The Infinity Belt

The Infinity Belt

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Michael Holiday By MichaelHoliday Updated May 07, 2017

When an unknown object comes rushing from space to pass New Sydney, the penal colony on Mars, the people of Earth set off on a journey of discovery.

Dr. Peter Narow discovers an incredible phenomenon heading for the planet: an endless super comet of alloys and magnetite abundantly rich with silver and gold.

Three years later, the space flow continues alongside our planet-undiminishing.  As some mine what has come to be called the Infinity Belt, others have chosen to study the unique magnetic properties of the singularity.

Built upon the growing success of two prior magnetic primed spacecraft, a pair of ships fitted with newly engineered particle engines-designed to travel on the Infinity Belt-are set for launch to test the technology and gather scientific data.

When an engine malfunctions and sends the crafts whizzing into space at unimaginable speed, the crews find themselves far beyond the range to return to Earth.  As they work to figure a way back home, the quest for knowledge becomes a plea for survival.