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For @FreetheLGBT's LGBT+ Valentine's Day One-Shot contest! Extended summary below with story to come.

Amazing new cover by the marvelously talented RosyKun


The Webber Wild Girls are the stuff of legend at Elise Webber High School for Engineering Professions.

Turn over a rock and you'll see their mark. Scrape paint off the wall and you'll find their names. Every event, good and bad, since the day the Webber School opened its doors can be traced back to those Wild greaser girls. Generations of them have stalked the halls, ruling the school with red-polished fists and filling the parking lot with an endless procession of growling autos and steaming Harley-Davidsons in coordinated colors. Nothing is impossible for a Wild Girl.

If Webber School is the animal kingdom, they are the queens of the jungle. Kings need not apply.


Xia Qi is a loner, a certified square peg in the rocking and rolling reality of Webber High School in 2014. She isn't funny or beautiful, at least she doesn't think so, and nobody would intentionally describe her as outgoing. She's as invisible as she's been for the past three years, until the day she isn't...until the day a certain greaser girl saves her life.

Phaedra Barlowe is the kind of girl Xia's mother warned her about: an athletic, rude, presumptuous, cocky, dyed in the wool greaser with the patched leather jacket and die-cast black '67 Camaro to match. Phaedra and her crew are untouchable on a good day and unbeatable in a fight. If that isn't enough, they're gorgeous to boot, every single one of them. Phaedra's no exception, but she's the one that drags Xia out of her wrecked car at New Year's and she's the one that brings Xia flowers at the hospital when no one else bothers to visit. She's the one who won't let Xia say thank you no matter how she tries.

This Wild Girl is a lot of things, some of them bad, but mostly she's Xia's hero, and if Xia plays her cards right, she'll be Xia's valentine, too.


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