the astronomy tower

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2 Chapter 2 the astronomy tower

It was a quarter to nine i had finally convinced everyone to go back up to their dorm rooms so i could leave without suspicion.
"Ok guys i'll be up in an hour or so i just need to keep studying."
Secretly hoping to myself an hour would be long enough for me to see what Harry had planned
without anyone coming to look for me.
I slipped out of the common room and slowly started down the hall,
The only sounds were my footsteps and maybe the sound of someone laughing in the distance
I shook my head to myself. Must be some first years out past curfew to bad i dont have prefect duties tonight or i would have gotten them in trouble for sure,
hopefully they were slytherins they were the most fun to punish.
It makes me feel like I'm punishing Malfoy!
Merlin I hate him, I thought with a little giggle as I proceeded down the corridor.
When I got closer I heard voices yelling inaudibly so I kept walking, quickening my pace just a bit until I could hear what they were saying or more so yelling they were yelling spells "Expelliarmus!"
I was running now could death eaters be in the castle no it's impossible i've read hogwarts a history 17 times there's no way there's so many wards on the castle the only way someone could get in is with someone's help from the inside and who in there bloody right mind would do something like that.
Before I knew it I was shoved to the side behind a suit of armour.
"Merlin MUDBLOOD get out of my way you insufferable woman!" came a shaky voice
I yelped in surprise from the impact of being shoved.
When I finally got my balance straight I looked up to see the voice belong, to none other than Malfoy.
Draco Malfoy!
Why was his voice shaky?
Was he nervous about something?
Before I could ask in the form of a snarky remark
he was gone headed up the stairs of the astronomy tower.
Did Harry know something I didn't?
What's going on? I thought to myself.
"Bollocks of course not included again" I said out loud not meaning to do so.
And what was up with Draco?
He called me a mudblood no surprise there, but he told me to stay here,
Should i listen to him or is it one of his stupid tricks?
Bollocks Hermione!
What are you talking about of course it's a little trick you can't trust Draco!
Blimey it's Malfoy for god's sakes!
You can't trust him he's probably going to go kill Harry himself!
And doesn't want me there to stop him!
I hear another spell this time Harry's voice "Expelliarmus!"
Oh no! i've wasted to much time i start to run up the stairs two steps at a time i'm almost there I thought to myself only three more stairs
And finally I was at the top!
Now i know what all the noise was the death eaters were in the castle someone had let them in that's when it all clicked,
He had let them in how could someone be so hot and so bloody stupid at the same time
who's side was he on?
and that's when i saw the dark mark,
He was one of them.
Everyone stood frozen staring at his arm.
Harry was on the ground holding his arm looking like he was in pain,
Dumbledore had a calm but surprised expression on his face when he saw the mark.
All the death eaters standing behind Malfoy were smiling to see Dumbledoors surprise
before anyone could say anything else,
Malfoy said something I would never expect "Don't you see I have to do this!"
He hesitated, a look of worry splashed onto his face it almost made me feel bad for him,
"I have to kill you or he's going to kill me!"
He's going to kill Dumbledoor is he bloody insane well i guess he's a Malfoy so i wouldn't put it past him.
Just as he said that Harry had a look of surprise and horror on his face and screamed out " NO DON'T DO MALFOY YOUR BETTER THAN-!"
before he could finish a jet of green came from Malfoy's wand headed straight at Dumbledore. The screams of horror from me and Harry were drowned out but the malicious laughs of the death eaters,
Bellatrix's being the loudest.
It was done,
Dumbledoor was dead,
No one could stop Voldemor now!
I tried to run over to Harry who was looking down at his dead mentor.
But before i could the death eaters were charging in my direction trying to get down the stairs,
I tried to move to the side but someone yanked the sleeve of my shirt,
Almost ripping it,
I looked up only to meet the eyes of none other than the boy who just killed Dumbledoor the DEATH EATER that just killed Dumbledoor.
He looked down at me,
His hand still shaking as he grabbed my sleeve,
His blonde hair shadowing his eyes that were now even darker than before before he opened his mouth and snarled
the words sliding off his tongue....
"I told you to stay down there and you didn't listen you stupid Mudblood. I didn't want you to see me do that!"
He let my sleeve go and pushed me back almost making me fall down,
He started down the stairs again but Bellatrix's voice echoed through the stairwell,
"OOOO lookie here my little nephew has got himself a little crush on none other than mudblood Granger!"
As she said it she spit at the word Granger with a look of disgust.
She grabbed my arm and forced me down her nails digging into my skin,
She pressed her wand against my arm hard,
I could only look up a little and noticed Malfoy,
He had his eyes on me,
when our eyes connected i could swear i saw a flicker of worry flash in his eyes
That's the last thing I remember before white hot pain shot up my arm.

A/N: hey guys hope you liked chapter 2 we sure enjoyed writing it just a reminder we changed up the timeline and story quite a bit we do know in the actual books and movies Snape kills Dumbledoor but this went with our storyline better i hope you will keep reading thanks

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