the note

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Chapter 1 (6th year)
I was pulled from my thoughts the moment I heard Professor Flitwick begin the lesson.
I silently cursed myself for losing focus.
"Does anyone recognize the spell immobulus?" Flitwick asks the class.
"Ugh i read about this last year this is far too simple" she stated with annoyance to herself.
Flitwick quickly glanced at me thinking I would have my hand up but surprisingly he saw me gazing up into space absorbed in my own thoughts yet again.
"Anyone?" He asked again.
I snapped back to focus when I heard a low chuckle from behind me. I slowly turned around knowing it could only be one person.
Not realising I was staring his eyes snapped up to meet mine and with a smirk on his face
he said " Take a picture granger it will last longer."
He chuckled lowly once more.
just as Flitwick yelled "Malfoy and Granger enough with your bickering 10 points from slytherin and 10 points from gryffindor!"
Hearing the whole class chuckle to themselves, I began blushing profusely and whipped back around to the front of the class.
"Shit" I thought to myself one more thing for him to make fun of me about!
i hate everything about him, how he always picks on me, his stupid blonde hair and his so called dreamy eyes which to me just look like the sky on a rainy day; dead and cold. I hate his house pride and the ugly green jumper he wears that goes just perfectly with his platinum blonde hair.
WAIT. Did I just say that?!
No hermione stop it he's Malfoy the guy who called you mudblood in second year and if that's not enough for you he torments you constantly!
I huffed to myself in annoyance and I dropped my head onto my desk.
I heard the ruffle of a piece of parchment rubbing against my forehead.
curiously i brought my head up and my gaze to the piece of parchment and read the note :

Meet me at the astronomy tower tonight at 9'oclock
something big is going to happen don't tell Ron.
I glanced at Harry to see him looking down at his notes acting like nothing was wrong.
He looked up briefly and met my eyes.
I gave him a slight nod to acknowledge that I got his note then turned back to the front of the class eager to show off my charm skills.

A/N: hi guys i hope you liked the first chapter we will try to update frequently!!

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