fanboy ; muke

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are you ready? By -starchasermuke Updated Jun 09

"Daddylh: hey princess I miss you"

"Babygirlmgc: Uhm who the fuck is this?"

"Daddylh: oh sorry I thought I was texting my girlfriend"

; where Michael is a fanboy and doesn't know he's talking to his idol 

fem! Michael
fanboy! Michael
famous! Luke
; has slight larzylea *shiver hurl* ;

; kik, book one in social media series ;

; 2016 ; @-starchasermuke ; all rights reserved ;

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SmolPrincessJassy SmolPrincessJassy Aug 07, 2017
DingDong5sos DingDong5sos Nov 02, 2017
Back the fuq away before we hunt you down and kill you, capeesh?
SmolPrincessJassy SmolPrincessJassy Aug 07, 2017
                              *slowy claps*
                              This was....
-gayboyhowell -gayboyhowell May 10, 2017
i will shove my hand so far up your arse that it'll come out your mouth
CriesInACoolWay CriesInACoolWay Aug 19, 2017
I think I read this before...but I don't remember so I'm just read it anyway