Chapter 2 [Unfamillar Eyes]

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14/07/18 - Saturday
05.30 pm

Both seagulls and the waves of the sea were heard. The chirps of the seagulls were as annoying as ever. Compared to the chirping, the sound of the waves were relaxing to listen to. Bakugou just wanted to lay down and listen to the sea. He wanted to keep his eyes shut forever and have his ears focused on the water - that was until realization hit him.

He quickly opened his eyes and jumped his upper body up, leaving him on his ass with both his legs spread out. His palms were feeling the warmth of the sand that was beneath him, but before he got to study his surroundings, he felt water coming up his throat.

A few drops of water left his throat for each cough he took. He kept coughing and coughing until the water stopped leaking. He wiped off his lips with his arm, furrowing the tip of his brows. "What the hell happened?" He asked himself in a quiet tone, not sure if he actually wanted an answer.

Then the surrounding came to view. He started analyzing the place he was in. The sun was still shining, making the sand beneath him warm to touch and his eyes to squint from the light it cast upon him. The seagulls were still heard from the big rocks by the sea, and so were the small waves. Bakugou started to figure that he was on a shore. That was not the only thing he noticed though.

He started to notice how wet and tight his clothes were to his skin. Not only were his clothes wet, but himself in general. His spiked hair was now let down. He became greatly disappointed, most likely because of the long time it took of his precious time to style his hair. However, that was not the most concerning thought of his right now. Another thing he noticed was the lack of the bucket hat he wore and his sandals. They were all gone. That is when he decided to get up and brush off the sand on him.

He shock his head, so that the water from his hair could splatter everywhere. Right on the shore, there was his boat. He walked over to it, sighing on the way. But, before he got any closer to the boat, he stopped - or more like he froze.

Bakugou broke into cold sweat when his eyes met another pair of red eyes. However, these eyes were shining compared to his eyes. The eyes he laid upon on were different. They were not human-like. They were almost more cat-like rather than human. He was scared that if he broke eye contact, everything would go downhill. He was even afraid to breathe, so he had his breath held in for a moment.

But, as usual, Bakugou started to study his surroundings. The pair of red, shining eyes belonged to a boy. The boy was quite fit and masculine. He had a good form for someone so young. Not only that, but his red eyes matched with his red, long hair. It was quite long actually. It reached all the way down to his waist.

However, there was a catch to this boy. He had no legs. Instead, his legs were replaced with a long tail. And no, the tail did not belong to any of the mammal species, but rather to a fish's. No, Bakugou figured that it was not quite like a fish's tail, but something similar. It was long, red and shiny, matching with the boy's eyes. It was covered in scales and at the end of the tail, there were big fins.

The fins however, were stuck on a hook, and that hook was no other than the one that belonged to Bakugou's fishing rod - which he noticed from the fishing rod that was on the boat, broken in two and separated from the hook.

Bakugou let out an; "I get it now. You're a mermaid, just like from the fairytales." He accidentally said out loud, making the creature in his boat hiss at him and arch back a bit. Bakugou realized that he had startled the mermaid and put both his hands up, but that only made the mermaid back up a bit more. "No no. Don't worry. I come in peace." He said in a calm, quiet voice. This was actually quite rare of him to do, as in to act so gentle. That was not a trait that was common to see from the public eye.

The boy stopped hissing at him and got quiet. Bakugou figured that it might have actually understood what he just told him. He swallowed hard. He noticed that not only was the boy's tail hurt, but also above his right eye. Blood was leaking down from above his right eye. Again, Bakugou realized that it might have been from the hook he reeled out a few minutes ago.

"You're hurt." He stated the obvious as he slowly took some steps closer to the boy, with both his hands still midway up in the open, to show that he is unarmed. As he got closer to the boat, the creature began to hiss more, trying to leap forward, but only ending up in pain. The boy's hiss got replaced with painful whines, and instead of jumping forward to Bakugou, he lowered his head, bringing his tail closer to himself.

"I won't hurt you." Bakugou told the boy as he got into the boat, standing by the edge, leaving space between him and the other. Their eyes met again. "I promise I won't hurt you." He repeated himself, this time in a much gentle voice. "I'm only here to fix what I've done." He continued.

Their eyes were in contact. Bakugou reached out his hand, to signal that he was only going to help the boy. The creature was hesitant, but slowly started to face his head the other way, with a slight nod. Bakugou could not help but to let out a sigh of relief. He rushed his way over to the mermaid, sitting down on his knees as he gently pulled the boy's tail towards him. The mermaid jolted in pain once Bakugou stroked his finger against the scar the hook had left him.

The hook was stuck on the boy's fins at the end of his tail, however, it seemed like it was running through the scales on his upper tail before entering the fins - which led to a big scar. Bakugou started to chew on the inside of his mouth, feeling guilty over what he has done. He then started to move over to the side, where his bag was. The mermaid kept his sharp eyes on him, being sure that he did not pull any weapons out from his bag. Bakugou took out a first aid kit, crawling back to the boy's tail.

"I'm not sure how scales work, but..." Bakugou seemed a bit unsure of how to treat the mermaid. "I'll do what I can do." He continued. The mermaid kept his eyes on him, being sure to study each single move of his. However, he did not get any further with the staring after Bakugou sprayed some tissue with a cold liquid, gently rubbing it against the boy's scar. The mermaid lowered his head and started to whine away. Bakugou gritted his teeth together, wanting to finish this as fast as possible.

To Bakugou's luck, the scar was not deep enough. In fact, it was not even a scar. It was just a long cut from the hook that seemed to be rubbed against the boy's tail. Apparently a mermaid's scales are too hard to scar. He sighed in relief after he cleaned off the blood, but there was another problem - the boy's fins. The hook was stuck on the fins, but there was no bleeding. However, since it was fins and not scales, he would have had to sew it back together.

Bakugou gulped. Before the sewing, he had to release the hook. He slowly grabbed the hook and pulled its sharp edges out of the fins. The mermaid cried out in pain until the hook was out. Bakugou threw the hook to the side and pulled the first aid kit closer to himself.

"Just hang in there..." He said under his breath as he pulled out a needle and some thread. At first he was hesitant, but he knew he had to stop with the hesitation after hearing the boy's quiet sobs.

"This might hurt a bit, so just..." Bakugou rustled around in his bag again, pulling out a handkerchief. He forcefully shoved the handkerchief into the boy's mouth, placing it between his lips. "Bite on it while I do the work." He instructed him before getting into business.

The sound of the waves and seagulls were gone. The only thing that was left to hear was the sound of pain and agony.

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