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                                                       Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy
                                                       Emma watson as hermione granger
                                                       Daniel radcliff=harry potter   
                                                       Rupert grint=ron weasley
                                                       Bonnie wright= ginny weasley
                                                       Louis cordice= blaise zabini
                                                       Scarlett byren=pansy parkinson
                                                       Richard harris= dumbledore
                                                       Narcissa Malfoy= Helen McCrory
A/N note:
Hey guys! Thanks for reading. I hope you guys enjoy it!
T/W : there may be upsetting chapters for some viewers. We will put a warning in front of any chapters we would consider upsetting to some people. All rights go to J.K Rowling(though we don't stand with any of her views it is her story and she deserves credit) The only thing we own is the storyline of this fanfic.
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