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  • Collection of Short Stories, Flash Fiction and Microfiction
    62 1 8

    Says it all in the tin! This is a connection of all my thoughts that have led to a story too short to expand on, make into a chaptered story or just too short.

  • Doors in the Dark (ON HIATUS)
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    **IMPORTANT** If you are reading this anthology on another platform other than Wattpad, it has been put there without permission. To read the work as posted and permitted by the author, please link here: DOORS IN THE DARK is an anthology of flash fiction full o...

  • Big Oops [SciFi Flash Fiction]
    39 14 2

    RiST #1: Atomic scientist, Enoch learns what happens when his life's work and his greatest love collide. ≤500-word flash fiction written for the 2021 Ultimate SciFi Smack Down challenge-i.e., just for the fun of it. Part 1 of the Ripples in Space-Time (RiST) linked short fiction series.

  • Master Adventurers
    491 67 10

    Read the interviews with our most courageous, adventurous, and daring authors on Wattpad and take a look into the minds of the brave, the brilliant and the bold writers that bring our favorite adventure stories to life!

  • Tim's World of Wattpad
    2.1K 221 11

    I've had the privilege of having a front row seat and watching some history unfold at Wattpad. First as a Wattpad writer then as a Wattpad Star and now a member of staff! I wanted to catalog this history and share the stories of some writers who played such a large part in this. I have launched a podcast to do so. Fl...

  • Haunting the Jerome Hotel
    309 37 12

    A haunted hotel in a ghost town, what could be more...cliché? How about a hotel that doesn't have a ghost, but wants to score one? After all, ghosts put hotels ON THE MAP, especially when this hotel was once a hospital for miners. And we all know that miners die grisly, unfortunate deaths. Why this hospital-turned...

  • West of Nothing
    71.4K 8.5K 62

    The next big thing may already be crawling around your attic. When a sorority prank with a microbot lands him in hot water, university student Mason Donnelly is recruited to work on a secret project at a remote research facility. As the newest member of a team of brilliant misfits, he must reverse engineer a new class...

  • Short Stories
    24.2K 880 7

    What if time travel is like alcoholism? Shouldn't mermaids have blubber to stay warm in the ocean? These short stories of fantasy and science fiction explore the weird, the bizarre, and the concretization of untenable fantasies.

  • Rian
    999 193 53

    It is a time of great adversity as Agnes Dice narrows her search down to a small, blue planet called Earth. With every passing moment bringing Agnes' home world, Rian, closer to destruction she must locate a wandering book that has once again disappeared from Rian's largest library. From Indiana to Iceland, Agnes cont...

  • The Four Baristas of the Apocalypse (sample)
    321K 12.6K 16

    When aliens invade, four baristas are forced to become the saviours of the world. Grab your double-shot of java and strap in - it's going to be a bumpy ride! ***** In the Earth's darkest hour, unexpected heroes are stirring... their coffee, that is...

  • The Time Traveller
    1.2K 127 5

    Unconventional Dr. Wieland is making history vital at his sleepy English university. But could he possibly be far more than meets the eye? (Brit Comedy, short chapters)

  • Sex and Death in Skeleton City
    476K 11K 29

    Geoff and Naomi are dead, and they're depressed, but when Geoff's cat Bernie dies as well, they embark on a wild journey to find it in the underworld. ***** When Geoff dies, alongside his girlfriend Naomi, they end up sharing an apartment in the Und...

  • Deadly Encounter
    162 86 4

    Evil has a name, corruption has a price. How much is your soul worth? Hidden and dangerous secret societies have held the keys to a terrible secret, one that could tear humanity's entire existence apart. When the keys are lost, a young archaeologist finds her way to a forbidden tomb that shouldn't exist, can she leave...

    Completed   Mature
  • Apartment 239
    429K 18.4K 47

    Abe Barrett is surrounded by ghosts - some of them are even his roommates! But now Abe's visions show something dark coming, and it wants Abe dead. ***** When Abe Barrett's family died, he started seeing ghosts. Soon he was living with three of the...

  • Tevun-Krus #62 - Best of 2018
    1K 197 11

    Your favourite TK regulars are back for this year's always-exciting Best Of issue! Take a look at the sub-genres the Ooorah crew tackled over the course of 2018 with nine brand-new sci-fi stories!

  • Labyrinth: a nursery rhyme retold (editing)
    1.8K 368 32

    A nursery rhyme with a twisted fate, as ... Jack and Jill went up that hill - finding themselves in deep jeopardy! Their fate was no longer in their hands, as the beast in another realm took over. This is a story of the Nursery Rhyme where two innocent children fell into a trap at such a young age. Why? It's out of th...

  • A Life Wasted
    592K 18.7K 171

    WATTY 2016 WINNER of the HQ Love Award! With national focus on Islamic terrorism, few noticed when "Domestic Terrorist" Clayton Waagner was added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List on September 21, 2001. How did a software developer become the 467th person added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List? Why did the FBI make W...

  • The Stolen Papyrus
    270K 201 4

    THE ARTIFACT GUARDIANS | BOOK ONE She came to Egypt to study the ancient past, not to be confronted with her own. It's every archaeologist's dream to explore the hidden tombs of Egypt. Unfortunately for Leila, her dream turns into a nightmare when Xander Harrison, a childhood friend who betrayed her, joins the team. B...

  • The Cursewright's Vow
    183K 17.4K 186

    [THIS STORY WILL BECOME FREE ON MAY 27, 2021] Ammas Mourthia is a cursewright: an outlawed magician sworn to break curses. Contracted by the Emperor's daughter, he's pursuing a curse he may never break. ***** Ammas Mourthia is a cursewright -- an ou...

    Completed   Mature
  • Expiration Date (Books 1 and 2)
    24.2M 1.1M 173

    Now a digital pilot for SYFY The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's Expired. Winner of the 2020 Readers Choice Awards Cover by @Forcade

  • Flashbang
    1.3K 75 18

    When six soldiers are declared missing, MI6 turn to a supposed dead man for help. But what Alastair Lansbury finds turns into a game of deception and a deathly game of cat and mouse when a face from the past resurfaces. [Project started on the 10th September 2016] [1K views reached 1 Nov]

  • Displaced
    464 132 103

    A botched time displacement experiment sends a dance hall filled with teenagers back in time, to a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. But something was even more wrong. Nothing was as it seemed, as the animals and plants were from all eras of time. And it was becoming more evident that the teenagers were not the onl...

  • Walking the Ruins
    243K 19.9K 70

    [Featured Wattpad Story] A girl cast into the future, navigating a dystopian wilderness with her friends. Leona and some friends are hiking in the rain, on a school excursion. She would prefer to be elsewhere. Suddenly, nausea takes hold of her. Then everything turns dark, and a clapping noise rips her world apart. T...

  • Blink: 3003 (Book 1)
    362K 21.3K 28

    Amber Garrett, the newest BLINK agent, is forced to prove herself when her first mission involves an alien threat that could destroy all of humanity. ***** Amber Garrett can blink teleporting herself to anywhere she wants to go which means she's a natural recruit for the galaxy-spanning BLINK organisation. Fresh out...

  • The Descent
    93.5K 6K 66

    After Denton foils a terrorist attack at an Intergalactic sporting event, he finds himself racing to save his homeworld from a plot of betrayal and revenge. ***** When Denton Staxx, a special agent with the Orbital Security Services, discovers the I...

  • The Infinity Belt
    60 9 1

    When an unknown object comes rushing from space to pass New Sydney, the penal colony on Mars, the people of Earth set off on a journey of discovery. Dr. Peter Narow discovers an incredible phenomenon heading for the planet: an endless super comet of alloys and magnetite abundantly rich with silver and gold. Three year...

  • Gaia's Brood
    15.1K 2.5K 88

    Airships, dastardly deeds and mayhem abound in this complete Dystopian Steampunk adventure for Young Adults. The day after Nina Swift's 21st birthday, she sets out to retrace her famous mother's final, fatal journey. Within days she's wanted for murder, arson, manslaughter, and piloting an unlicensed airship. Suddenly...

  • Darkspur
    12.8K 847 40

    In a land where magic was once the norm, it has taken time for the people to adjust to its absence. In the eight years since a plague took most of the land's Magi, the people of Darkspur have worked hard to put the dark days behind them. Now, after so long, they can truly say the worst is over. But, as the harvest fes...